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Di Cleverly (Live Outrageously)
I'd love to know you better! Engage with me!
I'd love to know you better! Engage with me!
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Colorectal cancer.
It's not just for the over 50 adult any more.
Cases in adults 30+ have been rising steadily. We lost a friend last year in his 40's who had been diagnosed at stage 4 in his early 30's.
Please read info below.


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Yup, this. 

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Japanese publication ToyoKeizai Online recently ran an interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara to discuss how the Pokémon Company is planning to bring the Pokémon franchise to Nintendo Switch. The interview was translated by NeoGAF member StreetsAhead. Pokemon…

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let's try this again.
Drug overdose:
It's the 50-year-old White guy in Ohio.

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Dammit Marty!
I told you not to screw with the Space-Time Continuum.
And cross the streams.
Or look at your doppleganger.

Or whatever.

CC: +David Thiery

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+Kyla Myers
I dare you to bake this for...

+David Thiery
+Anti Psyops
+Zac Lowing
+Eric Albin
+Azure Mallone

Who did I forget?

Via +stuart richman​ (had to liberate it from private share) 

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The University of Washington will be offering a new course: “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data”

'If you're not a student at the University of Washington, take heart: once they've taught the single-credit course in the Spring 2017 quarter, they will post the lectures online '

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So this was in the elevator on the way to my dentist appt.

So nice to step away from the vitriol and hatred of the comments on the internet for a few minutes.


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I'd always wished the NYC subway or DC metro had cool names like these.

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