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Information Broker & Technology Guru

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Kkawkzkn? I'm J.mlslpeak

I've got a used ADT-1 for sale (with no dev cable).

If you are interested please send me a private message or reply here.

I am located in Canada and will ship to anywhere in North America (or wherever if you are willing to pay shipping).

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This is insanely awesome.
You can now start to have a conversation with search on all your devices—including your desktop or laptop. We’re rolling out the new conversational search functionality over the next few days in +Google Chrome, so you can ask Google about “Italian restaurants in San Francisco” and continue the conversation with “how about Chinese." Or find out “who is the prime minister of Australia” then ask “how old is she”—and Google will give you a spoken answer. Just click the mic in the Google search bar and speak up.  Also, be sure to have the volume up on your computer to hear your answer loud and clear.

#googlesearch   #searchtips  

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Please contribute!!

Please remember to vote today if you are in Ontario!

It's good to know Facebook completely ripped off everything Google+ has done.


I don't use G+ nearly as much as I should be.

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Well since Facebook copied the cool features of G+ (posting to specific friends, groups of people, adding your location) I guess there isn't a reason to keep using G+ since they won't let the public join in.
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