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The complete listing of games at the First Exposure Playtest Hall is here! With over 120 designers in 585 events, this is absolutely the biggest Hall ever!

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The DEXCON 20 Schedule is live! Sign up for events using the event number by sending an email to

On the fence about coming to DEXCON in July? Maybe we can tempt you with a free badge! Just a few volunteer shifts gets you a free badge, access to the Staff Suite, and the grateful appreciation of the Senior Staff. How could anyone resist? Spots available in almost every department, including Con Suite, Electronic Gaming, Security, Registration, and more! Contact Avie or Andy for more details, or comment here.

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The DREAMATION 2017 Complete Schedule will be posted at 3:00PM EST on Saturday, February 11.
I'm very sorry, everyone. This schedule is being really hard for me this year.

I have two choices:

1) Post it at 1PM tomorrow with 85% accuracy.
2) Post it at 3PM Saturday with 99% accuracy.

I think we all know what I chose.

The DREAMATION 2017 Complete Schedule will be posted at 3:00PM EST on Saturday, February 11.

Please share this everywhere.

Folks - do you want to chat about your possible Metatopia Panel/stuff Submissions?

Here's a thread to do so, where other people might also be doing the same thing.

Be polite. No bitey-ness.

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The DEXCON 19 LARP schedule, featuring over 40 LARPs, is now available for pre-reservations!

The First Exposure Playtest Hall at Gen Con is accepting registrations! Game designers and publishers who are developing a game can playtest with Gen Con attendees, including Double Exposure's market-specific focus groups. Dozens of games playtested at FEPH and Metatopia have been published, and now yours can too! All manner of games are welcome, including card, board, dice, miniature, story, role-playing, etc.
Each standard package comes with four 2-hour sessions and includes two GM badges (badge value: $180), for only $250. A deluxe package, with eight sessions and 4 GM badges (badge value: $360) is $500. Fill out an application today here:
Or for more questions, email us at

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If you've missed the DREAMATION event submission deadline, go ahead & submit. I can tell you on good authority that you've got until Friday. --Avie

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