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Phi Phi Islands Day or overnight tour?
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Phi Phi Islands Day or overnight tour?

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Overnight cruise to Phi Phi Islands and to Phang Nga Bay from Phuket is probably the most convenient and exciting way to visit all most interesting spots of Andaman Sea.

This is a wonderful two-day overnight cruise of the Andaman Sea that will take you to its most popular island destinations. You will tour the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands, visit the exotic Sea Gypsy Village, venture into the fascinating caves at Phang Nga Bay, and relax on the white sandy beaches at Maya Bay where you can also go swimming and snorkeling. Practically everything you need is taken care of on this tour, including park fees, hotel, transportation and food. You are free to enjoy yourself and all the fun and excitement these islands have to offer.


You will be provided with a worry free travel experience with breakfast, lunch and dinner all arranged in advance, soft drinks and fruit available on the boat as well as life jackets, masks and snorkels, hotel stay on Phi Phi Don Island, round-trip hotel transfer, accident insurance and national park fees.

Your tour guide, boat captain and crew will be on hand to assist you, whether you’re on the boat or touring the islands.

You will take a comfortable, late-model speedboat from one island to the next, which is the fastest and safest way to travel this area. The boat is equipped with all the conveniences you need, including a sun tent, toilet cabin, and shower. You will also be offered fruit and soft drinks.

If you are not spending a lot of time in Phuket, this two-day tour is a must. It will allow you to see and experience so many places in a very short period of time.

Well planned out, this tour offers good value for the price. You will actually visit more places and attractions for less money than you would if you combined the tours of the Phi Phi Islands with James Bond Island. This is especially true when you consider the cost of food and the hotel.

The itinerary has been deliberately set up so you can visit the most interesting destinations while escaping the crowds that arrive from all the day tours, whenever possible.

The schedule has you visiting the Phi Phi archipelago, Krabi Islands and Phang Nga Bay. To better understand where you’ll be going we have provided a map of the area along with the tour’s itinerary for you to look at below.

After you’ve enjoyed your first full day of fun and excitement, you will be taken to Phi Phi Don Island, arriving at your three-star hotel between 17:00 and 18:00. This is where you will spend the night. Your tour guide will help you with check-in and provide a brief orientation.

Of all the islands in the Phi Phi archipelago, Phi Phi Don happens to be the only one with people living on it, which makes it a tropical paradise with a lot of nightlife as well. However, because there is so much for you to enjoy on the second day of your island tour, we recommend that you don’t stay out too late.
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Maiton Island is located 9 km southeast of Phuket, just a 45-minute catamaran ride. This private island is the epitome of a “glorious hideaway not too far away.”

Compared to other local sea tours, this cruise starts fairly late in the morning. This is a catamaran tour, which makes it a lot more comfortable than a speedboat. There is ample space onboard for sunbathing, having drinks with friends and snapping photos of beautiful landscapes.

Catamarans provide the most stable mode of travel by sea and are ideal for travellers of all ages, especially for large groups and families touring with small children.

Maiton Island is everything you expect of a tropical paradise. This small island is only 2.5 km across at its widest and largely made up of pristine undeveloped land. The beaches are golden with soft silky sand lined with tropical palm trees swaying back and forth in the ocean breeze.

This is an afternoon/evening tour that will allow you to take in the unspoiled beauty and tranquillity of the island. While snorkelling you will observe an amazing variety of fish among the magnificent coral. You will also be given a fresh buffet meal of seafood and other delicacies.

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No doubt, the trip to Phi Phi islands is the most popular island hopping day trip from Phuket.

You can find more details about the trip here, however here, is some info for you.


This speedboat cruise is an adventure through the famous Phi Phi Islands and jam packed with fun activities among the most incredible sights. You will be swimming in Pileh Lagoon, which is surrounded by massive karst rock formations, visit Monkey Beach, enjoy the sandy beaches of Maya Bay, which you may have seen in the movie “The Beach.” Enjoy snorkeling among the lagoon’s beautiful and varied marine life for a truly unique experience.


Clarification: You will see a similar tour featured on the website for Phi Phi Bamboo, which costs more. The Phi Phi Bamboo tour is a more expansive tour of the same set of islands, but with an additional island.

