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Diana Grossman Tantra Butterfly
I am a Muse, Shaman, Empath and Tantric Yoga Educator of Tantra Butterfly
I am a Muse, Shaman, Empath and Tantric Yoga Educator of Tantra Butterfly


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Would you like to potentially become multi orgasmic without relying on pharmaceutical drugs? Would you like to conquer your erectile dysfunction using breath control and muscle exercises that are all natural and healthy for your physical body?

Tantra yoga and tantra massage is a full body sensory exploration that will fully engage your auric and physical body and clear your mind of debris.

Sensuality is the creative release of physical sensations and I will help you untap your creativity and creative potential during kundalini shakti or full body sensory bliss.

Multiple hour sessions are strongly encouraged for first time clients of tantra or you can always take small mini bites every two weeks to see progress.

Join me in Chicago this November

Goddess Diana

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You are welcome to
A. SuSubscribe to my channel
B. Visit my online
C. Go directly to my main website
D. On the front opening page of my site you will be
Lead directly to my YouTube channel, my Instagram account and my blog

I have many ceremonies and services listed on my site each varying in price ranges...if in doubt on which service to choose call me directly 312 339 7707

I'm always interested in working with beginners of tantra, new couples seeking tantra massage and tantra education here in Chicago and all men and women seeking private one on one healing and guidance.

My sessions can encompass a full hour to a full day depending on your goals and your budget. My fees are priced fairly and there are many competitors in my field who may charge much less or much higher than what I charge so honor my pricing but if you need a sliding fee I may be able to accommodate you within reason meaning if you are truly financially challenged and not just trying to bargain with the intention of exploiting people in my industry.

Your session will include energy balancing, alignment of your chakras, sound healing, sacred healing touch, deep tissue bodywork and bathing ceremonies if you book me for longer half or full day sessions with advanced notice.

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Sound healing or sound bathing is included in most tantra ceremonies and creates a harmonious sense of being in the moment and in tune. Your body is perfectly capable of healing itself when presented with the opportunity for full body bliss healing.

If you'd like to engage and enjoy a full day of pampering and tantra spa ceremonies you can read more information here at

I am very skilled at creating an alternative realm of complete relaxation so you can de armor and be in the moment with me.

I offer tantra yoga and tantra massage services in Chicago which includes reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy and full body sensory balancing.

Once you get to my primary website you may add me on LinkedIn, subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram.

I'm an independent contractor and very easy to get a hold of between the hours of 10am till 10 PM any day of the week. If you are seeking a private session in your home or hotel just call me directly 312-339-7707 and of course I'll try my best to accomplish your goals and accommodate your schedule. Advanced notice is always acceptable just as same day notice to your home or hotel space in Chicago. Full day sessions that include tantra impressions and bath ceremonies require advanced planning and a deposit.

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Are you getting in your daily dose of self healing care and "play"? The greatest gift you can gift yourself is to create enough free time on a daily basis that is set aside selfishly for you.

You can't just give of yourself freely to others 24/7 without burnout and if you don't set aside enough time to regroup, meditate and play don't worry the universe will find a way to do that for you so you are willfully forced to take time out and typically that involves being so run down your body becomes physically ill.

Don't wait to get physically strained...set aside play time in your daily ritual. You may also schedule a half or full day of tantra massage ceremonies here in Chicago. Visit my site for intriguing offerings

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Support independently owned tiny businesses. We heavily rely on word of mouth, reviews, repeat patronage and referrals.

Visit my main website here and my blog

Remember we rely on your good vibes to stay afloat

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Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly....self affirmation of self worth by administering self love and granting yourself self reiki daily. See how the chi expands within you and gives you a more tranquil frame of mind.

Want me to teach you more and or spoil your body with my unique blend of Reiki, Chakra exploration and sensual sacred touch? Visit my website and schedule me for a private session in your home or hotel space.

I can also offer you a full day or half day of tantra that will include more advanced and luxury offerings with advanced notice and small deposit.

Schedule a tantra massage session soon while I'm still residing in Chicago ♡

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During a tantra ceremony we implement eye gazing, unconditional love for each other and non judgement. You can practice this exercise all by yourself every day by gazing at yourself in the mirror with complete love and self acceptance. Once you get used to honoring your own unique beauty try complimenting strangers you meet daily and beam unconditional love unto a stranger .

Goddess Diana

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Welcome to my Google plus page☆ I'll be uploading a month's worth of mini tantra lessons on my YouTube channel daily so please follow me under my legal name ~> Diana Grossman and subscribe if you wish ♤

Tantra simplified is the practice which includes full body kundalini activation using mantras, mudras, pranayama and intentional touch. Tantra is practice with Hindu and Budhist roots that involve meditations and sacred sounds that are repeated to reach a state of Samsara or bliss.

Tantra massage is all inclusive meaning I will create a mystical combination of light, feathery strokes, deep trigger point massage, aromatherapy blends, Reiki, breath instruction and sound healing to help active your untapped, sexual energies.

You will be encouraged and guided to take deep, slow breaths during our session and sometimes you will exhale a sound to increase your body's vibrators potential.

Repetition of certain sounds and chants are called Mantras and certain sounds we create together may have a purpose, either to activate and awaken one of your Chakras or to gently guide your body into deeper relaxation.

I'd love to be your Guide and encourage you to enjoy my website for a complete list of ceremonies and offerings

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I'd be delighted to be your first tantra guide here in Chicago. My sessions are healing, purifying, playful and definitely interactive. I'm an extremely patient teacher and I believe in the comforting power of sensitive and sensual touch.

If you wish to subscribe to my YouTube channel I'll be uploading small, bite sized videos that will elaborate the purpose of tantra massage and how it can implement a healing in your body.

The following is an excerpt I've written a while back for my website so please enjoy:

Why does the chakra system play such an important role in tantra?
We are both shiva and shakti male God and female Goddess.  In tantra we are taught that we are a microcosm of the entire Universe and our bodies are a manifestation of pure energy from a common Source that was born from a uniting of both Shiva and Shakti.  During 5000 B.C. a Cult was established around the Hindu God Shiva and his Goddess Shakti.  Shiva was pure consciousness but could not transform energies around Him.  Shakti was the embodiment of pure energy but she could actually affect and shift energy so when the two divinities met and connected sexually and spiritually Shakti gave Shiva a true solid form and gave birth to the Universe.  Tantra is a practice of pure love; it is this joyful dance between Shiva and Shakti and this mutual exchange of male and female essence that creates a balance of beauty and unconditional love amongst us.  If you can see the divine presence in yourself and acknowledge the female and male entities inside you you have the power to create a playground of delight all within your being.  When you see the divinity within you, you can recognize the divinity within another and love someone else with that blind devotion and human empathy that will create a bridge between human physical life into a higher realm of ethereal space.  
Tantra means weaving and so in the practice of weaving, we unify the fragmented pieces of ourselves like precious silken threads we honor and hold sacred.   We honor the scary parts as well as the joyful pieces into this luminous quilt we learn to cherish and explore.   Tantra also means expansion in that we learn to grow spiritually as our energy is unified and our Kundalini Shakti awakens us into our Higher vibration and higher realms of consciousness...

Remember key elements to tantra include laughter, sound healing, reiki, chakra exploration, breathing and the establishment of safe boundaries. You will be learning how to receive and give sacred touch and we will both weave positive energies between the two of us during the co creation of sacred space.

Goddess Diana
Tantra muse and tantra couples coach in Chicago
Tantra Chicago, reiki in Chicago and aromatherapist in Chicago
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