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"If you are going to fall off a bike fall off a six foot unicycle. At least you tried."
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Dianne Bengtson

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Seminars and Speaking Engagements
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Dianne Bengtson

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Circle Seattle and the Pacific Northwest business pages. Keep this Pages Only so it's easy for Pages to circle it.
Share this circle to connect with PNW companies, schools and news outlets
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Dianne Bengtson

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Ready for a shareable URL to G+? Giving this a try. Does anyone else have any favorite tools for this?
Silly to call them Vanity Names, but whatever you call them, those unwieldy strings of numbers can be converted into an easy to share shortened URL with this cool tool.  

From now on, you can find us at
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Hello Mam ....
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Dianne Bengtson

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+MLB Roast beef, coleslaw and fries? Another great sandwich on the Major League Road Trip. The latest blog post is up!
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Dianne Bengtson

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Nothing is impossible!
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Dianne Bengtson

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SEO for Photograpers. Great blog post.
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Hi dear, how have you been, its been a while i just wanted you to know that i am back on Skype and my skype id is hugh20010, hoping to chat soon.
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Dianne Bengtson

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Tourists to Maui often hear about the Road to Hana on a t-shirt. "I survived the Road to Hana"
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+Jam Maury
Hi Jam, I don't add people if they post in a language I don't speak. It's too frustrating for me. Thank you for inviting me though.
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Dianne Bengtson

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Dianne Bengtson

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A one, a two...
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Dianne Bengtson

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      Most interactive Themes
   Theme pages and curators that rock
       Photography and Art
        September Update


#InteractiveThemesCircleAugust  - tag so you can mute this post if you like. 

Please plus, share and bookmark this post if you want to get more out of your G+ theme experience.  Please help by plusing this post, leaving a comment and sharing the circle. Many of the people in this circle are among the most interactive people on G+. Contribute top their themes, get to know them,  I think it will enhance your G+ experience.

Best Regards
+Charles Lupica 


The circle has been checked for accuracy by most of the involved curators.  I would also like to thank +Steve Gill +Jason Borg +Manuella Betaille for their help in checking the existing themes.

There are now over 400 themes, theme pages, and perhaps as many as 1000 curators but not all themes are created equal. I often talk about what it means to me to curate a theme and how I view things. To me, the best themes are the ones that have highly interactive curators. The vast majority also have a page to compliment their theme. A theme page is a great place for the curators to share information about the theme and to list the name or names of the people currently curating the theme. IMHO, a good theme page should provide information about the theme, how to participate, and who is curating the theme.  Most theme pages share some of the best work.  A few share all submissions.

There are many themes that were created and then abandoned by their creator so I wanted to know, "Which themes rock?". I asked the G+ community to tell me which themes have highly interactive curators and an active community. This circle is based on community feedback and my personal view of what it means to have a theme that rocks.  


A good place to start if you are new to themes is perhaps the about page of +Monochrome Monday or the about page of +Daily Photography Themes +Daily Fine Art Themes.  

If there are any themes that you feel rock that aren't mentioned, be sure to add a comment to this post, include the name of the theme, what day of the week the theme takes place or daily, the name of the page, and the name of the curators.  If there is no page, please state this.  Themes without a page are less likely to be listed but some very interactive themes don't have a page. 

Because of the limitation put on posts by Google Plus, the curator names will not be hot linked nor will the page names.  Sorry if this causes an inconvenience but only 100 links can be put into a post and this one contains more than 300. 


