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Diana Ward

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Sunday was absolutely a day of celebration at Heal The Land Outreach Ministries – just days after the pastor of the church managed to defuse a situation involving a gunman at the church.
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Diana Ward

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Download your copy of The Frugal Book Promoter book. Master the art of marketing your book on a super tight budget.
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Diana Ward

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I care for a 7 year old grandson with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He loves this song, and no matter how frustrated or upset he is, this song makes him start dancing and laughing. I have to dance along. To me this song and all the videos are a public service!

Diana Ward

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Enter the eCloth Grooming Mitt Giveaway for the chance to win a versatile grooming mitt from e-cloth! Open to US residents ages 18+.
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Diana Ward

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Enter the Fellowes Laminator Giveaway for the chance to win the L80-95 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit. Open to US residents ages 18+.
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Diana Ward

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I just read this post right after reading your post about The Best Christmas. I know that you are correct in what you wrote here, and it struck me that the Church today is a bit like Virginia was...the real and ever-so-valuable Bride of Christ is trapped inside a bloated, damaged, unattractive and misunderstood framework. When the fire of God burns away the dross, thought it be painful and frightening, it will be a glorious release.
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Diana Ward

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Giveaway time! We have a TON of Amazon Gift Cards to give away! Win instantly in our IWG or check back Monday for Sweepstakes winners. No limit # of entries
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Diana Ward

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On Friday evening, a much less than human, an animal (apologies to all animals), saw a random police officer, on duty, performing the innocuous act of filling h
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Administrator at Moving Forward Productions, LLC
website design, webmaster/web host, copyediting, social media, website promotion
  • Her desk
    Writer/Designer/Webmaster, 1999 - present
    Founder at Forward Productions · July 1998 to 2012 Forward Productions - Services, resources and support for small business and entrepreneurs on the Internet. Web and graphic design, website hosting, Web 2.0 services, editing, writing, promotion and advertising.
  • Atari when it was just beginning-what fun! I was quality control for most of the early Atari arcade games.
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Diana Leigh McCullough

I'm from the southern USA, born and bred. I gave my life to Jesus at 7 in my Dad's church, took it back at 17 and went looking into drugs, other religions and the occult, and gave it back to Him in 1974, that time for good.

I graduated from Fairhope High School in Fairhope, Alabama in 1965. From then on I worked hard at self-education, worked most of my life in a wide variety of jobs, birthed four kids and raised five, and provided day care for many more. I have lived in over sixty places in my sixty-plus years of life, in all parts of the USA and a few foreign countries. I loved homeschooling my kids and now I get to live with and homeschool two of my grandsons and having a ball at it.

I love the Internet, it's like a combination of a library card to every library in the world and the biggest flea market ever. (And I love libraries and flea markets!) I've made my living from home on the Web since 1998 (web design, hosting, marketing, etc.) and its the first job I ever had that didn't eventually get boring! 

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I live in the beautiful southwestern Missouri Ozark mountains with my youngest son Paul, his wife Nicole, and grandsons Joshua and Nathan. And, so far, a giant lapdog named Bandit, a rowdy Heeler/bulldog cross named Clover, a fat cat named Razzmatazz, a fat and a skinny ferret, and a box turtle. We have a family business on the Web, Moving Forward Productions, LLC. Get it? ...4 Wards...for Wards...forward... Okay, I know, but I love puns.
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Aurora, Missouri, USA
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Download your copy of The Frugal Book Promoter book. Master the art of marketing your book on a super tight budget.

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