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Dedicated to bringing you the best of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
Dedicated to bringing you the best of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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Sworn in Steel by Douglas Hulick (Tales of the Kin #2)
Blurb: It’s been three months since Drothe killed a legend, burned down a portion of the imperial capital, and unexpectedly elevated himself into the ranks of the criminal elite. Now, as the newest Gray Prince in the underworld, he’s learning just how good ...

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Short Read Recommendation: For the Glory Set Before Them by Matt Karlov
Here is a short 100 word review for a wonderfully written Military Fantasy short story I was recommended. It's only .99 cents over on Amazon and well worth the read. For The Glory Set Before Them  is a first person military fantasy short story in the spirit...

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My Writing
Greetings fine people! I wanted make a small 'self-promo' type post, which is something I don't really do and probably won't really do again. But anyway, I have been writing small stories here and there for a good long time. Recently I made the decision tha...

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ARC Haul: The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan
The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan Release Date: July 5th by ACE Length: 592 Pages Series: The Draconis Memoria #1 I've been a fan of Anthony Ryan's work since the release of Blood Song, the first novel in the Raven's Shadow trilogy. I've been pretty eager to ...

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Chains of the Heretic by Jeff Salyards
Blurb:  Emperor Cynead has usurped command of the Memoridons—Tower-controlled memory witches—and consolidated his reign over the Syldoonian Empire. After escaping the capital city of Sunwrack, Captain Braylar Killcoin and his Jackal company evade pursuit ac...

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The Builders by Daniel Polansky
Blurb:  A missing eye. A broken wing. A stolen country. The last job didn't end well. Years go by, and scars fade, but memories only fester. For the animals of the Captain's company, survival has meant keeping a low profile, building a new life, and trying ...

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Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner
“Life or death decided by a hairbreadth. That's just the way it was.”  ―  Marc Turner ,  Dragon Hunters Blurb:   The sequel to When the Heavens Fall features gritty characters, deadly magic, and meddlesome gods Once a year on Dragon Day the fabled Dragon Ga...

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Giveaway: Two Copies of Dancer's Lament by Ian C. Esslemont!
The generous publicity team over at Tor Books have offered me two copies of Dancer's Lament to giveaway! If you haven't heard or read my review of Dancer's Lament, it's the first in a prequel trilogy set in the popular Steven Erikson/Ian C. Esslemont Malaza...

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Dancer's Lament by Ian C. Esslemont
“If you corner him there will be bloodshed. And I do not like bloodshed.’  Dorin arched a brow. ‘Really. You don’t like bloodshed.’ ‘No. It’s messy and unsophisticated. There are better ways of doing things.’ ‘Such as?’ Wu brightened, flashed his yellowed c...

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Interview: E.J. Stevens
Welcome E.J. Stevens to Deviant Worlds! To start things off, do you read
much science fiction or fantasy? If so, what are your favorite authors and
favorite books by those authors? I love speculative fiction, especially
science fiction and fantasy. My favor...
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