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Photo Friday: Downtown
Downtown Syracuse, 9/22/2016
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Yesterday, we met my mom & Judy for our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade brunch at the Dinosaur BBQ - delicious as usual - and we even had some time to see a bit of the parade before we had to run Josie back home to work. It was a BEAUTIFUL day too! But I got one photo: the Coleman's tanker full of green beer! LOL
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After many starts and stops, I have begun my work with the colors again. This past Full Moon at the end of January, Jacqueline & I celebrated the Full Wolf Moon with Lady Black, who encourages us to seek our Truth. As we did ...
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So, @aedeebrightly​ tagged me in this super hard fandom challenge. The first few were easy, but I feel like I don’t fangirl over so many things… I mean cute animals, art, cars… things like that, but TV & movies… not so much… ANYWAY, I shall tag @ivorygrace7​ and anyone else who wants to do it. <3 Here goes! 10. Pam Beesly, The Office 9. Rose, Doctor Who 8. Fox Mulder, X-Files 7. Iron Man/Tony Stark, The Avengers 6. Uncle Deadly, The M...
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Last year, I attempted PopSugar's 2015 Reading Challenge (and they've another one for this year ). It had 52 books on it (including a trilogy), and although I read 73 books over the year, I was not able to check off 14 of the categories they listed. I've de...
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I'm still impressed and I love you!
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Arlington R. "Arlie" Brown
Arlington R. "Arlie" Brown, 69, of Camillus, passed from this life July 3, 2016 at Francis House after a long illness. Arlie was born in Toronto, Canada on November 8, 1946 and immigrated to the US in 1963. He was a Master Auto Mechanic and worked at many l...
Arlington R. "Arlie" Brown, 69, of Camillus, passed from this life July 3, 2016 at Francis House after a long illness. Arlie was born in Toronto, Canada on November 8, 1946 and immigrated to the US in 1963. He was a Master Auto Mechanic and worked at many local car dealerships over the years, ...
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Imbolc is one of my favorite pagan holidays. The air is always tingling with springtime energy, no matter how cold it is. This year was wonderful because for a change, Punxsutawney Phil did *not* see his shadow and predicted ...
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How beautiful and serene-Me
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If you've experienced gaslighting or this is your first time learning about it, you need to read this. This abuse tactic is hard to heal from, but you're not alone, and this little-known information can help.
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Photo Friday: Warm Light
My office is not only beautiful this morning, but it smells so lovely!
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Inktober 2015...
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Just a girl trying to find the magic...
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I googled one hour glasses and this was the first hit. This place does *NOT* do one hour glasses. After a brief eye exam with a very curt doctor, I picked out some frames and was told it would be two weeks. After they came in (less than a week later, the only positive thing), I went to pick my prescription sunglasses & glasses up only to find they had mixed up the frames, then switched the left & right lenses when they put the correct lenses in the correct frames. When they finally got them right & adjusted for my face, I discovered the prescription was wrong for my right eye. They told me to just wear them and that my eyes would adjust. I spent the weekend dizzy and nauseous waiting for my eyes to adjust. The only time I felt better was when I took the glasses off. I am taking them back this morning (another positive: 30 day money back guarantee) and just want glasses in one hour, not another week.
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I do not like to complain. I have been before - years ago - and enjoyed it, but my latest visit left me reluctant to go again. The servers were wonderful, although ours switched mid-way through our meal without any explanation or notice, and I am sure if I had said something to either of them about my issues, they would have attempted to make it right. But the food really left something to be desired. First, if you don't like cilantro, don't go. There was too much in everything. I realize that that's just personal preference, but I don't like it that much. That said, we discovered a hair in our dish of complimentary salsa; the plates were burning hot, but the food was only lukewarm; the lettuce was old & browning, and the tomatoes were definitely not ripe (in July - we're not talking December!). And yes, too much cilantro in the guacamole. We ordered dessert anyway, as my daughter did enjoy her dish (although she had expected to be able to pick up & eat her burrito not use a knife & fork), and according to her the Chimi-cheesecake was fabulous. I got the fried ice cream and was very disappointed. The fried "bowl" definitely tasted on the verge of molding, and everything was covered in cheap chocolate syrup and spray whipped cream, hiding the fact that all I had was a scoop of vanilla ice cream rolled in corn flakes. Definitely not worth the money, even if the bowl had been freshly fried. I have friends who are regulars there, and I am sure others find it a great place (although perhaps that's just the cheap margaritas influencing them), but I probably won't be returning.
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