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Diego Cattaneo
Photographer, Computers Geek, Cycling Lover, Freeskier & Windsurfer
Photographer, Computers Geek, Cycling Lover, Freeskier & Windsurfer

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Pushing hard @ #redhookcrit  Milano!  +Emanuele Mameri  thanks for the shot :) 

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Basilica of Superga as seen from my new house with a 300mm

this is for my friend +Matthias Haeussler who challenged me with this #5dayquest  thing...
One of the cause of my silence is because I did a lot of cycling...  this is the place where I use to climb when I can find about 1 hour of spare time :)

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+Anette Mossbacher Artic Album is getting more and more beautiful!

Check this out!

Polar bear... dirty... oh yes, he was stranded on an island with 2 other Polar Bears. Sure they had their battles about food. In desperation waiting for the ice to come back. Swimming to the pack ice was no option, way to far away for them! They can swim for days, but not for weeks!! This one looks not quite fed. Did you know when a Polar bear is yellowish that is good fed on seals and whale blabber? Not all are white, well this one was in the dirt as he looks! 
Sorry to be not often on G+ lately. I have lots of work to do and that needs to be done, has deadlines. I am already sitting till 1am nearly every evening/morning on the PC for that!

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Torre di Nubia Black & White

Salines area near Trapani is one of the most amazing places I've seen in Sicily!


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Agrigento - Tempio della Concodia

Today weather sucks, cold and wet.. so I became nostalgic of summer and my holidays in the hot Sicily!

Greek ruins really impressed me... hope you like this one :)

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Racing by Night

Hello everybody... in the last months I was focused mainly on cycling. Riding a bike doesn't involve carrying an heavy camera... so I didn't practiced to much with it :) 

Although some days ago I shot a local #criterium . A criterium is a fixed gear bike race... very spectacular! Even more if it's by night!

you can find more photos on my website:


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Seagull into the sunset

Hope you like this +Sumit Sen ! Happy Birthday my friend :)

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Cefalù Moonscape

Hello everibody. I was silent for a while... mainly because I was busy riding my road bike... and if you want to go fast you can't carry a camera :)

Anyway I had a little vacation in Sicily and thought today was a good day to share a picture from that beautiful land. A Long Exposure for the Long Exposure Master +Johan Peijnenburg. Happy birthday my friend :)

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Thanks to +SmileLab for the design of my new logo. Check it out (like other wonderful projects) on +Behance !

You can also see the result on my website ;) 
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