Also of note is the Monthly list by +Jalaj Jha which tracks the frequency that tags are used; but, tag use isn't equal to interactivity.  Many of the tags are used extensively but receive little or no attention / comments. Nonetheless, the list is also a good place to look for active themes.  It's interesting to note that most of the high ranking themes run continuously (no specific day associated with the theme) 

1.     #streetphotography (NEW, Daily:1)
2.     #breakfastclub (Up 1, Daily:2)
3.     #birdpoker (Dn 2, Daily:3)
4.     #landscapephotography (Up 3, Daily:4)
5.     #monochromemonday (Dn 1, Monday:1)
6.     #floralfriday (Dn 1, Friday:1)
7.     #caturday (Up 1, Saturday:1)
8.     #peopleandlife (Up 9, Daily:5)  *This theme no longer exists according to the page*. Perhaps someone could take it over by talking with the owner.  It looks like a big opportunity for someone that wants to manage a theme.
9.     #macromonday (NC, Monday:2)
10.     #treetuesday (NC, Tuesday:1)

For the full list have a look here:


Being deactivated (removed form the list)

Manly Monday
    #manlyMonday  (no page) 
 +Alan Shapiro +Kjetil Greger Pedersen +Mark Rodriguez
 +Barry Blanchard +Dave Daniels 

Ministract Monday
    #ministractMonday +Ministract Monday   
 +Tom McLaughlan 


Let's rock.

Since this is my circle there are two themes I would like to promote.  :-))
Monochrome Landscape
    #MonochromeLandscape  +Monochrome Landscape
 +Manuel Votta +Margaret Tompkins +Victor Bezrukov
 +Charles Lupica 
 (AKA: BWandscape and BWLandscapeWednesday )

European Photography
    #EuropeanPhotography  +European Photo  
 +Charles Lupica +Susanne Ramharter  


Dawn on Sunday
    #dawnOnSunday  +Dawn On Sunday 
 +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +Gail Beerman 

Sacred Sunday
      #sacredSunday  +SacredSunday™ 
 +Manfred Berndtgen +Margaret Tompkins
 +Robyn Morrison +Sherrie von Sternberg 
Selfless Sunday
      #selflessSunday +#SelflessSunday Theme on G+   
 +Jeffrey Sullivan 

Sentimental Sunday
      #sentimentalSunday +Sentimental Sunday Theme  
 +Louisa Catharine Forsyth

Sign Sunday
      #signSunday +Sign Sunday
 +Janice La Mere Hackney +Lori Carey +Gary Posner

Zen Sunday
    #zenSunday +Zen Sunday
 +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Simon Kitcher +Nathan Wirth  


Backyard Birding Monday
    #backyardBirdingMonday +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday  
 +Celeste Odono +Ricky L Jones

DOF Monday (Depth of Field)
    #DOFMonday +DOFMonday
 +Mara Acoma +Mark Hall  +Alan Gurling +Nigel Smith 

Horror Poker Monday
    #HorrorPoker  +Horrorpoker Monday 
 +David Murphy +J.L. Btwee +Jimmy Symons +Mylah Nazario 

Leading Lines Monday
    #leadingLinesMonday +Leading Lines Monday
 +Pam Chalkley +Michael Stuart +Elle Rogers +David Murphy 

Lily Monday     
    #lilyMonday +Lily Monday  
 +Ray Bilcliff +Bob Rutan

Macro Monday
#macroMonday +Macro Monday    
 +Kerry Murphy +Jennifer Eden +Kelli Seeger Kim 

Medium Format Monday
    #mediumFormatMonday  +Medium Format Monday  
 +Richard Call +Antoine Bonfort 

Minimal Monday
    #minimalMonday  (no page) 
 +Olivier Du Tré 

Mirror Monday
    #mirrorMonday +Mirror Monday
 +Gemma Costa +Elizabeth Edwards 

Monochrome Monday
    #monochromeMonday +Monochrome Monday  
 +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge
 +Nurcan Azaz +Charles Lupica (on occation :-) )

Moody Monday
    #moodyMonday +Moody Monday  
 +Philip Daly +Carole Buckwalter 

Mountain Monday
    #MountainMonday +Mountain Monday (new page)  
 +Michael Russell 

My Mobile Monday
    #mymobilemonday +MyMobileMonday Photography 
 +Sinead Sam McKeown 

Shoes On Monday
    #shoesmonday +Shoes Monday    
 +Laura Harding +Olga Kafka +Terry Fabre +Bernd Schaefers 
 +Paul van de Loo +Pablo Luis Gonzalez  


