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Onsite Visits By The Google Street Views Car

Stopped at the bank I do business with and spoke with the branch manager concerning some banking needs. During the conversation she mentioned that a person from Google had stopped by two weeks ago. Apparently that branch and a few others had an issue with their location on Google Maps as well as Street Views. 

The Google representative arrived in a Google branded vehicle. Entered the building and walked around with what she stated appeared to be a large smartphone. He then went outside and walked around the building. Within 30 minutes he as gone. A few other details:

 *The branch manager is more up to speed concerning Google maps and Street Views such as she knows what each is
* I asked if the person was taking photos and/or making a floor plan and she said no. (I thought this might be a GTP taking photos for business views)
* The manager indicated that the Google rep stated he had just driven down from an appointment in Canada
* His car as covered with the Google logo
* This bank has branches in several states

Questions About This

I've never heard of Google making on sites visits such as this. If this truly was a Google representative and the Street Views car, what is the mechanism for getting them to make such as visit? Has anyone else ever heard of this? I do recall something to do with the Street View car being available for college campuses, but this sounded like a maps issue.

While at the moment I don't work with any large entities such as this bank, it would be interesting to know what is going on here.

#googlemaps   #googlestreetviews  

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After a lot of studying I got my AdWords Certification today! Looking forward to applying all this new know-how. :-D

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So much better...
Dr. Jimmy Page to Give Berklee Commencement Address
How awesome would it be to have Jimmy Page deliver the commencement address at your college?

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What do you think? Too strange?
Sweetwater USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick

It’s a common problem among guitar players: a thin pick sounds best for rhythm strumming and funk. But a heavy pick works well for lead playing. A small teardrop pick facilitates virtuosic shredding, while a larger pick lets you dig in and get those fat blues tones. But who wants to carry a bunch of different picks to a gig or session – it’s a plectral nightmare, with all those picks weighing down your gig bag. Plus, how do you find the one you want when it’s time for your big solo?

For several generations, guitar players have struggled with this dilemma. But now, Sweetwater’s Research & Development Department, creators of such popular audio solutions as the Virtual Front Man, the Talent plug-in, the Guitar Racket, Minute Audio, and the Octaviser, has solved this problem with the announcement of their latest addition to the Sweetwater family of professional music tools, the USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick.

The USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick offers proprietary Plectrum Profile Emulations (PPE) of seven pick shapes, 10 pick weights (derived using cutting-edge PDX – Pick Depth eXamination), and 14 pick materials to provide modern guitarists the wide variety of plectral options required for performing and recording. “While other software and hardware products do a good job of emulating the tone and tuning of acoustic and electric guitars, they haven’t been able to capture the critical sound and feel of the pick,” said Sweetwater Executive Vice President of Marketing Michael Ross. “It’s amazing that this vital element of a guitarist’s sound hasn’t been addressed until now.”

Onboard controls allow you to dial in the PPE pick shape of your choice; select among regular, sharp, teardrop, wedge, stubby, triangle, and even thumb. In addition, you can choose among PDX pick weights ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy. With USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick’s Advanced Materials & Density Modeling (AMDM), the specific tone and response you require can be dialed in. No longer are you limited to plain old plastic. AMDM supports True Vintage Tortoiseshell, High-Polymer Delrin, and more, including esoteric types such as stainless steel (brushed or glossy surfaces) and East Indian and Brazilian rosewood.

Craft the exact Plectrum Profile you want for your tone and touch – even choose different pick types for different musical styles – or Kross-Pick (TM) for exploring new horizons – want to use a country pick for death metal? With USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick Kross-Picking, it’s a breeze! And, for those playing in tribute bands, the USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick allows you to duplicate the plectrums of legendary players, finally achieving that last bit of true authenticity.

In MIDI mode, the Modeling Guitar Pick lets you choose merged output or route strumming and alternate picking to separate MIDI channels – or even split down picking and up picking. Built-in quantization options include Strict, Triplet, Swing, and Garage. For players who spend too much time with a metronome, there is also a Humanize option.

If you’re a shredder or mandolin player, there’s no need to be concerned with whether the USB HD Modeling Pick can keep up with your speed picking. Using USB 3.0, the pick can track up to 1,920 Picks Per Minute (800 PPM when connected via USB 2.0).

“The USB HD Modeling Pick does everything your pick can’t do,” explained Project Manager Ron Daniel. “It’s the only guitar pick that can be EVERY guitar pick in the world!”
The included PlectrApp interface plug-in supports Mac and PC under VST3, MAS, and Audio Units formats, and gives complete access to all parameters, including pick orientation (tip, edge, inverted); right-handed or left-handed operation; Scale, Chord, Economy, or Sweep picking modes; and Pick Grip – thumb and index finger, thumb and middle finger, index and ring fingers; and more. An AAX version is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2014; 64-bit compatibility will be addressed in an upcoming free update.

The USB HD Modeling Pick comes complete with a stylish Pick Sack gig bag. (Pick Vault hardshell carrying case available forextra charge.) An optional accessories kit includes pick stand, pick hanger, pick polish, and specially voiced USB cable.

With the Sweetwater USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick, truly, the only limit is your imagination!

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Do you have an effective practice routine? Or do you just work on 1 or 2 techniques when you practice? Find out if you're getting the most out of your daily routine with my new lesson. Learn what you should be practicing and how long based on your own skill level.

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Sales! Online Marketing training is live!

Have you ever heard someone talking about making money online? Maybe you wrote it off as another scam.. I don't blame you. I did too. Then I learned about real online marketing: legitimate online income.

I want to teach you how to build a profitable website and earn residual online income- for free! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates! #salesonlinemarketing

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A well trained ear is critical to becoming a great musician, regardless of your instrument. Will EarMaster 6's new software help get you there? Find out with my latest review. #thebestguitarlessons 

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With 2,000 video guitar lessons and a bunch of great features, InfiniteGuitar is a great choice for online lessons. But how do they stack against the competition? Find out in my latest review. #thebestguitarlessons  
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