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R.I.P Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 12, 2011) Developer of C and as well as operating systems such as Multics and UNIX
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A man much more worthy of recognition than another certain recent death (ahem). RIP to an innovative and influential gent.
+Jan Szafranski You're unethical and just an asshole. And all those who +1-ed your post too. If you're frustrated with Jobs' popularity, do not let your puss out on a post dedicated to dmr's death. At least respect him and stop bitching. I got much good to say about dmr, and I did, if you check out my posts. And I didn't need to bitch about other people to show how good and innovative he was. Now how would you feel, if Jobs' fans came and spoke how insignificant and small dmr was compared to Jobs? Hey, as far as I can see, Jobs' fans seem to have more sense and ethics than you do.
If you hate Jobs because he's somebody and you aren't, go hate him anywhere you want. But do not try to use dmr's death to your own ends.
@bayandur pogosyan a tad of an over-reaction methinks... and offensive too. Wow.
he surely has the iQQ app on his iphone. (this is for lol purpose only haha)
All the great things we have in world of computers today such as iPhones, google , facebook and almost everything we know is thanks to him!
+Gil Allen actually Dennis Ritchie's contribution is much larger - a new philosophy of programming.-) And in case of iPhones and Google, you don't have to praise the inventor of the wheel everytime you ride a car, do you?:)
I won't continue this, I see I've already hurt your tender feelings for your own selves.-) If anyone wants to understand what and why, just re-read it from the beginning.
1) I'm not continuing, I'm explaining myself.
2) even if I don't know him, the guy was important to me, he was a role model to me as a matter of fact. Not Jobs, dmr.
I'm not saying Jobs was Chuck Norris, I'm saying the remark was tactless and stupid. Made by an asshole.
3) People say what they want to say. Including me.
4) It's not moral police, dude. I didn't report the posts, I just didn't like what I saw. On almost every post dedicated to dmr's death I see spam, assholes and fanatics. If you come and say Jobs was nothing compared to dmr you should expect Apple fans react saying dmr was nothing compared to Jobs, and I don't care for the arguments of both sides - all are assholes to me. The guy has died. End of the story. Want to say something about him - say it. It's not a dick size contest.
I don't want to have this argument, I don't want to win it, that's why I won't answer to all the "moron"/"crap" words you said. I just want you to understand and make a stop.
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