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Diana Grossman
I am a Muse, Shaman, Empath and Tantric Yoga Educator of Tantra Butterfly
I am a Muse, Shaman, Empath and Tantric Yoga Educator of Tantra Butterfly

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Hello Chicago land!  Summer is here and it's a time for connection, taking time out to be outside and deep reflection. 
People are now in a process of doing good things for themselves such as taking long hikes in the woods, bicycling, family reunions and camping to connect with Nature.
Let me help you nurture your soul with the benefits of a Tantra Massage that can help you with chronic fatigue, weight loss and the potential to help you think more clearly and attract abundance into your life.
Enjoy my blog and schedule your first or second tantra massage with me this summer in Chicago.

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Tantra Massage in Chicago is presented by Goddess Diana with humor, patience, focus and authenticity.  If you have not read my website please  follow the link and then feel free to call me with questions directly at 312-339-7707.  You can find my public facebook page TANTRA BUTTERFLY and feel free to like it. 
Tantra yoga is best experienced in longer increments of time and I always advise people to stick with one or two people you trust rather than being impatient and trying new people constantly.

There is a real positive, organic affect after practicing daily on your own and sticking with a consistent program to help you achieve complete kundalini activation safely and slowly.
Please enjoy my articles and you can also visit my wordpress blog here at

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Hello followers of Sex workers and personal followers of my online blog!  I am still finding even more legitimate complaints from other women in my field who have been long standing and loyal advertisers of the eros guide being banned permanently.  Please read my blog and take action.

If you are a sex worker and you currently advertise with the Eros guide kindly choose to refrain from using eros guide for one to three months or longer and just use google adwords to promote your own personal website.  Eros guide can only exist with our advertising dollars.  If you take down your ads and refrain from using their ad portal they will realize that they are here to serve us and they will definitely lose revenue and be forced to make positive changes and allow us back in.

Men if you miss your providers and notice they are no longer online then contact the customer service department at the eros guide and demand to know why they are banning loyal clients who have regularly advertised on their site for over a decade.

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Goddess Diana of is currently available in Schaumburg, Illinois to coach couples Tantra and work individually with men and women who wish to learn the basics of Tantra Massage and Chakra balancing.
Join me this week to learn how to touch with intention and help you extend the feelings of pleasure in your being during one of my Tantra ceremonies or cuddling ceremonies here in Schaumburg.

Contact me directly at 312-339-7707 today.

Couples tantra is held in your home or private hotel space and now that I am conveniently close to you simply take advantage of my tantra teachings while I am here!

Remember I also work with Chakra balancing, couples counseling and alternative healing.

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Couples Tantra is so satisfying once you decide to simply plunge in and try a session.  I strong encourage new couples to indulge in a three hour journey because our shared time will be rich with activities and place you in a heightened frame of being.

You have time to let go of your boundaries or reestablish new boundaries as you grow closer to your partner.  I teach you both how to communicate clearly and from your heart.

I will help you slow down, breathe, get acquainted with your own energy and learn how to read your partner's natural body signals so your lover feels safe, satiated and loved.

Tantra Massage is the quickest way to get closely connected to your partner.  We use our voices, our eyes, our hands and our intentions gaining greater acceptance an awareness of our needs and our body's unique signals.

You will both be actively involved with me and you will both understand some very basic fundamentals of energy work, reiki, massage and chakra balancing.

I hope to see you as a couple in Chicago Soon!

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Join Goddess Diana of in Chicago and receive the gift of touch, relaxation and full body Chakra activation.  Reiki and tantra massage embody the same principles of full body awareness and an opening up of all your energy centers.  Be committed to your joy and try one of my sessions soon!

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Winter does last a good long five months here in Chicago and sometimes Chicagoans can find themselves in a rut, keeping indoors trying to avoid icy traffic conditions or simply curling up at home to avoid being the harsher climate.

Winter can isolate people and make one feel much less inclined to venture out for long walks or leave the house when it's already pitch dark outside by 5pm!!

One thing everyone needs is human contact and nurturing recognition. If you feel as if you've been out of contact with your own body I invite you to visit me for an awakening and safe exploration of all your chakras within the confines of a ninety minute encounter or the extended indulgence of a half or full day of Tantra here in Chicago.

Take your time exploring my website and partake be of my tantra bath ceremonies or bring your partner with you for a three hour couples Tantra workshop.

Visit my main website and take your time deciding which ceremony might suit your needs whether you are meeting with me alone or with your partner.

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HELLO beautiful people of Chicago!  I invite you to explore your need for  gentleness and tender touch with me in February during one of my indulgent Tantra bath ceremonies.

Are you new to tantra yoga?  Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be held sacred?  Are you out of touch with your body?  During my Tantra bath ceremonies I help you get back in alignment and keep you focused on the now. 

You will be gently coaxed and encouraged to stay in the moment with me and I will keep you in a state of complete blissful surrender as we create a time out of space experience.  You will not be aware of the passage of time rather you will feel weightless, creative and free. 

Let me take you on a sacred journey of renewal, playfulness and serenity this month.