After being picked up at your hotel in the morning, you are taken to the pier at Phuket Marina. This is where you will join your tour guide along with the others in your group. Before getting on the speedboat, your guide will present a short briefing about the tour. We recommend that you change into your swimsuits and put on sunblock while still on the pier. You can also change on the boat, but the pier offers more convenience.

Your first stop will be the archipelago, which will take 45 minutes to an hour by speedboat, depending on the weather. As you approach, you will see the islands rising up like a fortress, with towering sheer cliffs blending into a beachfront jungle. It’s an amazing sight to behold.

Everything you need to be comfortable is provided with this tour. You will have lifejackets for safety, plus diving masks and snorkels for your enjoyment while swimming. There will also be plenty of snacks and soft drinks available. Your national park fee has been included in the price of the tour. However, we recommend that you bring cash for souvenirs and any alcoholic drinks.

The most popular day-trip from Phuket is unquestionably the Phi Phi Islands with hundreds of tourists visiting every day. You will find that the natural environment is far more pristine than it appeared to be in the Leonardo Di Caprio movie, The Beach, filmed here in 2000. Although the islands are crowded with tourists, they’re still magnificent and certainly worth visiting.

There are six different islands in this archipelago, all of them inhabited except the largest one, Koh Phi Phi Don. The inhabited islands are: Koh Young (Mosquito Island), Koh Phai (Bamboo Island), Koh Bida Nai, Koh Bida Nok, and Koh Phi Phi Leh.

The following is an overview and itinerary of the specific spots you will visit on this tour. The sequence of locations may change due to tide levels and the weather.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is located on Koh Phi Phi Leh Island, enclosed on three sides by giant cliffs. With clear crystal blue waters and soft silky sand, the beaches are magnificent, with the main one spanning 200 metres. Under the sea you will find all kinds of exotic fish making their way among bright coloured coral reefs. Since the movie The Beach was released, Maya Bay is the island’s most popular tourist attraction. Tourists loved the bay and beaches before the film came out, but now people all over the world are familiar with Maya Bay. Tourists who come here usually enjoy getting a tan on the beach, swimming and snorkeling. Visitors also like hiking a trail that leads to the other side of Koh Phi Phi Leh Island.

Pileh Lagoon

Next on the tour is Pileh Lagoon, which is certainly one of the big highlights of this day trip. You’ll travel to another side of the Koh Phi Phi Leh Island to find this incredible brilliant green lagoon engulfed by sky-high cliffs of limestone on three sides. The cliff gates are so narrow that only very small boats can enter the lagoon. Due to the cliffs, the entire lagoon is in the shade for the better part of the day. The tour stops here for everyone to have a nice relaxing swim, but for the more adventurous, there is cliff jumping as well.


You can look forward to snorkeling in several fabulous locations, including: Dragon Lagoon, Loh Somah Bay, Straight Rock, Par Dang and Viking Cove. Typically, the boat captain checks the tide levels and where other tours may have landed before selecting the best spot. You can pick up your lifejackets, snorkels and masks on the boat.

Viking Cave

Viking Cave is called Tham Phaya Nak in Thai, and is one of the most famous destinations on Koh Phi Phi Leh Island. The name, Viking Cave, comes from all the different kinds of boats painted on the walls of the cave. At first, archeologists thought some looked like a Scandinavian Drakkar, but scientists later discovered that these were Chinese junks instead. However the Viking name remained. It is clear from the paintings that this particular cave played host to people centuries ago and may have even been a connecting port for sea voyagers and sailors.

Monkey Beach

Monkeys are the original inhabitants of this famous beach. This sandy stretch of beach is where you will see a lot of the locals. Massive cliffs that end in beachfront jungles, as well as the sea have preserved this beach for centuries. You can feed the monkeys bananas, which you can get on the boat. They also like nuts, but don’t get carried away because they are wild animals and not playful pets.

Lunch on Phi Phi Don Island

You will disembark at Phi Phi Don Island for lunch at a local restaurant. Your guide will choose one with a spectacular view. Of all the islands in the archipelago, Phi Phi Don is the only one with inhabitants. Once you finish lunch, you are free to venture out into the island.

Ko Khai Island

At the end of the day-tour you can relax in the sunshine on Ko Khai Island, a tiny rocky island with lovely beaches sprinkled with wooden bars, which give the impression this may have been a hub for pirates in previous centuries. After sunbathing, you will leave for Phuket.

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You can visit these amazing Phi-Phi islands from Phuket with one day trip by speedboat. Fore more details check here:

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