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It is a funny that you added a feature like this to blogger shortly after killing the service that 90% of the people used to access the blogs hosted there.

Let me make this clear to you, Google: if you kill this product, I will do everything in my power to keep everyone I know from trusting any of your products again. And I'm not alone.
You can charge for it. Show ads. Whatever makes sense to keep it running at no cost to you. But if you shut it down, it will haunt you forever.

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Yo mama's so dumb she only implements client-side security

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Same feeling here. Not a paid-for account in my case, which perhaps gives me less rights to complain. But I'm your user too.

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Ice cream causes people to commit murder... (if you confuse correlation with causation)

For more explanation:

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I don't care who you are. If your mailing does not contain a single-click, no questions asked unsubscribe link, I WILL mark it as SPAM.

Entonces... ¿voy a tener que ir solito a ver a Roxette?
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