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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
If your name is in the list and and you haven't received your PROMO CODE yet, contact me on hangouts. Apparently, I can't send hangouts messages any more to people not in my circle.
NOTE: Other participants who didn't win, please don't ask for free promo codes. Thanks!
Original Post:
Redeem codes are being sent out right now. Thank you all for participating & congratulations to the winners!

Aashish bhatia -
Abhi Saxena (lolsinnerlol) - Adrián B.V. -
Adrian Wahyudi -
AEn Mo -
Ainur Rofiq -
Ajdin K. (eleDESIGN) -
Alexandr Litvinov -
Amirul Huda -
Ananda Basak -
Andika Bayu Santoso -
Anirudh Kulkarni -
Antonio Najera -
Arttu Laitinen -
Ayan Banerjee -
Bhavya Saran -
BlitzFire -
Brian Steier -
BROKEN Liars -
Buff Buffster -
Chinenye Anoliefo -
Chris Druif (Automated Things) -
Chris S. -
Christian S. (crian) -
Cool Droid -
Daniel Sikorski -
Death By Robot -
Debopriyo Basu -
dede warman -
Derek Sharer -
Dhiren Manekar -
Droid 2 (Expert) -
Edward Dufresne -
Efecan Yılmazdemir -
Enzo Alves -
Esteban Rodriguez (TJSteveMX) -
Fauzul Qirom -
Frieder Zi -
Gans Muller -
George Zacharia -
Harish Kumar -
Harsh Shandilya -
Hendry Lim -
Hidan Nuron -
Hroen Al -
Huthaifa Haj Ahmad -
i am your dev -
Ivan Campos -
Jeet Ray -
John SanNicolas -
Jordi Gordillo -
Jorge Rocha -
Josh Fox (XlxFoXxlX) -
Josip Lazic -
Juan Sebastian (Joshuas79) -
Kaushik V -
Ketan Karambelkar -
Kuba Schenk -
Kush Patel -
Lance Stratton -
Lijoy Joseph -
Lorenzo “Alister91” Cingolani -
Luciano Avdyli -
Marissa Alexander -
Mark Schafer -
Muhamad Budi Arief - Niccolò Faraco -
Pandu Pradana -
Panncham Kamdar -
Pedram Ramezani -
Prakhar Bhasin -
Ra Hardi -
Rafli Ali -
Ram Raut -
Rohan A C -
Rommel Espinosa -
Ronaldi Chandra -
Rony Dian Pradana -
Ryan Chua -
Sajed Haq -
Sanchit -
Shabet Umar -
Siddarth Malik -
Sidharth S -
Souhrid Nandi -
ss kopparthy -
Stephen Parrigin -
Suraj Deshpande -
Suraj Hodi -
Surajit Sadhukhan -
takis 6666 -
Themis -
Thiago Almeida de Oliveira -
Tom Rowland - Van-Quy Luu -
Vishal Gupta -
Wislley Frauner -
Zach Peek -
林育辰 -
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Please give the code
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Winners announced:


Arcus ( has crossed the 50,000 downloads mark! Thank you theme designers and the entire theme engine community!

As a token of thanks I have 100 promo codes to be shared!

100 random users will be selected from comments to this post (See below requirements too!). Comments will be disabled within 24 hrs and winners will be announced soon after that.

1) User must +1 this post, share this post & comment on this post
2) User should be a part of this community
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Disabling comments earlier than decided to ensure people have a fair chance of winning.

Dicken Christian

Supported Themes  - 
New Radius variants! Check 'em out!
RADIUS - CM Theme Update 2.0
Changelog ↓

- 3 new Arcus variants (MNML Red, MNML Green, MNML Blue)
- Arcus instant patching support (Arcus premium feature)
- Arcus variants are now sorted in tabs
- Lots of changes for the quicksettings panel
- Light theme variants now have a white quicksettings background
- Themed Google Settings
- Themed Power Control Widget
- Huge fix for light dialers
- Fix for Google Now on Tap card
- Fix for low battery icon color
- Added new smartbar and quicksetting icons
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+Dicken Christian uh nice! 
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Attention Theme Designers:

If you are theming Arcus in your themes and more importantly if you're working on it right now. Stop it until the next version is released (Probably this weekend).

I'm including an optional dark theme for Arcus that can be selected in settings. This will expose a lot of resources in styles and colors. Many attributes will be changed in the process and your themes will become messy.

I'll post an update soon. Thanks!
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+Kishan Panchal this is regarding arcus app....
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Arcus v2.0.2 now available with fixes:

Testers needed! Specially those who already bought the premium version of v2.0.0 for Instant patching:
Test APK Arcus v2.0.1:

CM13 should work great with this version's instant patch feature.
Known issue include:
Wallpapers stuck to system default sometimes while instant patching themes.

Non CM ROMs (DU, PureNexus, etc) and CM12 input is highly requested:
Is theme building working fine now?
Instant patch won't work for these ROMs as cm_platform_sdk is (read 'may be') absent in these ROMs. I'll investigate on this and see if we can have instant patching working on this ROMs.
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DU will have instant patch support with this
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Unpublished the latest update v2.0.0 due to bugs on CM12 and DU ROMS (Both Lollipop and Marshmallow based). The bug relates with the use of cm platform sdk which may not have been implemented in these roms.

About 10 persons bought premium version after I released the update. If your ROM doesn't support instant patching in the coming update (above mentioned ROMs) please send me your order number and I'll refund you ASAP.
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+Dicken Christian we keep the theme engine at pre-sdk because we don't want all that lovely bloat that the sdk internals comes with. However, the only difference in classes is imports. Let me ping you on hangouts 
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Prozt is now split into two apps: Dashboard app and actual Theme app. This was necessary for stability and developing ease.

