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Hello everyone please read this – also check the link below what bride and groom said.  

We had little more than an hour before the ceremony. I photographed all the formals, bridal party and parents. Then I was setting up my second camera, and I did some detail shoot of the ceremony setting. I saw the Priest chatting with one of the guest. After he was done with his conversation, I went up to him and introduce myself. Hello, I am the photographer, my videographer was there too. Second shooter wasn’t there, but he was nearby. So I asked him “Is there any rules or restrictions, where I should be and where I shouldn’t be”. He told me “DO NOT COME IN THE AISLE” YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE ELSE, I DON’T CARE”. I said okay great! So I told my second shooter to stay in the back so he could capture the bride and her father walking in the aisle, I will be in the back capturing their expressions.

Music started to play, Groom Rob walking in the aisle with his mother then the bridal party. Now Priest announced “Please Rise” everyone stood up and bride is now walking with her father. Priest started his procedure, right before they started to exchange their vows I moved in the back with my 70-200 lens. I wanted to capture every expression of Bride and Groom when they exchange their vows but of course without interrupting the ceremony or without being on videographers 2nd camera. 

During the first look, ceremony and first dance I always keep my camera setting for "Continuous H" mode so I don’t miss out anything. I know Nikon’s "Continuous H" mode is bit louder than Canon. Many people have commented on numerous blog posts that my shutter sounded like machine gun firing, well if I have the camera on "Continuous H" mode shutter will sound a bit and videographer had few microphones to capture the ceremony sound and their vows. So that’s why you might hear the sound of the shutter clicks in the video clip more than it actually sounded.   

There were nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen and all guest stood up while bride was walking with her father and they remain standing till end of the ceremony. So I didn’t have any good place to capture Bride and Groom’s expressions that’s the reason I moved there – I did not have any intention to interrupt the ceremony, neither did I or my crew. When he said “Please sirs leave……please” right before their vows, I and the videographer were actually at the back and at that time I was shooting with my 70-200mm lens. I had no idea why he snapped like that. I looked at Bride and Groom – didn’t know what to do. Then I replied “Where do you want me to be? Priest replied “Anywhere other than here”. Without making a scene, I immediately moved. It was very embarrassing but honestly, I was shocked so the bride and groom and all guest. I didn’t want their wedding day to be ruined, so I moved on the right after he said “otherwise, I will stop”. At that moment bride and groom were horrified including the wedding party and guests. After the ceremony everyone came up and thanked me to be cool. No one at the ceremony was happy with his strange behavior and how he handled the situation. After the ceremony when I went to speak with him. First thing I asked why you snapped like that? He replied “you guys always do this to me” and I asked what you mean you guys? He replied “You photo and videographers” then I said but this is the first time I am working with you and hopefully last time.

Bride & Groom hired me – they also hired that Priest, I have nothing against him – I was just upset the way he handled the situation. I would understand if I didn’t ask him for his rules I did ask and he did tell me, where I could be and where I shouldn’t be. If I wanted I could have started an argument with him, but I do have that much sense not to make it more awkward than what he already made.

Later I found out from maid of honor that he did not warn bride and groom before about any of his photo or video restrictions.
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