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#MotoX is the toughest phone around. Even after being pulled out of the camp fire  STILL on fire, it booted right up and worked. Thanks +Motorola Mobility for making this amazing phone.
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Now you'll always know which one is yours 
Super easy to pick mine out of a lineup now!
Is this one of those Toast backs?:-)
Silly digi! That's not real wood!
I like the new have a Moto X Dev..nice to know how tuff it is..thanks for testing, going out on the limb for

Moto should know about your device..if only one knew whom to contact.?
holy sh*t... nice durability 
+Matt Toly cause you know, the wooden back didn't separate the phone enough! :D
I was eager to see your report after this weekend.

I'm not going to BBQ my phone, mind you. Though maybe a little acid burn might look cool? >.>
I had one. Dropped it a foot and a half onto hardwood floors, in a case, the screen stopped working. 
That phone is a fire bender 👏😯 🔥 
+Devara Gian wait... I've tested it in water and fire... I think off a building next! Air, here we come!
+Digital Dragon call Motorola and speak to them and yell them what happened. They will give u a new one. I've had a few replacements. 
+Motorola Mobility Should buy this phone off of your to scan it for a new "Campfire Burnt Edition" case for MotoX design. I would buy it if they offered.
+Punit Soni found your new director of Case testing... :-)  +Digital Dragon this beats my war stories from my Droid1. drop testing it at 65MPH from my motorcycle didn't leave enough of a scratch for photo evidence.  Hats off to you.
oouuhh… The new smartphone "Amazon Fire"? :D
I don't think you should put phones in the campfire but that's just my opinion
Were u using it as fuel :)?
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