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+Christine Bogart​ is an awesome person!
If you are up to it, consider sharing or donating.
Many of you know all +Christine Bogart has been going through over the last few weeks. Now, she can't move things around in her apartment so that the complex can repair the damage. I called and got an estimate for movers. It will likely take 3 separate trips for them to do the job.
Day 1-They will move half the apartment to the other half so the complex can fix that area.
Day 2- They will move everything to the other side of the apartment so the complex can repair that half of the apartment.
Day 3-They will move things back into place so Christine and Fi can try and get things back to normal.

The place I called gave me price of $85/hr. This would give Christine enough for about 9 hours after GoFundMe gets their cut. I have no idea how many hours it will actually take, so we may have to adjust the price accordingly. I'd love to see us raise more than this simply because I'd love to take some of the pressure off Christine with having to deal with preparing meals so she can heal and deal with the other needs at the moment.

Please share far and wide even if you can't give. Thanks!
Christine is a hardworking single mother and high school teacher. Her apartment was flooded last week when some pipes in the apartment above hers broke. She had emergency surgery on 2/5/2016 so she can't move all of the furniture and whatnot around in her apartment so that the complex can repair...
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You are very welcome +Christine Bogart​! Speedy recovery to you! <3
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Ramsay Bolton: manager!
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+Di Cleverly nevermind you saw it thanks for tour concern.I would miss you too if i left.
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Do you want to have some fun with your profile picture?

A site called photofeeler will put up your (anonymous) photo and you can have random people vote on 3 characteristics of your impression for your photo. There are 3 categories: business (liked LinkedIn), social (Like G+), and dating (like Match or Tinder).

Please, please, pretty please  use this link, so +Vanessa Van Edwards of Science of People, can get your data for her research:

There is a really interesting article about men's competence going up as they age, and women's likeability going down. (I'm pretty much at the 2% mark right now haha!), I'm testing a few photos to see which is the best fit for me! To run a test you have to earn tokens by voting on other people!
The community at PhotoFeeler, our profile photo testing platform, has put in a...
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+Di Cleverly​ It was really surprising! And the photos that I thought would have been seen as more professional, were high in likability, and even competence, but low in influence! 
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Dinner! Yum!

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I would totally eat these
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Junior Doctors in Britain strike due to pay and working hours that they claim compromise patient safety. The strike is being co-ordinated by the British Medical Association.

Just another testament to the growing physician shortage and the stress it puts on our healthcare providers! The healthcare crisis is only just beginning. Our doctors suffer from burnout, high-suicide rate, and depression.

What can we do as patients to advocate for ourselves, and still take care of our physicians?
What would you do if you were seriously ill and unable to find care?Are you already experiencing trouble with access (I know some of my friends here are)?

We could be:

Training doctors and patients for better communication and efficiency

Using Telemedicine to increase access

Using home health monitors, like AliveCor

Using Nurse practicioners, Physician Assistants and Pharmacists to lighten the burden
Follow the latest news as junior doctors, bar those working in emergency care, strike for 24 hours from 8am
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+Di Cleverly yes, ma'am! Sick as [heck], or dying from flu? Pretty [darn] bad!
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When climate change affects earth, it impacts Westeros!
Maybe Ned Stark should have said "Gertrude is coming"!

Hope all of you in the area are OK.

The famous Game of Thrones landmark known as the "Dark hedges" were felled by Storm Gertrude last night.
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Yeah that makes sense!
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I want to view the Season 6 premiere in this room!
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Yup it's a cool pic
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Want to find out more about body language training?
There's an info call tomorrow!

Want to be a body language trainer? Hop on our LIVE call Thursday at 3:30pm PST to talk about our body language trainer program!
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I don't think Freddy Mercury will be on the call, but hey, you never know +David Thiery​!
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Why are doctors so burnt out?

It seems the primary reason is because they are human beings! 

The Medscape LIfestyle Report 2016, just released in great timing with the British Junior #doctorsstrike, tries to answer this question.
It's a survey of doctors of all types of specialties all over the US.
And no surprise, it's ubiquitous across specialties, severe (on a scale of 1 to 7, most specialties report a 4), and growing each year so that now more than half of doctors report that they are feeling burnt out.
Family doctors experience some of the highest severity of burnout.

So, why are they burnt out?  Top responses include paperwork, long hours, certification requirements, the Affordable Care Act (probably the meaningful use of EMR requirements are included in this), and difficult patients, and seeing too many patients in one day, too much death and loss.

The Medscape survey investigated the impact of bias on burn out.
They found that patients with emotional problems are among the highest bias. Weight, intelligence (not sure what this means), and language differences were also a high cause of bias. Gender and race were  reported rarely to cause bias, but there may be an influence that this is  unacceptable, so it's not reported as much.

However, the bias can be positive as well as negative in that patients who are distressed (emotional problems, weight) trigger doctors (particularly doctors under 50) to spend extra time and effort on these patients. But this comes at a price, because these physicians are the most vulnerable to burn out, possibly because of the stress of an overpacked waiting room; bias was found to be correlated with those physicians who are most burnt out.

Here is the link to the survey, but you have to sign in to read the whole thing! 
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Susan will get burnt out, so her RN will have to see patients, who will get a few moments of phone time with Susan based on RN notes, then Susan can decide from there. It's slightly worse than a crap shoot at best. Socialized healthcare is great - where everyone is entitled to it at an affordable rate. The Unaffordable Care Act is the exact opposite of that, and we're stuck with it. 
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