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What IF There is a Better Way to Help Your Headaches?
Drugs do not cure headaches and there are HUGE side effects! Find out what causes over 70% of headaches and how it can be helped without the dangerous side effects of drugs.
Watch our video about stopping the #headache suffering:
Dr. Russell Brokstein is a #chiropractorinfreehold that has helped patients for 16 years get the #headacherelief they were looking for to get their lives back.
To schedule your headache relief consult call 732-780-0044.

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Indianapolis Walk-In Chiropractor

Providing Indianapolis, Zionsville, Carmel, Brownsburg and surrounding areas short term back and neck pain relief without long term treatment plans.  We offer the convenience of same day walk-in treatment.


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Find Your Freehold Chiropractor on Yelp!
Many people search for #chiropractors online and one search tool is #Yelp.
#FreeholdChiropractor has a large presence with many reviews on sites like Yelp.
To check out more click the link below and you can also find out more about your #chiropractorinFreehold Dr. Russell Brokstein on his website

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Spring into Summer! - 20% off our Weight Loss Program. Call 310-251-0862 to make an appointment for your free consultation! For more information please visit:

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Another report from +Food Babe  JUST in...worth reading!

"In Kraft's "Easy Mac" they use straight up Monosodium Glutamate aka "MSG" to create addiction to processed foods early in a child's life - they don't even try to hide it under the name "yeast extract." This is really shocking and to think so many kids around the nation are popping these suckers into microwaves is so sad. Please inform your friends and family - this product shouldn't exist! Not only does it have GMOs and dyes that can be contaminated with carcinogens, but this type of Mac & Cheese requires a big fat warning label in Europe that says "May Have An Adverse Affect On Activity and Attention in Children." This is one of the most unethical products I've ever seen - especially since Kraft knows how to use safer ingredients already in some of their other products. If you want a boxed Mac & Cheese that's safer - choose Annie's Homegrown!"
#eatorganic #motivationmonday #healthyliving #foodtips  

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The Truth About Whiplash
1. Whiplash is Real
2. Whiplash is Serious
3. Whiplash must be treated properly

Public understanding of whiplash and whiplash-related disorders is minimal... until someone has personally suffered a car accident injury, they have no idea what it's like.

"The Truth About Whiplash" is an audio seminar on CD to explain the basics of whiplash,  give practical advice on what to do after an accident and answers the most often asked questions. It is fully referenced using many of the scientific and medical citations Dr Marks use in his personal injury practice daily.  Take part in the Free online seminar here: or Get a hard copy here:

#orangecountycalifornia #personalinjurylawyer s:
Dr Marks is available to come to your office monthly to educate yourself and your staff on key medical issues involved in personal injury cases.  He can also go over your difficult or questionable cases and let you know what is needed "medically"  to proceed or to help decipher medical records, reports, etc. There is no charge for this service. Check out Dr Marks' CV here:

To schedule monthly in-house medical education, contact Dr Marks here or call the office at (714) 938-0575

Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor
Car Accident Injury Specialist
1745 W Orangewood Ave #114
Orange, CA 92868

#caraccidentattorney #caraccidenttreatment #caraccidentchiropractor  

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Things you might not know about aspirin.

#Whiplash type injuries can often lead to #pain and #stiffness years after the collision took place. #Chiropractic  adjustments mobilize the joints and #SoftTissue  work breaks up adhesions which can prevent future problems.

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Neck Pain Relief in Freehold NJ
Reaching for another pill to help you with #neckpainrelief?
Wouldn't you like to finally know what is causing the pain and how to correct it?
Watch the video below and find out how #freeholdchiropractor Dr. Russell Brokstein can help you feel better and enjoy your daily activities again.
For more information go to or call 732-780-0044 to schedule your neck pain relief consultation
#neckpain #freeholdneckpainrelief #neckpainrelieffreehold #chiropractorinfreehold #marlborochiropractor #manalapanchiropractor #englishtownchiropractor #howellchiropractor #coltsneckchiropractor
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