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hey god bless to both of you, i m really happy to hear the news abt it on chris's fb page :)
Congratulations Diana & Chris!
To everyone else- thank you so much for your support!! :)
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Diana and Chris! :-)
Congrats +Diana Morales ! I wish you and Chris all the best for your Wedding! I also would like to thank you for giving the LockerGnome community a gift with the 1 year Gnomies subscription and being so thoughtful of us :)
Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes for a very successful marriage! It's the best union you can be a part of.
awesome. you two seem such a natural match. god bless you both and your marriage
First you get married, and now, word has it Chris made you cry...and he's not with you to make up with you?! OMG! :O
Not Trying to be a pervert but you wife is HOT 0.O
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