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I've been hearing rumors that the Acolyte was able to locate the chamber where Dr. Lynton-Wolfe had been working, and that her operatives have begun exploring the now ruined laboratory for clues and information. I knew this was likely after how the #ViaNoir Anomalies came to an end...

From what I've heard, her people found a great deal of destroyed technology from a number of different eras, along with extremely high XM levels. The presence of rare metals indicated that Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) may have also been present. There was no sign of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Klue or Susanna Moyer, though for the latter two that would be expected... I think they were lost even before Lynton-Wolfe fully brought the machine online.

I do not know what state the machine's remains were in. I also do not know whether the Acolyte was able to recover any of Lynton-Wolfe's plans and documentation related to the creation of the machine. I don't even know if that matters -- it might slow them down, but I doubt it will stop them...

I will keep you abreast of future developments. 

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That last message from Lynton-Wolfe. It left me troubled.

'Where there was one, there will be many?'

'The Machine cannot be unmade?'

I barely slept, his words kept echoing in my mind.

I know that we may not have won the war yet, but I know we fought a good battle. I did what I could to help, but I was just taking advantage of what you, Agents all around the world, made possible. The ferocity and energy with which you engaged yesterday, it was what we needed to stop him.

I congratulate the Enlightened, and I have already been hearing about how the Acolyte plans to use this advantage to further their cause.

In my mind, however, it is the Agents of both Factions who have emerged victorious against Lynton-Wolfe's plans. The true conflict in Noir is not green vs. blue -- it is dark vs. light.

I must also extend my thanks to P A Chapeau. Thank you for traveling to Seoul and helping to provide me with the time and resources I needed to undertake my mission yesterday.

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I am not missing or in any danger. Just... processing things.

Richard Loeb did a number of kind things for me that night when I was having dinner with the man who called himself 'James.' He extracted me from an NIA observation and sent me to Wroclaw on a mission that was only of benefit to me, although I wonder if this was what the NIA were after, and if so why?

He claims the New Wave Resistance told him about this, but how did they know? And why would they want ME to know? After having spent some time with him, I'm wondering if I'm starting to think like him... I have questions that remain unanswered for now, but one thing did become clear.

When I arrived in Poland it all came back. I had heard them. They were the N’zeer. They spoke in verbal Glyphs which I could unaccountably understand. I know that I had dreamed this before, as a teenager, but now I'm beginning to see that it may not have been a dream after all.

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As many of you know, I was in Tainan this weekend, and I wanted to share why.

My guess is that many of you know more about my life since everything that happened at CERN than I do. In some ways, I don’t want to know what horrible things I did while a simulacrum, in other ways, I should know.

There is one particular period that that I have no way of retracing, but I was told that I could find what I wanted to know in the Portals at Tainan. These fragments were created by Felicia Hajra-Lee. She may be my best bet at learning these parts of my own past.

Agents helped me recover some of these fragments, but not all of them. I appreciate all the help I received, but I suspect I'll need more favors in the future.

Until then, I’m spending most of my time in a shared office that I only have for 6 hours a week at a Junior College where I am filling out Spring semester for a professor who was taken unexpectedly ill.

I was lucky to get the job.

I resigned my previous tenured position as part of a deal to avoid lawsuits and potential prosecution for the activities over the last three years that I have no memory of. There was a little bit of a settlement, so I didn’t have to work to make ends meet, but I do have to work just to keep my mind working and in shape. I have to return to some sense of normalcy. I have to rebuild.

In truth, I remember nothing after my onboarding at the Niantic Facility. I have learned that that's because I was murdered and turned into what is known as a simulacrum. Now, my old simulacrum has ended and a new one has been formed, and that's me... like a backup restored on a computer. Except without any of the actual backed up data.

Strange times...

As some of you had suspected, I am in Shanghai. Do not make any assumptions, but I wanted to keep you posted. I realize that I have a great deal of work to do to regain your trust and confidence.  Will keep you abreast of events as they develop. 

I must say that I have been surprised by some events lately. The posting of my termination letter from the University seems quite unprofessional. And, quite honestly, I did not expect the vitriol of the response to Susanna’s interview with me.

Am I not following the original Resistance path?  The path of caution?  The path of safety?  Yes. I did some things that at one time I was stringently opposed to, but where is the outrage for all of the others who are wantonly exposing the world to XM, and, I fear, Dark XM for profit and perhaps other, more sinister reasons? Are not those members of the Resistance who actually desire to unleash the N’zeer even more culpable than I... I could argue that they are more culpable than even the Enlightened...  The Enlightened are gullible, the Resistance risk turning Earth into a transdimensional battlefield.

I thought I would tell you in advance that Susanna Moyer interviewed me for the Ingress Report and am trusting her to treat me fairly as she always has.

I understand that many can honestly misinterpret my actions, but let me be frank: There has been a coordinated campaign to discredit me by several entities who, for their own reasons want to recklessly harvest exotic matter for profit and science.  

I can not overstate the Shaper threat and desperate times call for desperate measures. 

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There is no real victor here.  

The XM infection has grown so deep that I have no choice but to reassess my strategies.  My Portal eradication program was designed to curb the influx of XM, but I realize now that this initiative came too late.  Exotic Matter has taken root in humanity, and the only solution now is to fully reverse its effects.  We cannot fight the fire from within the forest.

My only choice is to concentrate all of my attention and resources onto the inoculation program in order to render XM ineffective on the human mind.  If you will not stand down, then I will be there when you collapse - and I will have the answer.  Thank you, Agents, for showing me the way.

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This past weekend, the Global MU level exceeded 700 Million.  

I must admit, the combined efforts in reaching this goal took me by surprise.  Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and his collaborators now have to take responsibility for the fact that a large portion of the global population has been exposed to a dangerously large amounts of Exotic Matter.

I was skeptical, at first, that this surge in controlled Mind Units would counter the impact of my Portal eradication program.  However, I am now seeing alarming signs that the Portal Network may recover if the Mind Unit coverage fields are maintained, just as Dr. +Martin Schubert surmised.    

Meanwhile, we are developing counter-measures to stop the spread of Exotic Matter and the grave threat to humanity it poses.  A battle is not a war. I am confident that we will prevail. And we must. I have seen, first hand, the effects of XM and Dark XM on the human mind and body. I ask you who have been working on this and I ask Dr. Schubert, in particular, not to aid and abet the enemies of humanity.  While we did not foresee this challenge, we are still prepared to meet it.  My team is already working on an upgrade to our Portal eradication technology.

I feel it necessary to acknowledge those of you who do not support my work.  You are misguided.  If you have been working to block my efforts, I ask you to stand down, for your own good and the good of future generations.

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You will never get there.

And even were you to get there, my next Portal Virus will be even stronger.
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