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Considering a #personal #import?@Dilas_Brokers has everything you need to know and do on our website,

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Long weekend coming this Monday in many Canadian Provinces and Territories.  Enjoy the Holiday and be safe!

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Is the GST or HST/PST applicable on the goods that I want to import?  if so, how much taxes do I have to pay?   See our latest news article at entitled "Value Added Taxes on Goods Imported Into Canada"/

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Winnipeg Import Activities

Are you located in Winnipeg or its surrounding area?  Are you thinking of importing goods from abroad?  No problem!  Let Dilas International assist you with your personal or business project.  At Dilas, we offer full customs clearance services to all our existing and future Manitoba clients.  You can reach us at or by calling us at 204-201-0603.

And now, let’s look at what Winnipeg has to offer to the importing community.

According to the Statistics Canada 2012 import data, Winnipeg ranks at number 10 amongst Canadian cities for import activities in dollar value with 5.7 Billion dollars’ worth of imports.  Winnipeg is home to the world class James Armstrong Richardson International Airport as well as to the CentrePort Canada inland tri-modal port and foreign trade zone.

Customs release requests for goods arriving at one of Winnipeg’s 39 Customs Sufferance Warehouses or at the airport are processed by the two Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) customs offices located in the Winnipeg area.

We are frequently asked if a Customs broker can get involved into clearance of a Postal shipment. 

Packages that are valued less than CAD 2500.00 and dispatched by regular mail are Customs cleared by Canada Post and Customs brokers ca not file declarations for this type of shipments.

However, shipments that valued more than CAD 2500.00, as a rule, are stopped by Canada Customs and an official CBSA letter is mailed to the importer requiring filing of an RMD release package to the nearest Customs office. In this case a Customs broker can prepare and submit a declaration and arrange for Customs clearance. 

Do do that a broker needs to have copies of that Customs letter and a commercial invoice for the goods in the shipment.

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Duties on imports from the USA.

Customs duties are imposed based on a country of manufacture, not a country of export. Therefore if goods are shipped from the USA, they still can be dutiable, if made outside of North America.

The duty rate is determined by a Customs tariff classification number. To find out the exact duty rate or to have a general advise on imported goods, you can contact Dilas as a licensed Customs broker. Leave a comment or ask a question here:

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Beware of Green Levy on imported vehicles.

If you are buying a new or used vehicle (models 2007-2013), make sure that you check if a Green Levy is applicable. 

Excise Tax Act imposes an  excise tax on certain fuel-inefficient vehicles (Green Levy).  
The fuel-inefficient vehicle tax will apply to automobiles (including station wagons, vans, and sport 
utility vehicles) designed primarily for use as passenger vehicles. 

A listing of vehicles and associated fuel-efficiency ratings can be found at the following link: 

If you want to check what would be all the charges for an imported vehicle, you are welcome to use our vehicle importation calculator here: 

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Canada- European Union- Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Much will be said and written about Today’s announcement of the new CETA between Canada and the European Union.  For example, nearly 100 percent of all EU tariff lines on non-agricultural products will be duty free on the first day CETA comes into force.

So the immediate first question that comes to mind is:  When will CETA come into force?  The answer is – 2015.  According to sources, we have another two years to go before the coming into force of CETA.  Until then, Dilas International will continue to monitor the progress of this historic agreement and will keep you informed on a regular basis.

As always, Dilas International can help you determine the actual current costs of importing goods from the EU by simply contacting us by phone, fax, or by e-mail or just post your question directly on our website at:
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