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CEO: "The fake release likely came from "a stock promoter with a dubious interest."
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Ahhh, the good old days of fact-checking.    Wherefore art thou?
+Shawn W Dunn Blogger: We don't have time to check facts! I have to get this out and be the first to post!

Journalist: I am not putting my reputation on the line until we run down every fact in this story.
Indeed.    Neither are honestly particularly good lines of thought.    There has to be room in the middle.
+Shawn W Dunn If you can't rely on a writer's being completely honest and truthful, you are left with nothing.  Integrity and trust are not automatic--you earn them..
I'm fine with a blogger posting something that hasn't been fully vetted.   As long as they have multiple sources to cite, and they make it clear that there's no official confirmation from any parties involved. 

In this case, it was one article, on a questionable site, with zero citations to backup the assertion.     That's just silly, and shouldn't have been given any credence by anybody until it was given some verification.

I'm fine with journalists writing things without complete fact-checking, as long as they let you know that.
+Shawn W Dunn As you know, Journalism is dedicated to telling the truth.  No departure from that should be tolerated.
Agreed, if you're going to call yourself a Journalist.

If you're just calling yourself a Blogger or Columnist  I'm willing to cut you a bit more slack.