Please visit my main Tantra yoga website and join me for a half day or full day of Tantra bathing, Tantra massage, breath work,  intentional touch and cuddling.

Goddess Diana
Reiki Master
Tantra Educator
Couples Tantra Coach
Always available for sponsorship in any city

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Tantra Goddess Diana offers cuddling sessions in Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California and many other cities that suit my fancy in the "momen".

Please do not be shy I am very friendly and personable on the phone and in person but I require you to be up front of your expectations of our shared time together and I expect new clients to go through a simple and straightforward verification process so I feel safe and happy to meet with you.

I hope to meet you soon and please support my facebook pages.  My main pages on facebook are TANTRA BUTTERFLY,  CAMOUFLAGE BUTTERFLY,  and GODDESS DIANA.  I have been an established practitioner with licensing for over 16 years and I am very skilled in Reiki, chakra balancing, alternative healing, Tantra for Couples and all forms of traditional massage therapies. 

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So hello again everyone who takes the time to keep up with my blogs and Tantra musings.
Yes as you can see I am a fan of Amy Winehouse I just wish I could have had the opportunity to work with her in person and maybe help heal her heart Center and get her feeling more aligned and good about herself.

 The main reason I write here is writing is very enjoyable for me and if you have not discovered my main website I would love for you to click onto to it and read my testimonials and the articles.  I have not done any recent photo gallery changes because I was not particularly inspired with a special theme but I am getting close to a complete change soon enough and will do updates to my photo gallery once I change my "look" again. 

I invite you to please click onto my main site and when you feel the urge to finally meet me please set up a special time when you know you won't be interrupted so you can finally taste tantra for yourself and understand how it is a building block to get you to better lifestyle changes.

In the meantime I do have facebook pages for you to enjoy and you can look up my pages which are Tantra Butterfly,  Goddess Diana and Camouflage Butterfly.  I have been on every form of social media for quite some time now because I want you to know I have nothing to hide and I am not ashamed of the career path I have chosen since I was in my early twenties. 

I have copied and pasted some information for you from my facebook pages so feel free to visit my pages and like them on facebook if you feel inclined to support my cause.

Tantra Butterfly
8 mins ·
Hello beautiful people of Chicago! So I have not written anything here for a while but I do have a regular blog where I try and keep people informed of my visits to different cities and topics that interest me.
If you have not had time to view my blog please visit it here at and I have written many essays when I am on road trips and when I return to Chicago.
As fate would have it I am still here visiting Chicago and I normally do not like spending my winters here but enough people from my past have kept me busy enough to warrant me staying for a while longer and I get requests once in a while from people out of town who wish to try one of my full day tantra retreats.
What I have learned about tantra is it keeps you in "hope". A lot of people reach out to me because their energies are shut down and they have just left a relationship. Our chakras do shut down from non use and initially a chakra will shut down for its own protection but if you over do it you begin to realize that the shut down chakras like your heart energy or sensual centers can close down your creativity and all our energy centers flow into each other so you may notice or feel stagnation like you are in a stuck place and do not know where to start to get the energy flowing again.
When you are in love then you feel more "hopeful" about everything and challenges are not complicated because you feel supported from your loved one. Your body takes on a glow and you feel a rush of good vibes. Once your love is no longer there in the background like a loud support team you feel almost as if the love was never real at all. I am not saying all people feel crushed but typically there is a grieving process where your heart mourns and you are feeling a retreat and or a retractions of energy. Everything becomes more of a chore again and you are less inclined to want to socialize immediately.
if you find yourself feeling like you are no longer yourself you need to resist the temptation to keep to yourself indefinitely and consider participating in life again which means you should force yourself to attend plays, group activities and fun events by yourself or with platonic friends so you feel you can support your own joy.
I always welcome singles and couples to work with me when they are not feeling that "joy". Your inner well being is very complex and you can't expect yourself to be a lone wolf or solitary every day of the year. Pets are wonderful companions and we find kinship and solace from their company and unconditional love but they still depend on you so you should practice positive self care on a daily basis and pour self love into your heart just as much as you love your animals or your closest friends.
Let me be your support system when you feel you are ready to start opening up your chakras again. I have many sacred techniques I love to use and cuddling is one of them. I am a huge fan of massage and cuddles to help you feel so alive and refreshed that you are back to feeling more like you.
Every tantra muse or healer is here to help you feel more nurtured, more awakened and more abundant. Tantra keeps you here not there in the past mulling over regrets. I am not here to reprogram you but I am here to help you charge up your own chakra bodies and your own potential for self healing.

We need more than food, shelter and money to keep us feeling in tune. If you go without nurturing for too long it will affect your motivation and your creative purpose. Let me help you manifest more positivity in your life and I hope you feel motivated to call me for a tantra healing if you are in Chicago this week.

And I encourage you to call me with questions because I do know not everyone is familiar with what I do and there are many misconceptions and false assumptions. 

Goddess Diana
Tantra Yoga Educator
Lomi Lomi Massage therapist
Chakra balancing
Sacred Space Facilitator
Couples Tantra Coach
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