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+Google 's new Gmail Tap sounds like a total game changer. "You can say two things with your fingers that your mouth can only say one of"

Posted by Reed Morse, Software Engineer The QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1874 and yet it is still used today, largely unchanged. Today we're excited to introduce a new input method designed for...
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I'm sitting here on my Android tablet when I came across this stream. I didnt even get half way throught the article before I thought to myself "God, Google sure are loosing their touch" There was a time when their spring time inovations would really get me thinking and sometimes wish that they would actually release them because the idea was just so radical and creative that it was a great idea. However, this one only reminded me that today is April Fools Day. Usually its so good of a prank I have to actually think if they are joking or not. I will admit though if you know morse code then it might be faster than typing.
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