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Dhiraj Patra
Works at Rappier
Attended IGNOU
Lives in Hyderabad, India
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Dhiraj Patra

Development  - 
If you are challenging Android developer and looking for immediate changes in small MNC at Hyderabad send me your cv to
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Dhiraj Patra

General Discussion  - 
If you are challenging Android developer and looking for immediate changes in small MNC at Hyderabad send me your cv to
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Dhiraj Patra

Shared publicly  - 
Experienced Android Developers Required on an Immediate basis. Min Exp: 1 Year -5 Years. Salary will not be a BAR for the right Candidate. Send resume to

Dhiraj Patra

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Paper airplanes go way back in the history of father-son bonding. I remember when my dad taught me to fold and fly my first paper airplane. It was… frustrating, to say the least. After folding my first paper plane, failure never entered my mind. My dad wanted to show me how to throw it, but I didn’t need his help – “this baby’s gonna fly for miles!” Then, after watching my plane nose-dive to the ground a few times, thoughts of failure entered the...

Dhiraj Patra

Shared publicly  - 
The car will be manufactured at the Renault-Nissan joint venture plant in Chennai, and launched in the Indian market between September and November.

Dhiraj Patra

Shared publicly  - 
Every time the ground shakes beneath Kolkata, we move an inch closer to Dooms Day, experts warned after Tuesday’s earthquake in Nepal. For there lies a ‘faultline’, a fractured zone, just 4.5km below the city, which has been lying almost in active for years but could become hyperactive and trigger a massive quake measuring at least 6 on the Richter scale, seismologists claim.

Dhiraj Patra

Shared publicly  - 
Wait and see Indian firm will acquire all iconic car and bike related companies. 
Harris Performance has had a long standing relationship with Royal Enfield and was responsible for the chassis development .

Dhiraj Patra

General Discussion  - 
If you are challenging Android developer and looking for immediate changes in small MNC at Hyderabad send me your cv to
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Dhiraj Patra

Shared publicly  - 
Introduction to 360 panoramas and quick guide for making 360 degree panoramic photo with panorama maker.
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LAM-PHP, Zend, ExtJs based software development architect
PHP, Core Java, Zend, xml, Web Services, Cloud, codeigniter, svn, git, mysql, javascript, jquery, extjs, ajax etc
  • Rappier
    Technical Architect & Engineering, 2015 - present
    Technical solution architect and engineer for cloud based apps and web applications.
    Technical Solution Lead, 2013 - 2015
    Technical Solution Lead
  • Americos Industries
    Technical Leader, 2013 - 2013
  • Sagarsoft Inc
    Open Source LAM-PHP based web development specialist, 2011 - 2013
  • NIMC
  • saras india systems
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Hyderabad, India
Kolkata, India - Ahmedabad, India - Barddhaman, Kolkata - Limeric, Ireland - Mumbai, India - Howrah, India - Jharsugda, India - Dublin, Ireland - Bangalore, India - Itachuna, India - Antwerp, Belgium - Amsterdam, Netherland - Brussels, Belgium - Ghent, Belgium - Burge, Belgium -
Open Source Software Specialist & Architect
Open Source Software Development Solution Lead & Architect in LAMP stack. 16+ yrs exp.

I have been involved with the IT industry since 1997 just after completed Post Graduate Diploma in System Management and later Masters In Computer Application. I have held support, analyst, and project management roles serving industries that include retail, ecomm, erp software, seo, internet services and govt portals.

In 2002, I began developing web development and later web services for apps and other ERP solutions since 2006. 

When not working for web development, I spent time with my family, car, travel and temple.

I am active in sports, and travel a lot to search a new place to find out.

Expertises In: LAMP (PHP, Mysql, PgSql, Apache, JS, Ajax, Zend and related technologies) [Since 2002]

Operating System and Server Used: Linux (Ubuntu / Red Hat / Fedora), FreeBSD, Windows 2003 Server, Unix (BSD), DOS

Web Server Used: Apache, IIS

Languages Used: PHP, ASP, (ASP.NET, VB.NET), C, C++, PL\SQL, VB (with ActiveX), Core Java, JSP, VFoxPro, VInterDev, HTML5, Assembly, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, Logo, Clipper

Scripting Languages Used : Java Script, flex, action script, and shell script, Perl, VB script (with ADO, IIS & MTS)

RDBMS Used: MySql, PgSql, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, Dbase

IDE and Development tool used: Eclipse, NetBean. SVN, git.

Project Management tool used: Planner.

Tools and Technologies Used: Ajax, Smarty, PEAR, PECL, DB_Table, Html Quickform, PhPlot, Magpie, Sentiniel, Realex, AWS, Flex, PayPal, Verisign, SOAP, SSL, phpBB, Different CMS, Google Map, xml, Curl, ORM- Doctrine, ExtJs, mpeg, asterisk-voip, shindig, cache, Joomla with component, Drupal with component, Wordpress with module,Payment gateways (Paypal, Realex, Plug and Pay,, paynet, skipjack, ViaKlix, VirtualMerchant, iBill, planetpay, quickcommerce). Using different methods from SOAP, cURL, XML, fsock, url_open, NVP etc. etc..

Framework Used: Zend, Self created MVC, Cake PHP

Architecture Tools and Technologies Used: UML, Project Planner, WBS, GANTT, PERT, Query Bench etc.

IDE Used:Eclipse with different pluggins, Zend with debugger

Project Management Method Used: Agill (scrum, xp), RAD.

About me is: warm, generous, lively, lovable, likable, intelligent, idealists full of original ideas. I am witty, jovial, talkative and forward extroverts, with a brilliant imagination and progressive thinking. I am naïve, brave, honest, optimistic and childlike and have a blunt and honest tactless manner of speech. I am restless and pretense and deception appeals them. I am fear nothing and disregard conventional behavior  I am confident people having wise counsel and lots of loyal friends. I help you cheer up and send your spirits soaring. I am promoters at heart and never run away from a fight or call for help. I can dream and aim for the highest and biggest goals but they often rebel against authority and stuffy society. I have fantastic memories but forget petty things. I am a formidable foe. My clever, witty, sharp, straight arrows aim straight at their enemies. I never fail to present their cases with cool, reasonable arguments, cutting opposition to pieces with their sharp attire.
I refuse to accept the seriousness of life.

Bragging rights
Dare to speak unpleasant truth
  • Computer Point
  • Burdwan Raj College
  • Burdwan Town School
  • Itachuna Sri Narayan Institution
  • Burdwan Municipal High School
  • Akhilesh Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalay
  • CIC & PPC
    Computer Science and Mathematics, 1999 - 2000
  • Java
    Computer Application, 2012 - 2012
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Recipe for Making 360 Degree Panoramas on Mac/Windows

Introduction to 360 panoramas and quick guide for making 360 degree panoramic photo with panorama maker.

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