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"Windows 8's Metro UI presents a clean and spiffy new interface for Microsoft's latest OS. But one of the operating system's oldest and most hated problems — crapware — still lurks below the surface. For instance, the Acer Aspire 7600U is an all-in-one that, at $1,900, is hardly a bargain-basement PC. And yet as shipped it includes over 50 pieces of OEM and third-party software pre-installed, much of which simply offer trials for paid services."

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50? That's too much. Personally, I reinstall Windows swapping the OEM version with a pirated edition. The system just doesn't feel right without it. 
I will never buy a system that won't run Linux.  I run it on my home PC and have absolutely none of these problems.  I keep my home directory on a separate partition so when it comes time to upgrade, I simply tell the installer to format the / (root) partition and mount my home partition as /home.  Works like a champ!  I got to try a variety of systems until I found the one I like best and never lost a single personal file.  Even my settings were maintained and I get a new, fresh install of the latest distro whenever I like.
+Bryan May You've got the right idea putting /home on its own partition--makes doing a clean install easier.  Good deal!  Thanks!
Not even for a Acer Ferrari model with w8 one could pay that much!
That's always been my second move with a new machine.   I always boot it up as delivered, just to shake my head at the ridiculous crap they've installed, and make the OEM backup disks.    Then whether I'm leaving windows on it, or installing linux, the hard drive gets wiped.
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