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Minion superhero socks





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Di Cleverly

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Thanks Di. We both realise that there are MANY out there who might need the number sometime. Thank you to everyone else who replied. It takes a special person. 
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Di Cleverly

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Artisanal pencil sharpening.

Via +U-Ming Lee, kind of.
He posted the whole website; I'm just posting the video because it's hilarious! 
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Lol I was thinking the same thing even with the sound on +David Calderon! 
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Di Cleverly

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I can imagine in Finland the phrase "Winter is coming" strikes fear into the hearts of many...
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Lol they are rebels +Lady Deidre HurlsWaterballoonsLikeAPro! 
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Di Cleverly

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Game of Thrones vs. A Song of Ice and Fire

For those of you who are wondering just how much has been covered, and what corresponds to what, this interactive chart is lots of fun.
And colorful, oh so very colorful!

Assume spoilers if you haven't finished the books, finished the show, or weren't aware that several chapters of WoW exist out there on the interwebs!
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Lol +Folmer Fredslund! I am waiting soooooo patiently though! 
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Di Cleverly

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*Middle-age White Americans are getting sick and dying at an alarming rate- and, NO, this week, it's NOT because of #bacon *

In all seriousness, this new paper from PNAS, had me in tears this morning. I find this very hard to write.This is something very very close to me, and my friends, lots of them on G plus itself.

Chronic pain and depression is killing us.

The authors of the paper, one of which is a woman with chronic pain herself, looked closer into overall mortality trends than scientists had in the past. What they found was alarming.

Although Americans are living longer and healthier than ever OVERALL, one particular segment was experiencing a current sudden skyrocketing death rate. And the cause was NOT the easy answer- diet (which is common in all ages, races and most socioeconomic groups), but very specifically could be traced to drug and alcohol poisoning, suicide, and cirrhosis. Very particularly, the substance abuse was related to opioids, and their use to control chronic pain.

In addition, that group reported more chronic pain, depression, and impaired function in activities essential to daily living, which leads to economic distress due to being unable to work. The changes begin around age 30, but are most marked from ages 45-54. and continue to age 64. They are most prominent in people with only high school education.

Joint pain, neck pain and facial pain, which are specifically called out in the paper are symptoms of chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, celiac disease, and lupus. These diseases also can lead to something called "brain fog", and are notoriously difficult to diagnose, and to ask for the help needed to get adequate treatment and support needed to deal with these debilitating chronic illnesses. Back pain can also be very difficult to treat properly, and as a patient, you really need to be pro-active and advocate for yourself. My experiences with these particular diseases leave me no doubt that the findings in this paper are accurate.

The paper notes that similar increases in Black and Hispanic populations in the US, as well as everyone in other developed countries were NOT noted. In particular, US Hispanics are doing really well!
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116 comments're right! This was before the community! Sorry, +LM Stewart​! I forgot the first one was out in the open. 😕
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Di Cleverly

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Glad they addressed this up front as opposed to what Walking Dead has been doing recently
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Di Cleverly

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(Winds of) Winter is coming!!

Rumor has it that George has turned in the first draft of Winds of Winter!

It's not likely to be in the stores by the Holidays; editing is needed and Elio and Linda will be doing all the fact checking.
But it's still fairly exciting!

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+Di Cleverly i beliveve it, for sure. You never know so better to be safe about these things with an American Classic novel series in your hands
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Di Cleverly

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+Paul Nahas​ I do get where you're coming from. I just kept receipts, but used my own doctors, and they were essentially forced to give the maximum. My mom dealt with insurance doctors, I refused. Tbh though, it was probably my deposition that cinched it. My lawyer (not my husband) was delighted by it. Raising autistic kids teaches you to answer a question to the extent they ask it. Otherwise they latch on to an idea that was only an idiom.
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Di Cleverly

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On 9/11 the French said, "Today, we are all Americans."

It's our turn to say, We are French.

#prayforparis #wearefrench #weareparis 
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People forget about the third buiding that went down for seamingly no reason a.couple blocks away from the twin towers that was also part of the world trade center
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Di Cleverly

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Bottled air might be a great new investment idea...
The world has not seen CO2 concentrations this high in at least hundreds of thousands of years. 
Global warming has become a 1-degree Celsius reality, making progress at climate talks in Paris even more imperative
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Who Want"s To Be A Cloud Raise Your Hand, Raise Your Hand!!!!" Nice Kindergarten Teacher Singing Voice"!!!!!
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