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Diane Helbig
Helping business owners gain Clarity of Course for their business success
Helping business owners gain Clarity of Course for their business success

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What's Your Leadership Gap?
Seems like we are seeing all kinds of leadership challenges these days. From the airlines to telecommunication companies to government, we see stories daily where leaders are challenged to make good decisions.  Lolly Daskal has taken this issue on in her ne...

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The Daily Rituals of Prosperity Series
The Daily Rituals of Prosperity Series: The Best Tools to
Provide, Time, Energy & Enthusiasm for Your Life & Business is a FREE 30-day training which I am super-excited to be a
part of! Watch Tamsin Astor interview me and and over 20 other amazing coaches,

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Eliminate Groundhog Day In Your Business
Do you sometimes feel like you are experiencing Groundhog day every day? That no matter what you do you realize the same result? This happens to a lot of small business owners. We get so heads down and in the weeds that we can't see the cycle we're in. Ther...

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if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? this is an awesome app

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An Interesting Take On Business Growth Strategies
The folks at Eccountability have written an awesome post about the importance of self reflection. And it's more than that. It's really about identifying what matters, what you are doing, how they coincide (or don't) and what to do about it. Read the post he...

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Customer Service Comes In All Shapes And Sizes
you think of customer service do you think of how cheerful the receptionist is?
Do you think about how your customer service department handles calls and contacts
from customers? There is a basic understanding of what good, and not so good,
customer se...

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Gratitude Matters
grateful can have a huge impact on your business. They say that more customers
leave their vendors because they feel unappreciated than any other reason. It’s
not price or quality. It’s feeling valued. So,
there is real value in finding ways to show a...

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See Your Company From Your Customer’s Point of View
you ever stop to think about the experience your customer is having with your
company, staff, product or service? You might want to sit in their seat periodically.
Business owners move a mile a minute. There is so much to do, monitor, take
care of. It’s ...

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What is the Entrepreneurial Personality Type?
Alex Charfen shared some incredibly valuable information
with us on Monday, July 11, 2016 on Accelerate
Your Business Growth . If you’ve ever wondered if you are different then you
are probably an EPT. Alex talked about the 3 states of being for EPTs –
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