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Does Facebook have a future in China? Here we have Albin with another edition of #DBLInsights to talk about social media trends in Mainland China. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know!

有無諗過有一日我地喺內地唔洗翻牆都上到Facebook? 今集#DBLInsights Albin將會同大家分享內地社交媒體嘅趨勢,睇完之後記得同我哋Share 你嘅睇法!

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What happens when you combine digital with play? Here's #TeamDBL fighting with and against each other in the virtual world at VR Arena!

每次Team Gathering 都係如此令人期待😍!今次我哋就一齊去 VR Arena 玩VR Game🙌 ,互相對戰,的確幾刺激😁!

#DBLHK #WeProvideDigitalExperience
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Get ready to update your Instagram app again, this newly rolled out feature for the chat function lets you reply to your friends' shared posts in more fun and creative ways, including stickers, photos, doodles, and split screens. Check it out and let us know what you think!

而家只要update 最新嘅Instagram,就可以用圖片或影片回覆朋友嘅post喇!而且仲可以喺圖片上加入塗鴉或得意嘅貼圖,令朋友之間嘅互動更有趣味!

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Video has always been very popular on social media but Facebook is taking it to a whole new level today with the launch of a new platform for shows! “Watch” can be personalized based on your interests to discover new shows, from reality TV to comedy to live sports, and hopes to build a community of passionate fans.
The platform is currently only out on limited release in the US but let us know what you think!

Facebook 宣布正式推出影音平台專用 App「Watch」,用戶只要透過應用程式就可以睇到短片、直播、電影預告、新聞影片等等。Facebook Watch 仲有預測功能,可以根據用戶收看影片嘅習慣推薦影片。


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New to social media marketing? More and more companies are prioritising social media strategies so it definitely doesn't hurt to know the basics. Check out Hootsuite's video on the first things a social media manager should do on the job!

好多公司都開始注重品牌的社交媒體策略。作為Social Media Manager嘅你,不妨睇下呢段Hootsuite 嘅短片。

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As Facebook is continually growing, a study from International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking has shown that users of Facebook can be grouped into four different categories:
"Relationship Builders”, “Window Shoppers”, “Town Criers”, and “Selfies”. Which one are you? Do you agree with the categories?

國際虛擬社區和社交網絡(International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking)最近發表咗新研究,將Facebook用戶分成4大類,當中包括關係建設者、走馬看花者、揚聲筒仲有自拍者。唔知你又屬於邊一種用戶呢?

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Hiking up Dragon's Back and down for a BBQ at Shek O beach, here's #TeamDBL enjoying the mix of rain, sunshine, and good food!

星期六一朝早 #TeamDBL 一齊行完龍脊,再去石澳海灘BBQ!享受完陽光、美食,差足電再迎接工作!
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Not long after we posted about #livestreaming in China and its evolution on Taobao Live, live streaming on Sina Weibo just got halted by Chinese regulators due to “non-conformist political views.” Is there a future for live streaming in China? Share your thoughts!


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“Today marks Digital Business Lab’s 4th anniversary! Since the day we were born, we’ve continued to learn to take our social media and digital marketing expertise to the next level.

Many thanks to all contributors and supporters – our ambitious clients, amazing teammates, proactive partners, and all our cool friends!

This week, Facebook has reached 2 billion users and WeChat is almost at 1 billion. The best is yet to come…”

- Albin Lix, Founder

「今日係Digital Business Lab 成立4週年嘅大日子!非常感謝客戶同合作夥伴一直以來嘅支持,仲要感謝DBL團隊嘅努力,令我哋嘅社交媒體服務更上一層樓!


DBL 創辦人 -Albin Lix

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Snapchat is expanding their functionalities to include seeing where your friends are on a map near your area and viewing photos and videos from locations around the world!
It's definitely aimed at breaking news events, real time concerts and sport events, but what other occasions do you think this could be used for?
Snapchat 最近加咗Snap Map功能,用戶可以喺地圖上睇到朋友嘅所在地、相片同影片!
過往Snapchat用戶只能透過訊息對話睇到朋友嘅動態,而家喺地圖上就可以睇到,好似更加好玩!相信將來有唔少演唱會、體壇盛事都會用到Snap Map。你又會點用呢項新功能呢?
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