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Excelsior Correspondent JAMMU, July 23:  Two days national workshop on "E-Content Development & Management" began in Government College for Women, Gand
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A literature teacher mourns the shallow reading her students bring into the classroom, and offers a more rewarding list.
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Excellent !!!!
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Quiz on Modernist English Literature
This quiz is based on the Modernist English Literature. Loading...
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That's right, But when we start thinking we cannot judge!! Exaggeration of thinking  brings problems. Isn't it the central problem with HAMLET ?!!!!!!!!!
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Have them in circles
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#APJAbdulKalam  Listen Hindi/Urdu translation of Kalam's autobiogrphy #TheWingsOfFire  recited by #Gulzar  
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How can a professor of college be so dumb to take on the path of 70s to fight with corruption? Mr. Aditya 'Gabbar', still you believe that killing PWD officers, Collectors, Police Inspectors, IASs, public administrators will solve the problem of corruption in India? There are elected members who represent people in Democracy. They control public administrators. Do not blame 'tail' and spare 'Horns' for the wrongs of the system. Such dumbness in portrayal of 'Professor' is unpardonable. . .  and his 'ISIS - Talibanic way of abduction and hanging body for public display' is yet another bankruptcy of creativity on part of film makers. Teachers have better vision of future. Teachers look beyond present generation, towards coming generations. This professor gave merely 'fast-food' sort of solution to the problem of corruption. The teachers never nurture such illusion that 'change' can happen overnight. For any human-problem, if human-violence is the solution, ask again . . . and keep asking till you get another answer. If a fear is used to change the heart for better, the other fear will change it for worst. Make people free from 'fear'. Make sheople, people!
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To judge a debate competition becomes hellish if the participants are too many and present without reading n preparation. But if there are limited participants and with wonderful presentation skills, it is blissful to be a part of an event as a judge. Today, it was quite an experience to listen students of 11th n 12th standard debating the motion - "Today, friends are replacing family". Apart from the arguments in favour n against, their fluency n command over English language was amazing. The students were from Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Valsad - studing in #ICSE board English medium schools. It did not seem that schooling in English medium can hamper one's thinking or logic or power of argument. Once again, the belief in theory of evolution got strengthen - every new generation is smarter n brighter than the previous ones.
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Faith can't move mountains . . . Persistence, perseverance and resolute stubbornness can! 
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Call for research papers _ Dr. JK Research Foundation, Chennai _ Impact Factor International Journals

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Professor - Dept. of English, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar. Gujarat. India
Contact Information
Plot No. 1580, Block No. 03, Soham Society, Near Theosophy Lodge, Rupani Circle, Bhavnagar - 364002. Gujarat. India
Department of English, Bhavnagar University, Gaurishankar Lake Road, New Campus, Bhavnagar - 364022. Gujarat. India
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