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+Ken Starks with a story about the life of talented Ikey Dougherty:
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This is an excellent story.

Makes me think... never too later for a builder (or a nuclear engineer!) to start a new career...
All fantastic. SolusOS is very good.
I confess I am not comfortable with the idea of leaving Debian, yet. 
You won't have to though. There will be perfect compatibility from Debian to PiSi :-) Ikey will see to that
I hope so. Have you seen the .deb number of packages lately? (rethorical question, because you surelly now more than me, +Kim Vande Walle).
I am not being too pushy about this in the forum because Ikey is very good at what he does. But really, leaving Debian doesn't make me happy.
Ah, I am using SolusOS 1.2, by the way. It's very good and neat. Just have some issues with my CD-RW/DVD drive.
People that slobber about Mint is because have never used SolusOS.
I don't know more than you. I certainly don't understand what Ikey does, but he seems to have found a way (or he's finding a way) to ensure that whatever is built in .deb, can automatically work in .pisi.

In practical terms that means (regardless of whatever magic he uses) that all of the debian packages will be available for SolusOS2.

And yes, i share your pain about the cd drive. It's a bit grumpy. But other than a few minor hickups (which exist on any OS, whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux) i'm very happy with SolusOS :-)
And supposedly going to .pisi has certain distinct advantages over staying with .deb. His personal guarantee and the prospect of better is enough for me.
Let's hope, my friend. See, 1/2 of the success of Ubuntu and Mint and others is that Debian is a whole library of (good) packages, and that it's stable, solid, serious and an amazing distro. Going far away from that leaves a distro with less packages. I hear about enthusiast from other distros "porting" things well known as ...say Skype, to their distro. Imagine the "poverty" of their library!!  :-/
Yes, that is true. Debian is widely known and the most accessible distro. Truly a universal distro (in terms of recognition behind the scenes). But as far as i can tell from Ikey (and i consider myself fairly close to him) he will assure the compatibility with Debian. Not having Debian as a library base would be sawing off the branch one is sitting on :-)
I have just finished reading the blog and I have recovered ALL my faith in SolusOS  :-)
God save Ikey.
Is there another way besides PayPal to contribute with him??
And the Flying Spaghetti Monster save Ikey too (to cater to religious people and less-religious people just the same ^^)

I don't know. You can send him fruit baskets probably :-p Or pay his broadband connection. I have no idea laughs Have you read my forum post about enabling ads on SolusOS?
What does it mean to put your heart and soul into something for the betterment of others at your own detriment?

It means you are a Human Being.
One should hope so. Unfortunately being a human also means less noble things, but let's forget about that for now.
Being human means having  the choice of which path to take ;-)  And I never get tired to say that the mere existence of FLOSS is a proof a lot of people is choosing wisely!
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