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Diane Tolley
I live in the past. It's peaceful there . . .
I live in the past. It's peaceful there . . .

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Tough Ranchers
We depended on our horses on the ranch. They were usually well trained and quiet, something you needed when
you worked cattle. A jumpy horse would rile up said cattle and get them
nervous. This made them difficult to handle. They may hurt themselves or just...

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Stu Stories: The Adventures of Dirt Clod and his Sidekick, Bird Bones
When we were growing up, we all had that friend who was just a bit
larger than life. That kid who tried things . Adults loved them. Kids loved them. Bad things never seemed to affect them. They lived a charmed life. And we sidekicks desperately wished we co...

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Spiders don't exist. Spiders don't exist. Repeat after me...
#yegwriters   #dianestringamtolley   #Arachnophobia   #daughterofishmael  

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Definitely Not Friends
Spiders and I get along very well. As long as there is space between us. Lots and lots of space. When I can see them ‘over there’. And I’m quite sure when
they can see me ‘equally over there’. Perhaps we could call it a mutual respect? Reverence?
Esteem? No...

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I'm quite sure that's how it went...

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In the Beginning...
It' s time for 'Poetry Monday' again! Let's face it, Mondays need the help! In the Beginning: When Father made the donkey, He said, “Fifty years is
yours!” “And you’ll eat only grass and do all the heavy
chores.” “And you will not be known as the ‘sharp kni...

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A Golden Rule
Me. Far right, second row. Renee, directly behind me. One of us was perfectly dressed. It wasn't me. I'm a horrible person. I mocked/made-fun-of someone. I have repented . .  It was my first day of school. I was breathlessly, happily,  finally  in grade one...
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