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Cumbres & Toltec Railroad - Chama, New Mexico
The age of the steam engine is alive and well in Chama, New Mexico. Bob and I are fascinated by the nostalgic sound of huffing and puffing as these trains roll down the track.

For #transporttuesday curated by +Gene Bowker, +Joe Paul, +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley
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Fabulous photo, Diane, love the black smoke and the autumn colours.
beautiful +Diane Sangster love the way you cropped it coming out of the upper corner moving across and out of the image at the right hand bottom. Really gives it a feeling of motion. If you used a photo plate filter and touched out that guy with the camera, this could be an old wild west photo. great work and welcome to #transporttuesday
Thanks +Michael Earley I thought about removing the guy and I would do that for a print. I kind of thought it was funny in a odd way. And I enjoyed looking at the other photos on your theme today.
I am surviving with more projects than I can stand at the moment. But I thrilled to be busy anyway... :)
Thanks +Laurel Compton and +Olaf Herrig. I have a dream of roaming all over the country to see the great steam trains. We really hope to go back and visit this area again in the fall.
Nothing can beat the sound of an old chuggy, chug, chug steam engine.
Classic! (My old stomping grounds...)
dont know how I missed it when you posted it, but this is a lovely shot!
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