    #AfricanTuesday  +African Tuesday 
 +Morkel Erasmus +Grobler du Preez +Dick Whitlock  

Bridges Over Tuesday
    #bridgesovertuesday +BridgesOverTuesday
 +Steve Boyko +Clare Bambers

Candid Mood Tuesday
    #candidMoodTuesday +CandidMoodTuesday 
 +Paul Scott 

Grass Tuesday
    #grasstuesday +Grass Tuesday   
 +Ray Bilcliff +Marilou Aballe +Margaret Tompkins 

Movie Mashup Tuesday
    #moviemashuptuesday +Movie Mashup Tuesday  
 +Mark Rodriguez +shane holsclaw +Isabelle Fortin 

Sea Tuesday
      #seatuesday +Sea Tuesday 
 +Julia Anna Gospodarou 

Texture Blend Tuesday
      #textureblendphotography +Texture Blend Photography  
 +Gemma Costa

Transport Tuesday
      #transportTuesday +TransportTuesday   
 +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Steve Boyko +Michael Earley 

Tree Tuesday
      #treetuesday +Tree Tuesday   
 +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers 

Vintage Camera Tuesday
    #vintagecameratuesday +Vintage Camera Tuesday     
 +Meg Rousher +Gerhard Müller +Manfred Berndtgen 


Bridge Wednesday
    #bridgeWednesday +Bridge Wednesday  
 +Mark Hall +Alan Gurling +Nigel Smith +Mara Acoma 

Elephant Wednesday
    #ElephantWednesday +Elephant Wednesday  
 +Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Diego Cattaneo +Matthias Haeussler  

Water Bird Wednesday
    #waterBirdWednesday  +Water Bird Wednesday
 +Margaret Tompkins +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar 

Waterscape Art Wednesday
    #WaterscapeArtWednesday +Waterscape Art Wednesday   
 +Terrill Welch +Dane Clingan +Trisha Standard  

Webby Wednesday
    #webbywednesday +WebbyWednesday  
 +Celeste Odono 

• *Whatever Wednesday* 
    #whateverwednesday +Whatever Wednesday!!!
 +Cicely Robin Laing  

Wide Angel Wednesday
    #WideAngleWednesday  +Wide Angle Wednesday
 +Asif Patel  

Wide Wednesday Panorama
    #WideWednesdayPanorama  +WideWednesdayPanorama 
 +Ken McMahon 

Wildlife Wednesday
     #wildlifewednesday +Wildlife Wednesdays
 +Mike Spinak +Morkel Erasmus 

Women On Wednesday
    #womenwednesday +Women Wednesday
 +Niki Aguirre +Lee Daniels +Athena Carey 
 +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover  


Blast From the Past
    #blastFromThePast +Blast From The Past 
 +Mark Rodriguez +Isabelle Fortin +Cheryl Cooper

Coffee Thursday
    #coffeethursday +Coffee Thursday 
 +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing

Leaf On Thursdays
    #leafonthursdays +Leaf On Thursdays 
 +Ray Bilcliff +Marilou Aballe +Margaret Tompkins

Nature Art Thursday
    #natureArtThursday +NatureArtThursday 
 +Trisha Standard +Dane Clingan

    #threatenedThursday +Threatened Thursday 
 +Sumit Sen +Sandy Schepis +Anette Mossbacher +Diego Cattaneo

Turquoise Thursday
    #turquoisethursday +TurquoiseThursday
  +Tatiana Parmeeva 

Underwater Thursday
    #underwaterThursday +Underwater Thursday  
 +Kjetil Greger Pedersen +Snekker Anders +Alessandro Cerè 


Buggy Friday
    #buggyfriday +Buggy Friday 
 +Ray Bilcliff +Margaret Tompkins +Sherry McBriar

Colors On Friday
    #colorsOnFriday +ColorsOnFriday 
 +E.E. Giorgi +Erin Henderson +Gilmar Smith +Christina Lihani

