Robotics: a very short introduction

A robotic book by my supervisor. Very actual! It shows most of the robots that are being developed at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), where I study.

A nice reading for who wants to keep updated in the field, also serving as an introduction for beginners as the title mentions of course. ;)

Robotics is a key technology in the modern world. Robots are a well-established part of manufacturing and warehouse automation, assembling cars or washing machines, and, for example, moving goods to and from storage racks for Internet mail order. More recently robots have taken their first steps into homes and hospitals, and seen spectacular success in planetary exploration. Yet, despite these successes, robots have failed to live up to the predictions of the 1950s and 60s, when it was widely thought - by scientists and engineers as well as the public - that by turn of the 21st century we would have intelligent robots as butlers, companions, or co-workers. This Very Short Introduction explains how it is that robotics can be both a success story and a disappointment, how robots can be both ordinary and remarkable, and looks at their important developments in science and their applications to everyday life.

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