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Devin Babb (thatguybabb)

Problem & Solution  - 
Not sure this is app or kernel but after boot my default max frequency is about 1.5ghz and the max the app will let me set it is 2.2. I set 2.8 as default in aroma... Tried restoring my backup and same result. 
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+Edward K Lewandowski​ okay so under a year, that's not that long. 
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Just curious if any of you use VomerTweaks? I'm really not sure about the performance I get out of it, and have since removed it. Just wondering if any of you have any experiences with it, or prefer some different kernel settings that you would want to share. 
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But my device is one of the ones that doesn't like elementalx governor so I use OnDemand that's the only thing I change

Sometimes I'll shut off hot plug in and turn on MP decision but I'm not too sure if it's any better or worse
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Has anyone with the M8 and Dot view case tried to make a tasker task probably with scenes to show notification icons? I'm just not at that level of knowledge myself. 
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When you intercept notification by using Autonotification (it doesnt matter which device you are using), you can the variable %anicon for that...
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Devin Babb (thatguybabb)

Spam (don't post here unless you're a spammer)  - 
The comments become a battlefield.
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Devin Babb (thatguybabb)

General Discussion  - 
Has anyone played with the new autocast add on? Care to share some tasks? 
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Watch the latest demo of +João Dias for ideas... 
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I'm trying to setup a profile that changes some Settings when I'm near any wifi and it doesn't seem to be working properly. I have it setup for wifi near with a signal strength of min of 2 but the ssid is blank. Does anyone know if there's a "anything" variable I could use to make it change when I'm close to any wifi, not just my own specific one? 
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Devin Babb (thatguybabb)

Feature Discussion  - 
Just noticed the cast screen tile in quick settings, tried it out but doesn't do anything. Anyone else manage to get it to work?
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As well as the screencast inside power menu doesn't. Maybe later, not more than a toy function for me :-) 
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Latest update giving me some bugs
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Reinstall Fleksy. Should help. 
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Love this show
A look at my life on the set of #CutthroatKitchen.
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Hey local #ygk folks! Check out this app for local news and events! 
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This is a lot more views than I was expecting...
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No no, no kids on the way yet. 
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