Fido Friday
    #FidoFriday +Fido Friday  
 +Lisa Lisa +mel peifer +Wes Lum +Suhaib Ayaz 

Floral Friday
    #floralFriday +FloralFriday 
 +Tamara Pruessner

Fly By Friday
    #flybyfriday +Fly By Friday 
 +Meg Rousher

Food Friday
    #foodFriday +FoodFriday 
 +Light Bandit +Natty Netsuwan +D. DeMonteverde

Figurative Art Friday
    #figurativeArtFriday +FigurativeArtFriday 
 +Melodie Douglas +Maude McDonald

Four Wheeled Friday
    #fourWheeledFriday  +Four Wheeled Friday
 +Akhil Kalsh +Annelies Kroen 

iPhoneography Friday
      #iphoneographyfriday +iPhoneography Friday 
 +Christianna Pierce +Jose Vazquez

Powerline Friday
      #powerlinefriday +Powerline Friday 
 +Natosha Davis


Books Saturday
      #booksaturday  +Book Saturday - A Book A Day   
 +Gemma Costa +Ester Negro +Cora Triton +Andrea Martinez 

      #caturday +CATURDAY! 
 +Jules Falk Hunter +Shantha Marie Fountain +Cicely Robin Laing 

Digital Art Saturday
      #DigitalArtSaturday   +DigitalArtSaturday 
 +Dale Jackson +Dawn Ellen Miller

Inspirational Saturday
      #inspirationalsaturday +Inspirational Saturday 
 +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Khrystiane Friedli +Mylah Nazario 

Rural Saturday
 +#RuralSaturday +#RuralSaturday   
 +Mario Cerroni +linda stokes 

Sleepy Saturday
      #sleepysaturday +Sleepy Saturday 
 +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez 

Squirrel Saturday
      #squirrelSaturday +Squirrel Saturday 
 +Skippy Sheeskin +SE Blackwell

Surreal Art Saturday
      #SurrealArtSaturday +SurrealArtSaturday 
 +Mikko Tyllinen

Swampy Saturday
      #swampySaturday +Swampy Saturday 
 +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar

Tea Club
      #teaclub +Tea Club ( Tea Coffee Chocolate Food Club ) 
 +Gemma Costa +Cynthia Chia +Michelle Robinson +Mike sh 
 +Elizabeth Edwards +Andrea Martinez 

Unsharp Saturday
      #unsharpsaturday +Unsharp Saturday 
 +Nathan Beaulne


Non-day Themes
10000 Photographers around the World
      #10000photographersaroundtheworld +10000 Photographers around the World 
  +Robert SKREINER 

Aerial Photography
      #AerialPhotography  +AerialPhotography 
 +Markham Lane 

All Things Green
      #allthingsgreen +All Things Green 
 +Cicely Robin Laing

All Things Orange
      #allthingsorange +AllThingsOrange 
 +Nina Piccoli +Kenneth Williams 

• All Things Pink
    #AllThingsPink  +All Things Pink 
 +Barbara Sheeskin 

All Things Red
      #allthingsred +AllThingsRed 
 +Lucille Galleli +Stephen Thackeray

Artistic Google
      #artisticgoogle +Artistic Google 
 +Jan McCartney +Rob Robinson +Chee Yow +Jamal Masood 

Breakfast Club
      #breakfastclub  +Breakfast Club 
 +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez

Bridges Around the World
    #BridgesAroundTheWorld +#BridgesAroundTheWorld
 +Carra Riley +Knut Arne Gjertsen 

Grass Poker
    #GrassPoker  +Grass Poker 
 +David Murphy +Martin OBER +Steven Sherwin +Jules Falk Hunter 

Hack This Photo
      #hackthisphoto +HACK THIS PHOTO 
 +Stephanie Fecik  +Lina A. Gugliotti, +Howard Weitzel +Gene Bowker 

