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A video about three major highlights of ISPOR for me:

(+Bigscrod wants cake +Ben Zaitz +Trish Whetzel +Susan Benton )

The PCORI- which is the patient-centered outcomes researched institute, an organization dedicated to putting patients first in research
Big Data- what is it, and why does it matter?
IBM Watson Oncology- what this can do for oncologist

I don't get a chance to go into my poster, but I will give you a brief summary here:

After completing my process and worksheet, the people surveyed (who had very complicated health issues, and had consulted multiple physicians over a number of years) reported the following outcomes:

•Most patients (73.3%) reported that they used the
worksheet tool to discuss new treatment options
•*Nearly half (40%) received a new diagnosis*
•Two-thirds (66.67%) of patients reported less
anxiety during the office visit
•More than half (60%) reported that the
worksheet helped them discuss symptom

I'm particularly pleased with the fact that people were able to finally get a diagnosis after several years of being "stuck".  :)
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They always do +Kiki Ssennyamantono!
Darn them!

(I changed the spelling slightly for my G+ name because it's kind of funny to say "Di(e) Cleverly")
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Di Cleverly

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Nice application for telehealth. Anything that saves time during physician appointments is always appreciated.
#autism  diagnosis apps
A Boise business was built on a family’s need to get help for a son with autism.
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Idahome.  <3
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Since the internet is covered with spoilers and memes anyway...

I <3 this!

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Obviously what they need is the Infinite Improbability Drive.
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Di Cleverly

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WaterAid has launched a petition to raise awareness of the 1.25 billion women who do not have access to toilets during their periods.
They did a survey of 2000 people about how they thought the world would be different if men also had periods similar to women, and then launched a funny series of ads to help promote their petition.
I've linked to one of them below.

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Oh that's interesting +Harley B! Thanks! :)
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Fantastic article!
Thanks to +K.B. Burnfield!

"The only problem with the diet science beat is that it’s science. You have to know how to read a scientific paper—and actually bother to do it. For far too long, the people who cover this beat have treated it like gossip, echoing whatever they find in press releases. Hopefully our little experiment will make reporters and readers alike more skeptical."

"If a study doesn’t even list how many people took part in it, or makes a bold diet claim that’s “statistically significant” but doesn’t say how big the effect size is, you should wonder why. But for the most part, we don’t. Which is a pity, because journalists are becoming the de facto peer review system. And when we fail, the world is awash in junk science."

how to read a scientific paper
I make these points all the time, but they bear repeating:
1. At least 30 subjects per group and there should be a control or comparator group
2. Look for p-values less than .01 to mean statistical significance that's meaningful, also effect size, confidence ranges, etcetera; any additional statistics.
3. Is the journal reputable? ; there is something called an impact factor that can help determine this; also if it is indexed on PubMed, it is likely more reputable.
4. All clinical studies should be reviewed by an IRB (internal review board) and have their primary endpoints set before the study begins. This prevents the type of Tom-foolery that happened here. This will be stated in the Methods section of the paper. Look for it!!!
5. All author names and credentials are listed on the paper. Review them. If someone has an MBA, works for Clifbar, and is publishing on energy bars and metabolism, you may want to question it. Authors also have to disclose conflicts of interest at the end of papers.
6. There are many guidelines for good publishing practices. I have a certification in publishing scientific papers (CMPP). I had to learn guidelines from PhRMA, GPP, consort guidelines, ICMJE guidelines, etc. These authors followed NONE of these! If a paper is completely off guidelines it is garbage. It should be rejected by the journal, but if not, it should be rejected by YOU, as the reader! Learn basic scientific format for journal papers!

This is a REALLY interesting, and somewhat terrifying article about how data massaging and well-presented catchy information & headlines paired with a lack of appropriate of fact-checking and signal boosting by "science" journalism can take something and get it passed along and repeated into "fact" by people who're more interesting in turning a profit than checking the relevant work to make sure that it's solid.

There's a lot here that's worth knowing and being aware of for all sorts of different news stories, and it's it's a little frightening looking at it all from the other side, but something that is absolutely important to be aware of.

“Slim by Chocolate!” the headlines blared. A team of German researchers had found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if they ate a chocolate bar every day. It made the front page of Bild, Europe’s largest daily newspaper, just beneath their update about the Germanwings crash. From there, it ricocheted around the internet and beyond, making news in more than 20 countries and half a dozen languages. It was discussed on tel...
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It won't; the headline and artwork is just not glamorous enough +Nick Alcock . Sadly. :(
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SO TSU HAS OPENED THE DOOR TO GOOGLE what does that mean to you? #makemoney   #couponing   #freemoney   #freebies  
well it means that you will be seen outside of Tsu as long as we opt into to this option in your privacy setting. When you do Google can then find and crawl your page and index you on Google search.

