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Well worth sharing to anyone and everyone who is concerned about keeping their Facebook accounts safe...
10 Ways Hackers Can Hack A Facebook Account & How To Protect It (infographic)
See the complete image here:

It's without a doubt that Facebook is a monster when it comes to the number of users that they have worldwide, with estimated figures of around 1.5 billion. This makes it easily the most widely used social networking site in the world. With such success and popularity that #Facebook has, comes the inevitable attention from hackers and with that, makes them a massive target for these cyber thieves. Thousands of accounts get hacked every day and in some cases cause the user a whole lot of problems as usually personal data is stolen and used against them.

The #infographic below by the guys over at TopTenSelect illustrates the top 10 ways that hackers use to get into your Facebook accounts and cause absolute havoc! The graphic also shows you just how you can combat these low life crooks by making your accounts extra secure.

You can find all this valuable information at the bottom of the graphic under the section ““Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers”. Simple tips such as not saving passwords to your browser and increasing the character count of your password can make such a difference.

#socialmedia #security
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Diane Bjorling

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... meanwhile back in Canada our very cool and super awesome minister of defence has his own light sabre!

source: Instagram photo by Mark Critch - September 4, 2016 at 7.46pm UTC
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Diane Bjorling

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I was talking to a new member the other day who didn't understand what a text editor was.
This is not the first time I have had this or similar conversations by the way.
I thought it was way overdue to talk about how the *rich text editor*when used on a forum post can create as good looking and appealing post as a blog post.

#Adlandpro   #richtextedior  

Pinterest Pin:
A rich text editor guide for members of Adlandpro. Many of the icons used here can be used on other blogs including the Adlandpro blogging community
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social media marketing 2016....

( citation: ~> you really need to read the other )
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lol... as do I Shey.
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Diane Bjorling

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So Long Marianne by Leonard Cohen

I have always loved this song and the reason I am sharing it today is because of this beautifully profound goodbye letter to_Marianne Ihlen_

You can read the story here

#solongmarianne   #Leonardcohen   #MarianneIhlen  
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Diane Bjorling

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I like the message ...embrace your inner child... yes!

#video   #dance   #innerchild  
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+Diane Bjorling daily ;-)
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Diane Bjorling

Shared publicly  - can be an amazing journey... spring can be in the air whenever you decide to let it into your heart.

"It's a decision you make,
one day,
when you're tired of watching
everything that has ruined you,
walk about you
with its arrogant smugness.
One day,
when you decide to make a map of yourself and
see the incredible way that trauma has made a
home out of you.
One day,
when you step into a field of bitterness
that stretches all the way through your body,
overgrown and unruly,
you remember
how those acres were once a single seed,
a little word,
a bee sting on your soft flesh.

It's one day
after you've filed away
for the millionth time
a memory
that douses you in flames
and then gives you a gift of a match.
It's one day while you sit at the kitchen table and
watch your mother surviving off of loneliness,
watching it pull at the edges of her eyes and the
corners of her mouth
it's that same day when you vow never to be that
It just takes one day,
after a lifetime of winters
that you can finally stand inside yourself
and decide to become spring."

~ Key Ballah, on healing.

( This was shared on Facebook via
Women Who Run With the Moon and you can find this and other cool stuff there )

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Diane Bjorling

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be sure to share ( and don't forget to click)
You can feed shelter & sanctuary animals for FREE, with just a click or a tap! Visit the Animal Rescue Site:
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Diane Bjorling

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A small tribute to Glenn Yarbrough who as some of you may now know has passed away.

This song was playing when he passed away, so I felt it fitting to add it to the musical interlude.

"Baby the Rain Must Fall" is a song written by Elmer Bernstein and Ernie Sheldon and performed by Glenn Yarbrough after he left the Limeliters for a solo career. In early 1965, the song reached #2 on the adult contemporary chart and #12 on the Billboard chart
source: Wikipedia

The New York Times has done a great tribute to this wonderful muscian and you can read it here

Glenn Yarbrough's daughter Holly, wrote this on Facebook. It starts with "Friends - I wanted to let you know that Dad died very peacefully last night about 9:30. He was here at home surrounded by people who love him."

#babytherainmustfall   #glennyarbrough   #musicvideo  
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Diane Bjorling

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I love adventures...
Where does this door go?

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Diane Bjorling

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Diane Bjorling

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when will we ever start seeing people as people... this is not funny ..not even close!
Interracial couples have been free to marry—and to have their love recognized in the eyes of United States law—for nearly half a century, but as a new portrait series by Arkansas-based photographer Donna Pinckley suggests, the American public still has a long way to go not only in accepting and tolerating interracial couples but also in acknowledging the degree of racism that still pervades day-to-day life for many of these families. For Sticks a...
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Surviving Life with pride
I decided to edit this profile, my profile as there have been so many changes and i'm sorry to say not all of them have been good...but hey there are always new adventures to be made and ways to find laughter.
I was in a serious car accident in November 2014 and its amazing - nothing wrong with my legs..yipee I can walk and one day run lol.  I can talk, although I sound a bit different these days and as my daughter you have not changed ( um not sure if that's good or bad )  On the other hand I had to wear a halo as I broke my neck, many other bones and its a pretty long list.  The fact is I'm alive and having a chance to live again.

I'm told that I'm pretty smart and know how to do things, I will let you be the judge.

I have been through many marriages and split ups..I have even been with a special person in his life as he went through his personal hell and was proud to be there for him and his kids ( who I feel are part of my family now)
I think I have survived just about any negative thrown at me and while I am not the same person, I would like to think that I am a more understanding person especially when it comes to being near toxic people and abusive people.

On a positive side, I love dogs and cats in equal what does that make me?
I love this online world, social media and I truly feel that blogging is a venue for anyone wanting good information on any topic you can think of..
I believe that even though we are a global society, we need to learn more on how to get along with others, to find better ways to solve problems and for goodness sakes we need to learn to have fun and laugh!
I guess if you want to know more...just ask


Bragging rights
I have survived abusive relationships with my sanity kind of okay and I survived a car crash that apparently I should not have survived..but obviously did lol. I am so proud of my girls and grandsons..a good reason to brag and I am very very proud of my extended who are doing their best to have a good llfe...and they dang well deserve the very best they can have.
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good question!
typing, blogging, research, dealing with abusive and toxic people ( trust me it takes skills), I
  • I would love to work!
    if you are needing a person to help with writing blogs, researching topics, talking to those who have been in difficult situations..let me know
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Living in Vancouver B.C, while healing from car accident.. where i go from here...a good question
I was born in Montreal, Quebec,Canada, raised in England and Ireland, Came back to Canada, traveled to Finland and came back to Canada, specifically Vancouver,B.C. - England, Finland, many parts of Canada, the longest being in British Columbia - #business,#teaching,#blogging,#coffee,#family,
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when I have a home, will let you know
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I have been hearing a lot of negatives about the Kelowna to balance the reviews... From the time I remember which was November 16,2014 ( I had been in an induced coma) to the time I left in January 2015...I have to say that everyone and I mean everyone from the nurses, rehab, housekeeping the hospital doctors and the social workers did everything to help me, to care for my needs in every way possible.. sometimes they went out of their way to help me through the pain and the trauma. Its important to remember that the men and women who work on the front lines are understaffed and with so many patients- not enough beds having to be in hallways, which trust me as I was there done that - . they still did all they could to make a patient as comfortable as they could. Are there problems in this hospital...damn rights there are..hire more nurses and hire more staff please... from a patients point of view..the staff are getting tired from being over worked and that is just a simple fact!! I will end with a simple and most sincere thank you... you guys were and are the best...
• • •
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