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Books about Bullying
Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies   by Jay McGraw (AKA Dr. Phil's son) is a good book about bullying to hand your kid. But I bet there's something better... Life Strategies talks directly to kids - not parents - and the emphasis is on relating some i...

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Lies We Tell Ourselves: What's Wrong with the Truth?
I'm afraid this review can be summed up as "read that, not this." "This" is Lies We Tell Ourselves , a historical fiction account of school integration in 1957. The book is fiction (the town in the book is Davisburg, not Little Rock) but the sheer terror of...

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Hi! New to the group (glad to be here) and new to the A7. Any drawbacks to the SAL70300G w/the A7? Looking to add a lens to my kit. Thanks for your input!
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Not drawbacks that I saw but if you mean the a-mount one then I hired one for use with my a7r. I found that with the a-mount adapter if felt like it would snap off and although I was out for a photography shoot(amateur) for a week I rarely used it. I have just bought the new fe mount 24-240mm which has almost the same reach and as a result am now dumping the 28-70mm so I get two lenses in one. It's much smaller and lighter than the 300mm but not as good quality I guess but I think that might be worth a look at if too..
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#Cleveland  jobs! 
Job in #Cleveland - experienced auto service manager. Got the right stuff? Apply!
JTI, Inc. Offers Trailer Sales in Oakwood Village, OH. Customers from Bedford & Cleveland, Ohio, Visit Us for New & Used Car Hauler, Cargo, Utility, Commercial, Equipment, Boat Trailers, Boss & Meyer Snow Plows & Blades, Parts & Service.
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High School Communications Contest - March 2015 deadline
The National Federation of Press Women hold several contests each year, one of which is for high school students . Time is nigh to register - and past nigh to start writing! - so consider yourself prodded. More contests offers a nice l...

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Worth a moment to think about ... what opens you up? It might be negative, but if it opens you up, the results can be positive. #bequiet #think
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Help Wanted!
Who's reading what out there? What would you like to tell the world about it? Totally open to guest bloggers... 

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Arbor Day & Other Things Journalists Do
Yes indeed I do have a chip on my shoulder and feel at least a tad resentful that journalists don't get the respect they deserve. Just in case you were wondering.  So, here: a few examples off the top of my head (or Wikipedia) of things Journalists do or ha...

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Interesting but doesn't seem helpful since much of the research is from 2012. 
A research-backed guide and infographic to how often you should post on social media's biggest sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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What to blog about in 2015? Add "personal stuff" to your editorial calendar. 

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5 questions to expect from a freelance copywriter
Wouldn't it be nice if freelance or contract writers were mind-readers? Sorry, here in the real world, most aren't. To avoid hassles and get the results you want and need from a business copywriter (or just about any other contractor), make sure everyone in...
Wouldn't it be nice if freelance or contract writers were mind-readers? Sorry, here in the real world, most aren't. To avoid hassles and get the results you want and need from a business copywriter (or just about any other co...

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Do it on Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and everyday. 
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Copywriter, business consultant, author, photographer
Copywriting, PR/marketing communications, editing, proofreading, client relationship building, business consulting and management
  • Copywriter, business consultant, author, photographer, 1989 - present
    I provide business copywriting and consulting services for businesses ranging from small non-profits to major corporations. My best assignment by far: writing 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Cleveland. Don't get me wrong, though - I love creating a good white paper or ghost blogging about industrial products. (No; I'm not kidding.
  • Sales Renewal Corporation
    Writer/Content Manager, 2012 - 2013
    Primary writer for all web content and print advertising collateral for new clients; wrote and managed company blog and provided ghost blogging services for several clients. Developed marketing communications programs for B2C and B2B clients. Pitched in with administrative and managerial tasks as necessary in a small startup business.
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Commercial freelance business writer, content manager, & consultant
Freelance copywriters are encouraged to "specialize." I do. My specialty is getting the job done. (Just ask my clients.)
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No bragging; just happy to be here.
  • Ohio State University
    Journalism, 1985 - 1988
    Major in Journalism/Advertising - when the J-school was still accredited, by the way ;) and Minor in Spanish Language Arts.
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