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First plumbing part (in libunity) done for optionally disabling all network communication for the unity lenses. Tomorrow will be the lenses work, and when I'll get the design, the UI part… You can see on the bug report that 6 different components are involved. It's not just a setting. :)
The fact that this lens is installed by default means that users are shown commercial content as search results by default in the home screen, and that search queries are sent to an external (to the u...
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Unity Dash needs an easy to see help tutorial for all the things it can do.  New users are going to be lost.  Big time. I have had Ubuntu for the past 2 years and I am still lost.
+shane piper The unity-checkbox tests are actually a pretty good walk-through of what Unity can do. And running it helps the developers too.
Wasn't aware of this Alistair thanks
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