This is some music I wrote around 10 years ago. I've had the recordings sitting out on my home page forever, but with Google Play's artist hub I thought it would be fun to put up there as a "real" album.

This music is a time when I went from having just a simple little Yamaha TG-100 sound module (a couple of the songs are done only on that), to an E-Mu Proteus 2000 (with awesome Planet Earth and Xtreme Lead expansions) and Roland V-Drum set. It was great fun.

EDIT: I should mention that everything was written on my brother's sequencer Temper first on BeOS and later on Windows when he ported it there. I love that software for writing music, and still use it.

EDIT: And if you are outside of the U.S., this same stuff (and and a little more) can be found on my web site at
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