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The thing about Google Plus is that unlike many other social platforms, it allows me to get to really know individuals from across the world that I would otherwise have never met.
People who can teach me things.
People who have an ironic hilarious intelligent sense of humor.
People who are compassionate and who show me that even a world away, we all generally want the same basic things.
+Kent Oldhøj was one of those people. I met him on +Dede King's huge discussion posts and have enjoyed knowing him over the past 4 years.
His activity on Google Plus will be truly missed. He was a great community member and friend to many of us. I hope his family and friends find some peace today as they lay him to rest.

His favorite color
A flower for today
A smile remembering his witty comments
I couldn't fit an airplane in, or I would have!

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I wish I had spent more time with him recently +Mara Mascaro . Isn't that the way, though. :(
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Di Cleverly

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Here is the follow-up video that answers a few of the questions that came up on the post about heart attacks a two days ago.

The topics covered:
--Silent heart attacks, like my Pop had
--The different symptoms of women vs. men (Thanks +Denise Morgan Kalicki for that questions)
--The increase in risk for people of Asian Indian ethnicity, which really blew my away when I saw the statistics. This should be a major health initiative in not just India, but the UK, US, Canada, etc!! The impact is going to be huge over the next 25 years.  
--The difference in symptoms for second heart attacks, another fact that is never talked about
--Sudden cardiac death in athletes (Thanks to +Dede King  for that discussion)
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Feisty as ever +Anthony Tobin . LOL
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Di Cleverly

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If you use supplements from chain stores you may want to do some research on what brands have been found fraudulent. They may be disappearing from store shelves soon.

Via +K.B. Burnfield
"Among that fraudulent supplements found at the retailers, the NYS Attorney General’s office highlights several examples:

*   At GNC, the agency found a number of unlisted fillers, including powdered legumes—a potentially significant hazard for those with peanut or soybean allergies.

*   At Target, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort and valerian root contained none of the advertised ingredients, and instead were made up of powdered rice, beans, peas, and wild carrots. In other words, a fairly healthy diet if freshly cooked.

*   At Walgreens, ginseng pills are quite simply powdered rice and garlic.

*  At Walmart, ginkgo biloba was made up of powdered radish, houseplants, and wheat, while being labelled as wheat- and gluten-free."
New York is demanding that GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart pull supplements from their shelves after the remedies were found to be full of fraudulent ingredients.
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They're all at it, in every country 
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Di Cleverly

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Yoda was there too but he took off before Darth!

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Not quite +David Calderon , but almost!! :)
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Di Cleverly

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+Christine Bogart
+miri dunn

I'm drawing blanks but I know there are more if you out there. Anybody else interested in helping +Vanessa Van Edwards out with this experiment?
We are looking for teachers to help with our next experiment!
Calling all teachers! Are you a teacher? Do you know any teachers? We want to run a power posing experiment and we need your help.
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You guys are the best! Thanks +Christine Bogart +LeNae Iscience +Bobbi Jo Woods and +Amanda Rachelle Warren for considering and tagging! <3
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Di Cleverly

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He taught me what a "loadmaster" was.
He was an awesome guy with a wicked sense of humor.
I will miss him.
Forgive me if I can't reply right away, I am traveling today.
Hugs to family and G+ friends.

And this was via +Kathryn Huxtable
Rest In Peace dear Kent, you will be greatly missed.

It is with great sadness that I can inform you that
+Kent Oldhøj
the father of my sisters two children, is dead.
Kent was a loving father, and his very early death is a great loss for his children, and for my sister.
I have known Kent for many years, and I have always appreciated his company. Kent was highly intelligent and very knowledgeable, and therefore a great communicator, something many of us have benefited from, here on Google+ 

The funeral takes place the 4th of August at 10 am
Allehelgens Kirke 
Ungarnsgade 43, Amagerbro
2300 København S.

Fell free to share this, I find that it is important that his cirkles is getting this information.
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Di Cleverly

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Some color for your stream, compliments of +Brett Lipton !
Good Morning From New York.
Today I present, to you all, a popular scene here on the urban streets, in fact some street corners are populated with as many as four of these, the New York City Newsstand

#NYC in #HDR  
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Boy, this is colourful, thanks for the share.

