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Devon Ashleigh Blake

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Does anyone else agree that this is a super-fantastic year? I'm having so much fun! 2014 is chugging along at a great pace!
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That's good to hear
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Devon Ashleigh Blake

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More updates: I haven't had the opportunity to study yet since the start of the year. I am thinking about development a lot though. Because I'm more of a person that sits back and thinks before taking action (in most instances), this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm visualizing what I am wanting to accomplish and data modeling in my head, every once in a while taking some notes to make sure I don't forget a component. Now, because I haven't been studying, this is negatively impacting the launch of my dev blog. I'm up to a handful of personal posts as well as outlines of my plans, which seem to be shifting as we speak, but haven't yet started writing any tutorials or educational resources even though I have something like eight in wait to be drafted. Hopefully, I'll get back on this soon, but I do have to admit that running a blog is very time consuming and cuts into time that I could be studying or actually working on a project. :/ How do people manage to do this? How do they put aside the time to run a blog, study, and build projects while working a full-time job with other matters filling their plate, like eating and living? It's perplexing. I just need better time management skills.
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I'm thinking about just going ahead and using Scaffolding for my first independent Rails project. I had wanted to avoid that, but it really isn't shameful. I'll still have to go in and make a bunch of tweaks to the code, and Scaffold is an easy way to setup my database migration tables.
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Devon Ashleigh Blake

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New job - starting on the 20th - super-excited. That is all.
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oh, and I lost over 50 pounds in less than four months. 2014 is off to a good start.
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I just wanted to share my sister's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's fan art that I think is pretty snazzy. She's considering doing a small series of different scenes from the lives of the pre-teenage turtles during their early training.
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Devon Ashleigh Blake

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The primary objective in my life right now is this weight loss experiment I've undertaken. It has been around 4.5 months, and I have lost approximately 60 pounds so far, but what I noticed today, and maybe what has been heightening a depression tugging within me is:

When I was overweight, I looked like a chubby, homely female, but I didn't feel fat. I didn't have a belly or a double chin or rolls or anything like that. I just felt chubby, and it wasn't really something that bothered me all that much. I didn't care or think about it too often.

Well, now, after having lost all of this weight, knowing that I have lost this much weight, knowing that I am in an average weight range, I find myself feeling fat and disgustingly so. This is the way the mind works when we start setting expectations and challenging ourselves. We can no longer feel content until reaching our goals.

And so, the years I spent as an overweight adult were of no significance, except I did feel embarrassed that I wasn't lean anymore, which made me avoid situations where I could run into anyone from my past, but now, as a person of average-weight, I find myself noticing the soft areas and fleshiness, wishing it all to disappear, to be just meat and bone. I didn't feel fat at over 200 pounds, but I feel fat in the 150's. Go figure.
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Devon Ashleigh Blake

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Alright, so it's been over 2 weeks since my last update. I am loving my job so far. It's very different from my old job and actually makes me feel good to learn new aspects of it every day. I like that we are basically a small team of two running several separate companies. It's an interesting experience, and getting to rethink the management process is ultimately rewarding and will be even more so if proposals are implemented. DAY 3 COMPLETE!
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mmm hmmmmm
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Devon Ashleigh Blake

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We're here for another round of : Set those New Year's resolutions.

And without further ado:

1 - Continue weight loss & improving fitness until reaching goal.
2 - Work on stabilizing personal finances.
3 - Finish the Ruby on Rails studies & projects I have outlined.
4 - Maintain a blog on my web development progress.
5 - Attend web development meetings and/or conferences.
6 - Visit people and take those opportunities to polish social skills.
7 - Start mapping out plans for beginning my own company.
8 - Enjoy more time outside in good weather, away from my laptop.
9 - Modify my diet to better suit my long-term lifestyle.
10 - Clear out the clutter in my life by minimizing material goods.
11 - Set aside time semi-regularly to work on artistic projects.
12 - Move away to a new city and try to transition into adulthood.

Because there are 12 months in a year, I created 12 resolutions that I have to achieve by 2015. I believe these resolutions are much more sound than those I've made in the past, which were mostly project or activity oriented and heavily influenced by finances.

I did have 2014 all mapped out, but things change quickly, creating ripples and altering circumstances. As life is in constant motion, you have to be flexible in your plans and adjust accordingly when necessary... AND eat when you are hungry, which I am--so I will. I want you cheesecake, but I'll settle for sauteed veggies and keep on track with resolution number one.
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I have finally figured out what's wrong with my knee. I re-injured it today and have had problems in the past, but somewhat different. However, they all fall under a certain diagnosis:

Patellar Tracking Disorder

I think that my injury a few months ago just made the problem worse. I used to be able to squat (bending my knees in over 90 degrees to hold my weight), but this isn't possible anymore without my knee shifting out of place, locking, and yanking, which can result in being unable to place any weight on the leg in order to walk or move between a bent and straightened knee without excruciating pain even though it always pops back into place when dislocated.

This is going to be a problem for which I'll need to find a workaround because it will impact my plans to train in kung fu if my full range of motion is impeded. I already have a gimp arm. Maybe it needs more than a few months to heal. Perhaps the problem will resolve itself within a year if I'm just patient and continue my exercises. Two months may just not have been long enough. I was very active in sports growing up, so I should expect some repercussions, but I'll never go under the knife to correct any problems. I feel like a baby giraffe.
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