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Today Lindsay is here to answer one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to DigitalMarketer’s content strategy…

How does DigitalMarketer work with content contributors?

So, we’ve found a contributor to create a great piece of content for us – what’s next?

First, we start by sending them our content guidelines.

These guidelines will be different for every business, but in our case we want to make clear that every post has a direct mission. For us, that means every post will teach them to do one of the following…

Drive Traffic.

Boost Conversions.

Or Increase Engagement.

Watch the video to learn more!
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Why are you BILLING me $38.60 ????
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Looking to troubleshoot your Facebook advertising campaign?

In this #AskDM video Molly covers some of the important things to consider when your ad campaign isn't working.
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At DigitalMarketer, our mission is to double the size of 10,000 businesses in the next 5 years.

WE BELIEVE the best product (not the best marketer) should win

WE BELIEVE we shouldn’t teach something until we do it first

WE BELIEVE the biggest marketing sin is being boring

WE BELIEVE theory is for poseurs

WE BELIEVE in sharing and even celebrating our failures

WE BELIEVE it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true

WE BELIEVE nothing happens until something is sold

WE BELIEVE in making decisions and owning the results

WE BELIEVE you should have at least one, good belly laugh every day

WE BELIEVE in leveling the playing field so those who truly give a damn can win

And speaking of “give-a-damn”…
WE BELIEVE give-a-damn is essential for success, but, sadly, can’t be taught

WE BELIEVE the duck billed platypus is proof that God has a sense of humor

WE BELIEVE you don’t have to “crush your competition” to succeed

WE BELIEVE that girls are usually smarter than boys (and harder working)

WE BELIEVE it’s ok to be proven wrong

WE BELIEVE it’s ok to change your mind

WE BELIEVE it’s ok to cry when you’re having a really crappy day

WE BELIEVE the best ideas often come from the most unlikely of places

WE BELIEVE Google (sometimes) does evil

WE BELIEVE in delivering step-by-step solutions, NOT data without interpretations

And speaking of “data without interpretation”

WE BELIEVE that’s for cowards

WE BELIEVE that’s unhelpful

WE BELIEVE that’s the primary source of all the world’s logical lies

And speaking of “logical lies”…

WE BELIEVE they wind up in a special circle of hell along with the people who popularize them

WE BELIEVE in saying “sorry” when we screw up (like just now, for example… sorry about that “circle of hell” thing… that was maybe a little harsh)

WE BELIEVE in passing knowledge down

WE BELIEVE if you have to rely on deception to sell, your business doesn’t deserve to exist

WE BELIEVE it’s usually better to ask for forgiveness than permission

WE BELIEVE no one has all the answers

WE BELIEVE in doing the hard work FIRST

WE BELIEVE Kanye should smile more (and so should you)

WE BELIEVE both success and failure are temporary conditions

WE BELIEVE “chucklehead” is a word

WE BELIEVE information is worthless absent execution

WE BELIEVE half-assed is better than no ass

WE BELIEVE being an a-hole should be a crime

WE BELIEVE it’s ok to call someone an a-hole publicly when they’re being an a-hole

WE BELIEVE in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt

WE BELIEVE if you buy something from us and it isn’t a fit (even if it’s your fault) you should get your money back

WE BELIEVE in always saying “Please” and “Thank you”…”Sir” and “Ma’am”

WE BELIEVE you should never, NEVER stop learning

WE BELIEVE in knowing what others don’t, and doing what others won’t

WE BELIEVE small businesses can change the world

WE BELIEVE we can help small businesses grow and succeed…

And therefore…

WE BELIEVE we believe we can change the world.

Will you join us in our mission to help double the size of 10,000 businesses in the next five years?
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Want to know which campaign objective you should choose when setting up your Facebook ads?

In this #AskDM video Molly will discuss when you should choose each campaign objective for your various Facebook ad campaigns.

Check out the video now!
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What video editing software do you need to get started with video editing? In this #AskDM episode we look at the software you need to get started with video editing.

If you have any suggestions for other video editing programs be sure to leave them in the comment box below!
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Daymond John interviews Ryan Deiss for his new book, The Power of Broke.

In chapter 5, Ryan tells the story of how he was $250,000 in debt and was able climb out.

Ryan covers parts of this story and more in this clip with Daymond John.
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IMFORMATION!!  High-profit, high income business licensing system that attracts serious people. Marketing  the newest and most cutting-edge personal development  and business training products. Selling the licensing rights to these products within a automated system that does the selling for me. A simple point and click, 100% duplicable system that directs and guides my Prospects through the information. I just return calls from people who contact me about the opportunity.  Answering any questions the prospects  may have, Sharing with prospect  information  on how to profit in the new GLOBAL digital economy.This is direct sales so, 100% of the commissions come to me. I am in process of setting everything up now and letting system work for me.    

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What is the best way to manage Facebook ad accounts for multiple clients?

In this #AskDM episode we explain why Facebook Business Manager is a great tool to manage multiple ad accounts.
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Looking for royalty free music to use in your YouTube videos? In this episode of #AskDM we cover 4 resources where you can find royalty free music to use in your various YouTube clips.

If you have any suggestions on other royalty free music resources be sure to leave them in the comment box below!
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