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Yay! Divorcing a Real Witch is finally available for pre-order in electronic form: If you do prefer paper, it is discounted a solid $5 from its cover price right now - roughly $18.99. #pagan   #divorce   #wiccan   If you've been watching me work through this project and really want to support it, pre-ordering is the BEST way to do so. It's also a great help if you share it on your social media, or over a beverage with friends pound the table and say, "OMG, I heard about this book. The title is going to crack you up!"

Diana Rajchel

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Why I am removing comments from all my blog platforms.

Diana Rajchel

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Watching Hart & Dixie on Netflix on Demand. It has its ups and downs - basically it IS an extended romance novel for 30 somethings - but the show has its charm.
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Yeah, that doesn't bother me. I don't see why the hell she had to pick only one if everybody knew what was up and the feelings were real.

Diana Rajchel

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Putting "thug" in your username is essentially announcing your identity as "slimeball." Thanks for making it easy. Hope you get taken out by a truck.

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Obligatory you can preorder it! announcement. Other announcements coming on the workshop I'm conducting to help you determine whether you have inadvertently joined a cult. #pagan   #Wicca  

Diana Rajchel

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Yahoo no longer accepts my password. Attempted to change password. 5 attemps made with a 32 character string upper, lowercase, numeric. Each time password is rejected as "too weak." Click help. Page does not load. Search for yahoo tech support. Find a phone number. Call phone number. Get hung up on twice.

For the love of fuck, why does the Twin Cities #pagan  community insist on continued use of yahoogroups? It's not apathy that's killing us. It's the inability to @#$%(@)%)*@!~~!@!!! log in!!!
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And people wonder why I call it YaPoo.
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#Wicca   #Pagan  possibly loaded question: have you (general) actually caught anyone claiming to be part of a tradition or initiatory line that they weren't in the last ten years? There's a lot of concern about it, sure - but it seems like that crap died out around the late 90s.

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+Star Foster is spearheading a project relating to spiritual crisis. This has nothing to do with the one I started and dropped in my 20s. :)
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For those of you who can't make my workshop at Paganicon2014, this is the at-home version of the same. You can print out handouts from it at my blog: #pagan   #paganism   #wicca   #witchcraft  
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Writer, blogger, freelance creative
  • Fat Chic
    Blogger, 2007 - present
  • Divorcing a Real Witch author
    Writer, Mysteries of the Unknown type stuff, 1999 - present
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Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN - Sheboygan, WI - Mankato, MN
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Writer, Wiccan, gleeful eccentric
Writer. Blogger. Out of the Wiccan broom closet whether I like it or not. There is no party with which I'm involved that has a line that goes anywhere near my toes.

Main Gig: Fat Chic: It's not about trying to look thin. 

Upcoming bookDivorcing a Real Witch: for Pagans and the people that used to love them. To be published with O Books.

You can find out more on my blog or on the Facebook page for the book.

Artist's Way
Also, I am very much involved with the works of Julia Cameron. She is, for lack of a better comparison, my Oprah Winfrey. I have spent since 2008 working through her Artist's Way book series and it has made a wonderful difference in my creative production as well as in the rest of my life.

A few other points:
  • I am neither elitist nor lowbrow.
  • I'm very well educated and very well read - and very aware how much there is yet to learn for everyone.
  • My two most notable fandom/geekouts belong to Daria and Doctor Who.
  • I have a life partner. He has his own stuff going on.
  • I am an ally to LGBT rights, women's rights, human rights, and generally making an effort.
  • I am a feminist. Not post, not pre. Right NOW. Because the world needs me to be one, and I'm doing it for myself.
  • Yes, I AM Pagan. No, I do NOT: camp, enjoy JRR Tolkien or related works, see anything praiseworthy or worthy of criticism in being a Luddite, hate Christians or atheists, consider men "the enemy," collect crystals, collect cats or pets, and when I do wear patchouli I'm extraordinarily picky about its quality and sourcing.

Bragging rights
For Fat Chic: 2011: blog mention in People Style Watch 2010: blog mention and link in the New York Times
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato
    mass communications, 8 - 4
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