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While everyone else is going on about the new Android camera. I still love this for fine grained focus blur 
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Best be good at always searching your pockets being doing the washing :P
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I really wish
dd if=/foo of=/bar
had a progress bar

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you could use pv with dd to get a progress bar
pv /dev/foo | dd of=/dev/bar
or you could use dcfldd - which displays progress by default
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Dick Thomas

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Cross Platform games and other goodies
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Dick Thomas

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I need a "goal" for my tread milling, so I've decided to walk from Lands end to John O''Groats all 874 miles (1,407 km) of it .... in my office
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but then you can't hear Why is the Rum Gone? - Remix +Dick Thomas lol ;D 500 Miles with Lyrics
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I've seen this film before. It didn't end well for a group of people
Oh Vovie*, you got some 'splainin to do!

#Russia   #Ukraine   #Україна  

* "Vova" (Вова) is one of the diminutive, or "friendly-familiar", forms of "Vladimir".
Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk were handed leaflets ordering them to register with the new self-proclaimed pro-Russian leadership, according to an Israel-based organization that monitors
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was it WW2 the movie?
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Seems legit 
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yeah lol ;D
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what did I say +Robert Partridge  just the otherday
It is reported that the NSA has known about, and been actively exploiting, the 'Heartbleed' bug for at least two years, and did not at any time during those two years see fit to issue a CVE on the vulnerability.

“It flies in the face of the agency’s comments that defense comes first,” said Jason Healey, director of the cyber statecraft initiative at the Atlantic Council and a former Air Force cyber officer.  “They are going to be completely shredded by the computer security community for this.”

The article's blathering about "the weaknesses of open-source development" is sheer nonsense.  Yes, open-source code has bugs.  So does closed-source proprietary code.  ALL code has bugs, because all code is written by humans, and humans are ... well, human, and make mistakes.  The difference with open-source code is that you stand a chance of finding out about it, and once found it will be fixed, probably within days as Heartbleed was.  With closed-source, proprietary code, you may never find out about the bug, and even if the vendor finds out about the bug, they may simply decide not to fix it.  There was a known bug in Microsoft Excel that went intentionally unfixed for more than ten years, because fixing the bug would break large amounts of other Microsoft application code that was by then dependent upon the bug to work properly, and Microsoft simply couldn't be bothered.  It was easier to leave the bug unfixed.
The U.S. National Security Agency knew for at least two years about a flaw in the way that many websites send sensitive information, now dubbed the Heartbleed bug, and regularly used it to gather critical intelligence, two people familiar with the matter said.
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except I think I said GCHQ lol :D
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Dick Thomas

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given up on BSDing this and now trying Linux port
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cough quitter cough LOL ;D <sarcasm> self-test completed 
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What do I do? I am Sancho. And there are many Jeffs in the world, and many Toms as well. But I... am Sancho. Are you Sancho? No you are not. Neither is Scott Baio Sancho. Frank Gifford is not Sancho. But I am Sancho ~ Orgasmo
Coffee Snob, Caffeine addict and full time geek

I am a geek , a linux geek , photography geek , hell, a generic  geek I love technology and every thing to do with it

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Open Source

My Open source life started with Coral Linux ,I now use almost entirely Open Source / Free software. I advocate Open Source / Free Software when ever possible.


My first experience was Coral Linux in late 1997 because I read about it in a magazine and wanted to try it so I bought a Linux book with a CD-ROM with it, I’ve never been a fan of Windows.

It was a painful experience almost no hardware worked and i was limited to VGA, but it got me interested in free software. I gave up as I had no help with getting things working and lacking a printer or a working Internet connection, having to remember all the details between reboots were impractical.

I didn’t touch Linux again until 2002 when I moved and my next door neighbour was a Gentoo Linux developer and he got me back into Linux and I used Gentoo linux from 2002 till 2008 when I finally gave up on them, wanting a system that just works over what Gentoo offered
Then I used Ubuntu and i’m loving the “it just works” style of it but then unity happened and I dislike unity so I had to find a new Home in the Linux world So I moved to Debian Linux and loving it, even my server is Debian


I mostly Listen to "Free" music from jamendo , covers and, I am also learning to play the guitar 

I like to paint in oil and draw with charcoal and pastels but don't feel my work is good enough for display only for personal pleasure. 

I also love Photography and my photo's can be found all over the place but mostly on Flickr but due to a epic data loss on my desktop machine I've lost 100% of my photo's while I was uploading them so most never made it and I have no back up's but I have learnt from this.. back up, back up, back up

Bragging rights
Cooked for Hugh Grant (yes that one) & Family and served him when I was a chef, Chatted to Richard Branson on the phone for 30min about nothing when he was at the virgin radio xmas party
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Linux - doing it right

Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

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Dyson launches legal action against Samsung

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Very friendly reassuring Staff, Very modern looking studios, all very hygienic and tidy Free art service. easy parking Can't really add any more from the looking at other studios in Bradford, Snakes & Daggers were the most "noob" friendly, I felt very welcomed and put at ease
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enjoyable day for the family, fun to see the seals and penguins even if they did look a little sad but that can't be blamed on the centre. The jelly fish were a little sparce but plenty of fish and sharks
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: Very goodService: Excellent
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13 reviews
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Very good
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