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The following are the changes May be implemented next week in Google Plus :

1.Ability to modify circles a post is shared with after posting it
2. Google+ Android App update for Reading sparks and +1 comments
3.Lifting of the 5000 circle cap
4.The ability to overlap circles
5.Easy private messaging option including to person who starts a thread
6.Google+ app for Windows Phone 7
7.Better integration of Google Chat with Google+
8.Fix issues with instant upload for photos
9.Ability to share with all circles, but with an “except” option
10.Ability to share Google Docs and Calendar with circles
11.Revamp Google Reader to make sharing easier
12.File-sharing integration
13.Addition of hashtags to aid searching
14. Faster updates to the no. of people following you
15.Revamped minor UI change
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...iphone app...we still waiting....!!!
Yes we are! Is it apple we're waiting for?
nice integration of Google reader!
Excellent. Google's responsiveness is quite impressive.
maybe it's my fault but could it be that it is currently impossible to change album names of your own photos once done?
I can finally realize my dream of borromean social groupings!
and the one thing they have missed out is the glaring lack of a sharing option in the Android app.
I read the whole list. The proposed changes are all excellent and some of them sound really interesting. But I (and lots of other people) do a lot of browsing via a smartphone and the lack of a share button in the Android + app is rather inconvenient. I hope they address this soon.
Awesome...this is what we all were waiting for...updates!!
+Sebastian Kister No thats right....I just checked it myself....and I also couldnt find an option to change the album name.
great work google, but i still can't find the app on my GT-S5830 samsung mobile Market, how long should i wait till i can install it on my android device.
forget file sharing and google docs integration. google should prioritize grouping the same shared items on one's stream. and they should have multi-threaded comment feature as well.
but google reader integration is a nice one
I think the only thing actually promised was a contact uploader.
Where is the link for your source for these supposed changes to be made next week. And who actually writes this blog? Please show yourself.
The only requests I would make is the following options,
a "sticky" flag for keeping certain posts displayed or bookmarked,
a "posts displayed at once" for the number of posts displayed immediately,
using the same style as search for the posting history of a stream

everything else just becomes gravy really
One from ma side.
The meta title and meta description of the site which we add for the status update from add link, should be editable.
If these are all legit, Google+ will actually be amazing...
If someone disables re-sharing, does that mean I can't share a post to my "bookmarks" circle which has only myself in it?
How about the ability to change someone's email address a) who's not joined yet and not in a circle, b) who's in a circle but not joined?
Thanks Dominic. As feedback/suggestion, my comment was meant for G+. I'd like to be able to make the change to an individual when I click on Circles in the header and the myriad of beings appear. I'll love it when Gmail is integrated!
That's awesome! I was waiting for the "share to all circles except.." feature.
When will we get a Google+ MeeGo app? :)
Very nice.

I'd also like to see the ability to set a default circle for new posts, for family or corporate type users.

Partage de docs,calendrier, amélioration reader voilà de good news
Monte M
Maybe make it so that my push notifications actually work? 
wow a WP7 app , I didn't see that coming .. will it be like the google search app ?
I'd rather have a Google Maps app on WP7 than Google+, to be honest...
iphone application please
WP7 App, YEAH! Official Google Maps App would be nice too :P
That is great... Google+ App for my Windows Phone 7, but I also would like to see Google Maps on WP7...
When is Buzz/Reader Sharing integration coming? I don't want to have to share things in multiple places.
About time for WP7! Waiting desperately!
WP7, that's great. Hopefully more official Google Apps for WP7.
Developing & adding extensions would be nice (small changes like in Gmail lab)
Has anyone else just completely stopped doubting the idea that google + will win
woo hoo .. WP7 app. Hope MS does an integration into the people hub!
A lot of great features!
I have two request: easier to mute a post, sharing button on android app.
when would you fix the Picasa Error 17 REJECTED_USER_LIMIT issue?
Anything on the "setting default circles for streams" option so we don't always have to see on default streams from circles that are not so important to us? (Instead of manually clicking on each circle)
A web app or a full fledged app for WP7? the process of your app getting approved on WP7 seems easier than on iOS!!
Consider to collapse the expanded comments in the long list?
Monte M
You guys need to wait on Crapple for your iOS app 
woooo hoooo!!! remember the blackberry user, waiting for the app!!
i dont think this is a Fake but this is sme blog proving tips and extensions about google plus unofficially.
Me, I especially looking forward to 2) for my Galaxy S2 - thanks.
Wish list:
1) iPhone App (Although, browser app is pretty nice) with ability to easily share photos and videos. Also, live video capabilities for video chat and hangouts would be awesome.
2) Customize-able stream settings. For example, maybe I only want to see posts from two of my circles in my main stream.
Nested comments for comments to comments ?
Randy G
Add music MYspace is cheap and has buzz right now, it is still the only place on the web where one can easily get any music they want..,, buy it and integrate the music into this interface
Waiting for Google+ for Google Apps. I hate having to use my old gmail account to use Google+. It's been retired for over a year now. Many of us have setup Google Apps accounts in order to use our own domain.
My big two wishes:
1. Windows Phone App
2. Allow me to use my private domain Google Apps acct.
NO GAMES. I apologize for the all caps, but I just read someone asking for games to be added. If I see any sign of "Mafia Wars" or "Farmville', I'm outta here!
Randy G
I understand that many of the people posting here are tech people and engineers. I am just trying to post what I know people want and that is being able to listen and have music on their G+ rather than letting Myspace keep that genre,,, it is a cheap investment ( 30 mil) and JT buying it last week made it relevant for a little while.. buy the license agreements they have and integrate that with this G+ experience and we will have all we need... pics, twitter like feeds, music, video all in one place
Need to integrate Google Maps... Be able to share your planned route with family, so they worry less... Share a bike ride with your group of riders so they know what to plan for... Share a cruise route so your automotive get together knows where to be at... Share it with people who might know other ways and can give suggestions!
Would be funny if the G+ WP7 app got released first than the one for iOS.
Is the Google+ app for Windows Phone going to be a native app as opposed to just the mobile site?
Google+ app for Windows Phone 7: is it out yet?
Google+ app for symbian phones.....
How about an iPod Touch app? Considering there's an iPhone app out, the iTouch app should be quite trivial.
1.Ability to modify circles a post is shared with after posting it < waiting for this for sure...
+1 for Windows Phone App, and hopefully integration with the "People" hub in the future.
I have a bunch of friends on WP7, an app so they could join in would be great!
I still don't see a way to change circle permissions. I wanted to change a Public post to my Family circle only... any ideas?
Where is the WP7 App, its been 2 months. We want a WP7 App!!!
I think that Google's marketers are not interested to make the app for Windows Phone 7. It might be possible under users' pressure only. And it is sad.
so it's been a couple weeks....where is my windows phone 7 app? waiting for windows phone 8?
It's now Aug 2013, and there is still nothing for Windows Phone. Well, at least we have a good YouTube app ... Oh. Wait.
+Yuriy Bihanskyy I think that since Google can't even cooperate and give a decent youtube experience to its users on windows phone we might be expecting a bit much from them, they are acting like children, lets just walk away while they throw their temper tantrum in the middle if the mall...
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