How will this benefit me?
Well it depends on what you use Tsu for. If your a blogger then posting little snippets of your work can lead not only Tsu users back to your site but also visitors that find your posts on Tsu via Google. If you post images of your family and you page is very friend related then you may want to remain as you are.

Think of it like this

TSU is a giant house and each member has a window, your audience is the members in the Tsu family, so im guessing there are around 4 million members now. Your friends and followers see your content in their feed then there is also the potential for the remaining members to find your content.

When you allow Google in you pull back the curtains on your window and then potentially billions can see you, via Google Search. 

So it really depends if you want to be found more.

The big question is will we get paid more because you being seen more means more views, right?
We should potentially earn more royalties because the ads show on the pages that are found on Google Search, but we just don't know because @Sebastian @antlong or any of the team have not told us.

We should however see more members joining us because they can now see inside the site.

So what should you do.... opt in or out?
Well it is your call, do you want to potentially be rewarded more, do you want to get your message out to the world? Do you want more members in your downline?
Or do you want to remain within your own close network inside...

Giving members the option of pulling back the curtains on their window is a great move by Tsu and very welcomed by me.... Now charities can have their pages found, Celebs can be seen, we can all be seen if we want to.
well it means that you will be seen outside of Tsu as long as we opt into to this option in your privacy setting. When you do Google can then find and crawl your page and index you on Google search. How will this benefit me? Well it depends on what you use Tsu for. If your a blogger then posting little snippets of your work can lead not only Tsu users back to your site but also visitors that find your posts on Tsu via Google. If you post images ...
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Combing Twitter and Plus would be weird. I have completely different posting habits on both +matthew rappaport; although a lot of my friends overlap on both. I guess we will have to wait and see; rumors are always flying around social media!

I'd love to see the stats on that +Chris McIntosh! I'd bet you are right! Lol
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+Bruce Shark
Can you verify this?

Even Sharks Love  Good Belly Rub!
#lol   #tickle   #funny   #sharks   #watersports   #massage   #scuba   #padi   #underwater   #diving  
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Let me tell you a story…it might or might not end with a punch in the face:
Whether you're dealing with a drunken bar mate, playing an intense sport or dating a stranger, you have to know how to predict a punch in the face.
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Dr. Cleverly Pirate Bars Are The Tradition Of Our Society In New Orleans!! Arrrrrrrrrrr!! +Di Cleverly​
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Another dumb "google plus is dead" article but at least this author has the courtesy to have a poll. If you care to, you can vote and show them that "ghosts" do exist!

Via +Ayoub Khote.
Love Google+? Take a poll to show what a thriving ghost metropolis we are.

via +Agent Questermark​
Google+ is, at the time of writing, still a thing, but its future is far from assured. Unless there's a huge wave of interest, Google+ may not be long for this world. Or perhaps I'm just being pessimistic, and actually people are still interested in Google's social network. There's only one way to find out……
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+Di Cleverly it screws up a lot of sites lol
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I can't keep a secret.
Don't tell +Mark Rodriguez that I told you. K?
shhhhh, it's a secret...not really

do you like the art in this collection?
would you like to have a shirt or other items with it on it?
do you want to save money in the process?

till the end of the day today get 20% off everything in the store using the super secret code:


now remember this is just between you and me so keep it a secret...just kidding, feel free to share the hell out of this if you'd like :)


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So apparently the first Daario left GOT for a role in a new movie of the "Transporter" series.
I like new Daario. But it was confusing!
Lol @ this meme! 
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I could watch him in flannel.
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He contributed so much despite a devastating mental illness. He is a true inspiration. His wife was an amazing woman as well.
A sad day. 
Nash's genius and his struggle with schizophrenia inspired the movie "A Beautiful Mind."
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+Di Cleverly​ sadly when people go to renew a automobile drivers license it almost always just involves paying a renewal fee but not retesting of skills or knowledge of the rules of the road. Also when people of my generation (I would say our but I know you are younger then me) got our first license there was no such thing as cellphones and many cars didn't have radios so we got into the habit of driving without technological distractions. As for people who drive others for a living, I suspect its likely an equal number of some who are more careful then not.
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