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Plastic doesn't just 'go away'.
"Oceanographer Giora Proskurowski ventured into the North Atlantic with a group of researchers last year, and took water samples from the surface and from depths as far as 33 metres.

The results were unexpected.

“Almost every tow we did contained plastic regardless of the depth,” Proskurowski said in a press release.

Their data, published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, found that tiny bits of plastic suspended across large tracts of the North Atlantic have “emerged as a major open ocean pollutant.”
For years scientists have been trying to figure out how much plastic trash may be adrift in the planet's oceans, but new research suggests they may have drastically underestimated the problem.
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If it's that bad, I hate to think how the sea creatures suffer as a result.
Maybe it's enough to make "harvesting" it commercially viable? With better recycling tech, it could happen.
There is a research ship at the Pacific Garbage Patch. They collect some plastic for recycling, and burn some for fuel. I also read about an island with a plastic beach. The sand on the shore, is all grains of plastic.
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