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Pregnancy is a wild ride. Exercise was my sanity. I developed these nine videos just for you to relieve back pain, stretch, and feel more comfortable while you're growing your baby. #pregnancyunleashed   #prenatalexercise  
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Diana Antholis

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I made these last night. Veggie Spring Rolls with Spicy Almond Butter Sauce. YUM.
When my brother came to visit, we went to Tang Frères in the Chinatown of Paris. My bro is a master chef of the Thai cuisine, so he was super pumped to see that this Asian grocery store had more Thai products than his Thai store in Los Angeles! Who knew. “Paris is awesome [for the Asian market]!
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Diana Antholis

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What's really important to you? 

Read that and more during today's #MondayMantra   #SanityisSexy  
Reflections while walking through a hot, sticky, smelly Paris... I could stay at my computer all day for this launch. I cleared my schedule, but I also made
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Diana Antholis

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SANITY IS SEXY is your manual for creating the mindset necessary to unleashing your sexiest, most confident self. 


Believe in yourself. Expand yourself. Find freedom. Feel invincible. 40 powerful mantras to use anytime to see the world in abundance, have the confidence to actualize your goals, and feel light--not letting stress and self-doubt slow you down.


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Diana Antholis

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You are incomparable. What you do today is who you are tomorrow.
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Diana Antholis

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Give and expect nothing in return. #mondaymantra   #expectations   #standards   #beyou
Give and receive doesn't apply here. Don't expect to receive what you normally give. Don't expect someone to do exactly what you do. Don't expect someone to pick up the tab at the restaurant even though you have done it before. Don't expect someone to spend their money the way you spend yours.
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Diana Antholis

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Monday Mantra: Breathe it in.
Inhale. Exhale. Are you here? Or are you there? Inhale. Open your ribs. Feel the air flow throughout. Exhale. Slowly, carefully, mindfully. This moment. Here and now. Where you are. Are you here? Or are you there? Inhale. Feel the air in your back. Let it open you up. Exhale.
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Diana Antholis

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Today's #MondayMantra  - Something you don't want to hear. But need to.
Here's what you don't want to hear: Change can be the best thing to happen to you. But you don't want to hear that because change means change. It means your routine has been tampered with. It means something different, something uncomfortable, or something that you may not like at all.
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Diana Antholis

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Let's DREAM for a moment. What's your big dream? What's dreamy in your life right now? What's luxurious, luscious, and comforting in your life? Dream with me...
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Diana Antholis

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Secrets to sanity #sanityissexy #happiness #quote
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Diana Antholis

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If you missed my radio show in Paris, here is the link to listen! Happy Hour with Ollia features: 
Learn my three words for what it's like to live in Paris after one year (totally surprised myself with these!), what I did since 9 years old, and what "unleash your sexy" really means.
Happy Hour with Ollia
Happy Hour no°271 3rd March 2015 Diana Antholis : Unleashed (ENG)
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Diana Antholis

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Accept others. But be accepted by others too.
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I help you lead the balanced, centered, and sexy life you deserve.
Define Your Balance | Find Your Center | Unleash Your Sexy

Diana Antholis is an Author and Lifestyle Coach who empowers women to live unleashed; encouraging them to believe in themselves, expand their opportunities, find freedom, and feel invincible in their personal and professional lives.

Diana takes the mind, body, and soul approach to health and happiness in her globally-recognized Unleash Your Sexy Program. She works with her international clients to design lives they love; helping them to regain confidence, define work/life balance, implement self-care routines, and unleash their sexy selves, all while continuing to succeed in their careers and businesses. Her clients have gained a new perspective on their lives; feeling stronger, more balanced, and more in control. They have created booming businesses, been promoted, and developed better relationships. They have discovered how to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. They are living their lives unleashed.

As author of the bestselling books Unleashed: Live the Balanced, Centered, and Sexy Life You Deserve and Sanity is Sexy: Mantras to Inspire a Healthy Mindset, Diana pens manuals for women to live unleashed, sexy lives; empowering and providing them practical and actionable steps to find themselves again and release the fear and stress bringing them down.

Diana’s background in corporate advertising, management and career consulting, and higher education led her to experience first-hand the immense stress occurring in the workplace and how it affects productivity, morale, and health. As she developed her own tools and resources to live a more balanced, centered, and sexy life, she realized she needed to help others navigate their own lives in such stressful environments. She found the secret: create your own happiness because no one else will do it for you.

Diana grew up in New Jersey, studied and worked in New York City, San Diego, Washington D.C., and currently lives in Paris, France. Diana's master's degree is in Organizational Management from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. Her bachelor's degree is in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Mind Body Specialist, and expert on alternative and integrative nutrition and women’s nutrition for reproductive health.

When Diana isn't working with her clients, she can be found traveling, brewing her own kombucha, perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe, or doing yoga in the park. She continuously challenges herself in life and business while taking care to maintain her sanity on a daily basis. She wants women around the world to do the same: do what they love and live a luxurious life of ambition and leisure. Her coaching program, courses, books, and retreats can be accessed worldwide at

Sanity is Sexy: Mantras to Inspire a Healthy Mindset

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  • George Washington University
    MA Organizational Management, 2009 - 2010
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
    BS Advertising and Marketing Communications, 2005
  • American Council on Exercise
    Certified Personal Trainer & Mind Body Specialist, 2011
    Certified Personal Trainer - certified to teach exercise one-on-one and in small groups, 2011. Mind Body Specialist - certified to teach yoga and Pilates one-on-one and in small groups, 2013
Author, Lifestyle Coach, and Personal Trainer
coaching, consulting, motivation, exercise, stress reduction, happiness, confidence,
  • Unleash Your Sexy with Diana Antholis
    Author and Lifestyle-ist, 2011 - present
  • Performance Advantage Inc
    Strategy Consultant & Media Director, 2010 - 2013
  • Enter: Adulthood
    Founder and Writer, 2010 - 2013
  • MEC NY | MediaVest NY | ViTRO Agency San Diego
    Media Planning, 2006 - 2009
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