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Lowpoly 3d printed linux geek ...
Lowpoly 3d printed linux geek ...


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First attempt and experimentation with texture paint + a bit of sculpt. Here's a little wine barrel as if it was presented as a game asset. À consommer sans modération ^^.

Hi everyone ! I think I've made a mistake once on a Mi5 : as Global rom was released based on android 7, I think I might have forgotten to fully wipe data (I'm not sure about that but let's say I forgot) when upgrading, and now I have wifi/bluetooth problems.
Now I want to downgrade again to android 6.0, so anyone to tell me what is the latest Global stable rom version based on Android 6.0 ? Also, a link for the rom would be appreciated, thank you !

Hi everyone ! I've just hit an issue with my chinese prusa i3 clone today : a THERMAL RUNAWAY, which stopped all my prints. As i look into this, my thermistors seems just fine to me, however one of the wire for the heatbed looks slightly damaged (a little bit of it is not even soldered anymore).
Do you think that could have caused the thermal runaway ?

Hi everyone ! Is there any plans to see a G'MIC filter that could generate normal, specular, height, roughness (etc) maps from an image ? For GIMP 2.8 and older we could use an InsaneBump GIMP plugin (which was doing an amazing job), or recently AwesomeBump 5.0. But I think G'MIC could be really good at this, and I would love to have a G'MIC filter that could be used directly from the latest GIMP. What do you think ?

Hi everyone !
I've just finished modeling a simple robot, and I'm trying to rig it (newbie to rigging here) but despite having seen a few tutorials about rigging humanoid characters, I have a little problem with mine : the robot (I don't want to show it just yet) has long arms (like a whip with a lot of sections) and legs that could act almost like a tail, moving in every direction. Meaning I need the arms to be able to bend like a human arm should, but also sometimes bend crazy like a tail.
I am under the impression there are multiple ways to do that, so how you would achieve that please ? Any tutorial that could point me in the right direction ? Thanks a lot !

Hi everyone !
Since my upgrade to Fedora 25, things are getting really problematic for me with Qt apps. Once in a while, and quite often (there's a lot of Qt apps in Linux), Qt apps (like smplayer for example) crashes my desktop and I'm back to the login.
There's also a problem with these apps from their menus : for some reason, the cursor hover a menu item does not show a selection (under the cursor).
Obviously for now my primary concern is the random crash using Qt apps. Is there anyone with the same kind of trouble ? If it can help, i will wait for my next crash (sigh - -') to show you some logs ...

EDIT (UPDATE) : downgrading to Xorg 1.18 using packages from fedora 24 seems to prevent the crash ... for now.

Un outil de prototypage/template web sur Mac, Win, Linux. Pas encore vraiment fait le tour, mais me semble plutôt pas mal.
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Hi to you all ! I'm getting some strange issues with my Fedora 24 xfce desktop. Especially on the desktop : some icons are misaligned (while the shadows are not) and there are some glitches (portions of icon title stay in place when the icon is moved, while the icon simply disapear until I drag a selection around it) when I move around these icons. At first I thought it was my theme that was going wrong (Numix theme with Arc icons and Play font). But switching to others themes doesn't help at all... Any ideas ?
Below some screenshots for the same folder icon selected and unselected :
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[Tutorials Request]
Hi everyone ! We've already seen some nice tutorials here, and for all the pepole involved in these : thank you ^^.
I would like to request Texturing tutorials. It seems to me a wide subject (a bit too much actually), with a lot of techniques and differents means to achieve something and I know a lot of people (myself included) struggling with texturing in Blender.
What do you say ? Care to share some of your workflow, explaining the way you're texturing complex objects ?
Thanks you all in advance !

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A little reminder for those in need for a secure messaging app : Tox protocol is growing fast, and clients for it easy to install and quite comfortable to use.
Best way to get started is to install a client (protocol librairies and dependencies will likely come with it).
Github :
Wiki (clients) :
I personally recommend qtox (a lot of repos for mainstreams distros) but ricin or utox seems great too.
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