Then, I can't help think, what would happen if a colour-blind filter was applied... :-)
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Di Cleverly

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Heartburn or Heart Attack? A cautionary tale.

I call my Pop nearly every night since his wife died. That night, he told me that he woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick to his stomach and sweating. Not really a big deal, because New Jersey weather at the end of July is the worst for sweating, but being me, I as I asked a few more questions, and I grew more and more concerned. 

Did he have the air conditioning on? Yes. 

How bad was he sweating? Bad enough to need a shower and a change of clothes. Hmm...

How bad was the nausea? Bad enough to cause a little vomiting. Now I was more concerned.

Then I asked the million dollar question. “Pop, did you have any chest pain?” There was hesitation on the other end of the phone. “Well, it wasn’t really pain, but it was more of a sensation in my chest.”  

My stomach fell. “How long did it last” “I was up a few hours with it, but then I fell asleep and then the next day I was fine and I mowed the lawn.”  

I knew right then that my Pop had a heart attack. Little did I know that the hard part was going to be convincing him and his doctors that he did actually have a heart attack in the absence of chest pain, or other pain. I had to push to get him the needed test for troponin, to show heart muscle damage had indeed occurred. 

Although media leads us to believe the typical heart attack has the victim clutching their chest in pain and falling to the floor, as many as 40% to 60% of all heart attacks can be “silent” or undiagnosed by the people who have them.  These are labeled “unrecognized myocardial infarctions” by the clinicians who study them. [Kannel WB, Abbott RD Incidence and prognosis of unrecognized myocardial infarction. An update on the Framingham study. N Engl J Med 1984;311:1144–1147.] 

An ischemic heart attack occurs when the arteries that supply the never-stopping oxygen-hungry heart muscle are unable to get blood because of a blockage. The blockage can be from cholesterol build-up over years or a sudden blood clot. In Pop’s case, an angiogram showed that all of his arteries were completely clogged with cholesterol, and he was scheduled immediately for a quintuple bypass. This was a shock, as his cholesterol levels were low and he had no symptoms whatsoever.  But it turns out that lack of angina, or chest pain, is actually a significant predictor of silent heart attack with other factors. It may be that when you don’t have the chest pain, the heart attack is overlooked, by both the doctor and the patient. They simply pop a Tums, and go mow the lawn. [Sheifer, SE, et al. Prevalence, predisposing factors, and prognosis of clinically unrecognized myocardial infarction in the elderly.  J Am Coll Cardiol. 2000;35(1):119-126.]
Unrecognized myocardial infarction, or silent heart attack is of clinical significance because this condition is generally missed by the cardiologist and these patients are at greater risk for future death. [Chow CK, et al. What Is the Significance of Unrecognized Non-Q-Wave Myocardial Infarction? PLoS Med 2009;6(4):2009 e1000060.] Knowing your own body, and paying attention and tracking your symptoms, and not trying to be a “tough guy or gal”, and power through an illness is important. Heart disease is still the number one killer in the United States, and even though silent heart attacks have “been around” for 30 years, many of us still aren’t listening hard enough. 

Pic somewhat related
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que isso desde cheito mato o veio
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Di Cleverly

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I'm out driving right now, so this picture will have to do.

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Di Cleverly

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Any Clash of Clans players out there? Here's a sneak peak at some of the new goodies in the next big update. 
Enjoying the new Clash of Clans update? Here's 5 things we could see in the next big update! #coc #Clashofclans #clashofclansupdate
On July 1st the hit mobile game Clash of Clans received one of the biggest updates in nearly a year that delivered tons of new features, level five dragons, new spells, and tweaks to keep the game ...
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Fun game.  I don't spend as much time attacking these days, but I'll log in to empty my collectors.
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Di Cleverly

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One of my favorite stops in #London was to the original Twinnings #tea shop.
It was almost a museum, and the further back you went into the narrow store, the stranger the wares became. The paper boxes gave way to glass jars with odd looking "teas" of types I have never seen, and prices I have never paid for tea!
Japanese, African, Malaysian, all very exotic and unusual to me. I love the look of these intricately wrapped tea balls and the colors of this jar of tea!
One tea was simply dried chamomile flowers! 
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