You probably already have the dashboard installed. But here are the links anyway:
Dashboard app:
Theme app:

Download both the apps. Apply Prozt theme and start using the dashboard!
APK building has been removed. Say hi to instant patching!

Instant patching features:
- Theme variants can now be applied instantly (ROOT access needed).
- Wallpapers too can be changed on the go.
- Fonts patching requires a soft reboot.

Keeping it short here...Peace!
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Please can you theme the app blackberry messenger🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇me and my crew would really appreciate it 
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Dicken Christian

General Discussion  - 
Update for anyone coming across this post
Do a clean install of Arcus. If it fails do a full wipe of your ROM...
More here:

I guess I'm about to be lynched by some DU users!

Arcus FCs on instant patching on some DU devices on official 10.4. Here's the FC gist:

Following devices have reported this Arcus FC so far: Nexus 6P, Nexus 6 and SM-N910F (Note 4), A001

I'm not much of an expert here but it is probably this commit? -

Is it possible that some devices missed some commits? I tested the instant patching feature on Hammerhead official DU v10.4 and it works flawlessly.
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Works fine here! LG G3 -> DU v10.4 (Clean Flash)
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Arcus v2.1.2 is now live:

New: Instant Patching support on Dirty Unicorns ROM
Warning: Atleast DU v10.4 is required & do a clean install of Arcus (Uninstall and reinstall Arcus)
Screenshots can now be maximized
Moved some handy options from settings to navigation drawer
Improved color tinting in variant detail section
Other fixes & improvements

DU users: Instant patching is now supported
Often the work of ROM developers go unnoticed and most of the time we fail to realize how much time and effort was invested in a certain feature of a ROM. +Randall Rushing is the guy in making instant patching feature of Arcus possible on DU. Thank you Randall for your tireless efforts! DU users: Be sure to thank him when you can! #StayDirty

You can try out instant patching feature with Radius by +Kohlewrrk & Atomic themes by +SteelDesigns [Android]. There are other themes too (You may comment them below).

To theme designers
100% of users have now upgraded to Arcus 2.0+. You can remove deprecated array 'config_zips_list' and corresponding strings for config display names.

Use the new format array for listing the config zips 'config_zips_list_compat2'.

Refer below links for easy understanding:
Take a look at this commit:
Sample arcus.xml should now look like this:

Arcus is an asset replacement manager for Cyanogen themes. With Arcus, them...
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+Andre Zimmermann​ reinstall Arcus. If that don't do it do a wipe. In order to get things going on DU, I had to write a "pre-cmsdk cmte" library. The library basically does the same thing cmsdk does, but just for CMTE before the cmsdk refactor. I'll publish the library and source soon and post back up for app devs interested in this work. 
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Arcus v2.1.0 is now live:

What's new:
New: Add on fonts (Premium)
New: Optional Dark theme for Arcus
New: Add shortcut of a theme to homescreen
New: Option to disable auto color tinting in variant detail section
Generated themes now use the theme icon
Other fixes & improvements

To theme designers
Theme designers needing help in implementing instant patching can get in touch with me for any help/advice or outsourcing their work to me for some fee. I quit my job lately and am looking for new sources of income. This will help me a lot.

Also if you think Arcus has helped your business or just enjoy using it for the fun of it, please consider donating via paypal:

Thanks if you've read it till here!
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You answered my question in another post just wanted to say thanks got it working.bought a theme just to make to get my themer to add it to his themes.Thanks again keep up the great work
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
Arcus v2.0.2 is now live:

Thanks to all the people who reported bugs in 2.0.0 immediately.

This update is quite huge for official CyanogenMod 13 ROM users with cm_platform_sdk included. With the help of the platform sdk, Arcus is now able to implement Instant patch feature (Premium/Root option). No APK building and installing hassle in the middle and the theme applies in 10 seconds! A lot of work has been put through to make this feature available. Theme Designers need to add support for this feature.

A note to Non-CM ROM users i.e. the many users of DU ROM and other ROMs:
If your ROM doesn't include cm_platform_sdk, It doesn't support instant patching themes for now. I'm looking into this and trying to find some workarounds. It can definitely be partially implemented if not as efficient as it is in official CyanogenMod ROM.

A note to Theme Designers:
This version brings some goodies for you. The GitHub tutorial is updated:

Migrating your supported theme from Arcus 1.0x setup to Arcus 2.0x (arcusCompat v2)
- Tabbed layout support
- Instant patching support for official CM13 ROMs
- Compact view config preview drawable support (Step 2 in wiki)
- More from developer option in bottom sheet
- Screenshots are now optional
- Keep old arcus configuration while users are still updating to Arcus 2.0x

Theme designers already using Arcus can just go through Step 2 of the wiki and the new sections on Tabs & Instant Patching. Have a look at this file for an example setup of an arcus setup xml:
Arcus is an asset replacement manager for Cyanogen themes. With Arcus, them...
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+Dicken Christian​​ it was indeed a theme issue. Deep darkness theme released another update to fix a arcus issue. Meanwhile I switched to swift dark theme and there arcus worked perfectly. I was using the free version of arcus btw. 
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Dicken Christian

Announcements  - 
A little preview of Arcus v2.0. Credits to +Andre Zimmermann for the fantastic Radius theme. A modified version of the theme was used for testing purpose.

Notable new features in v2.0:
- New design
- Tabbed layouts for theme variants
- [Premium] Instant Patching themes (No apk building, requires root)

- [Developer Option] Automatic patch builder for configs (Last screenshot). Using this feature, theme designers can build a patch file for their configs and include it into raw folder which can be used to apply the themes on the go without building a separate APK.

No ETA yet. Check back again!
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+Bishal K Roy Its radius by Kohlewrrk
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