Landscape Photography
      #landscapephotography  +Landscape Photography 
 +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +paul t beard
 +David Heath Williams +Ke Zeng 
      #Nightscapes +Nightscapes 
 +Christopher Prins

On the Wings of Butterflies
      #onTheWingsOfButterflies +On the Wings of Butterflies! 
 +Cicely Robin Laing +Sharon Jeannette

Mountain Photos
      #mountainphotos  +Mountain Photos  
 +Baki Karacay 

PaintIt Club
      #paintItClub  +PaintIt Club 
 +Richard Mabb +Celso Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Dana Moyer
 +Rick Leaf +k Phelps +Carol Small +Astrid Bartels +Milena Ilieva 

      #paintography +Paintography 
 +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +Gail Beerman

Purple Circle
      #purplecircle +PurpleCircle 
 +Craig Szymanski +Alexis Coram +lynn langmade 
 +Sinead Sam McKeown

The Hobby Photographer's Theme Page (challenges)
 +The Hobby Photographer's Photo-Theme Page 
 +Fokko van der Leest +David Kaiser +Egídio Leitão

Urban Snap
      #urbanSnap +Urban Snap 
 +Sam Breach +Kristine Ward

Women of a Certain Age
      #WomenOfACertainAge +Women of a Certain Age
 +Janice La Mere Hackney +Elizabeth Lund +Annette Junge Daugaard
 +Margaret Tompkins +Jason Kowing

Y is for Yellow
    #yIsForYellow  +YisforYellow 
 +Lucille Galleli 


New themes to watch (new to this list)

Low Angle Photography
      #lowanglephotography  +Low Angle Photography 
 +Jeremy Lavender 

Curvy Friday
#curvyfriday  +Curvy Friday 
 +lorena masi +Peter From 

Feel Good Friday
#feelgoodfriday  +FeelGoodFriday 
 +Jason Borg +Rebecca Borg 

Instagram Monday
#instagrammonday  +Instagram Monday 
 +ashok mani 

#MacroFeatherFriday (no page)
+E.E. Giorgi +Robin Griggs Wood 
Mobile Art Photography
#mobileartphotography  +Mobile Art Photography  
 +Jimmie Fisher 

Monkey Monday
#Monkeymonday  +Monkey Monday 
 +Sandy Schepis +Alex Lapidus  

Motorsports Monday  
      #MotorsportsMonday  +Motorsports Monday 
 +Auki Henry +Edmund Forman    

Mystery Monday
      #MysteryMonday  +Mystery Monday 
 +Marie Hélène Visconti  

On The Run Monday
      #ontherunmonday  +On The Run Monday 
 +Tom Gort 

People at work Monday
      #PeopleAtWorkMonday  +People At Work Monday 
 +Baki Karacay 

Reptile Monday
      #reptileMonday  +Reptile Monday 
 +Will Pirnasch 

Street Pics
      #StreetPics  +StreetPics 
 +Arnold Goodway +Pablo Luis Gonzalez +Monika Pia
 +urszula masilela  +Dragos Ioneanu 

Street Photography
      #StreetPhotography  +StreetPhotography 
 +Tatiana Parmeeva +Thorsten von Eyb +Andy Q. 

Weather Wednesday
      #weatherwednesday  +Weather Wednesday 
 +Jason Borg 

Galleries of Note (pages)   
• +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery
      #bwfineartle     #bwfineart  
 +Joel Tjintjelaar  

High Quality Sharing Promotion
      #HQSPPromotion +HQSPPromotion
 +Carina Marsh and +Rinus Bakker +Linda Motoiu
#circleshare #sharedcircles +Best Shared Circle +Nothing but Circles  +Circle Share 
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The web is about content... I said that in 2000, I wrote it in 2006, I am reaffirming it now. The web is about content; writing, photography, video, and more. 
Content is my passion and the connecting thread through all of my pursuits on the web. 
Google's Panda update delights me. It is a stake in that ground that says "You will produce quality content in accessible forms. You will give your site visitors value.
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