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This is great. Stewart was at the Sandbach signing and he interviewed some of us. He puts some of his interviews out for NHS (hospital) Radio I think. He also posted his interview up on Soundcloud. I've listened to the whole thing - it's fab! And you'll find my interview starting at 37 mins and 5 seconds in. (It's about 10 mins long.) Enjoy :D Hope I don't come across like a total dork!

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Excited to be taking part in these upcoming signings!

#Sandbach #Cheshire #Peterborough

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*Please note that most of my books contain sexually explicit scenes.

THE WITCHING PEN series (Urban Fantasy / Romance) - it's recommended these are read in order:
1. The Witching Pen (free at most e-stores)
2. The Sands Of Time
3. The Demon Bride
Wilted (free bonus short story - this was written after The Sands Of Time but is set 10 years before The Witching Pen)
4. The Last Dragon - this book wraps the whole series up in a grand finale.
this ENTIRE series is now available in a boxed set, in digital format

SAVING EVE - a companion novel to The Witching Pen series: paranormal / creation myth / surrealism - the passionate, intricate story of Lucifer and Eve.

The EYE OF THE STORM series (Dark paranormal fantasy / erotic / werewolves. WARNING: this one is HIGH on the erotic, and full of nasty words and situations more sensitive readers might not like!) - it's recommended these are read in order:
1. Releasing The Wolf (free at most e-stores)
2. Cry Of The Wolf
3. Heart Of The Wolf
4. Return Of The Wolf
Book Five - Rise Of The Wolf
Book Six - Reign Of The Wolf (expected end of 2016)
Six books planned in total, then there will be an Omnibus Edition containing all the volumes.

Fun, heartfelt, sexy contemporary romantic fiction with a touch of magic. Series begins with...
1. The Spell of Summer (this one can be read as a standalone)
2. Summer's End
3. All details TBA

And the Standalones:

Broken Lights - a suspenseful, gritty, yet heart-warming story of what's really worth fighting for, when one second is all you have left. Falls under contemporary romance.

'Til Death Do Us Part (an adult retelling of The Little Mermaid) - novelette length, like the original tale by Hans Christian Andersen was.

Happy Anniversary (an erotic short story about a marriage rekindled) - FREE at most eBook retailers.

A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry) - yes, this is poetry, but you might just like it! It's dark fantasy, gothic, a little bit Poe and a little bit Rice. I'd love to write more poetry, but it does take a whole different frame of mind, so it'll happen when the time is right.

You can view all active books here:

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The first review of Summer's End is in!
Released 20th June...

Grab the first book - The Spell of Summer - for just 99p.

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Book FIVE is released in 3 DAYS! The erotic, paranormal fantasy werewolf series that's got everyone hot under the collar. Are we all caught up so far? -

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