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Reader, Dreamer, Gamer

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Falaknuma Palace - A perfect pano made by #google #autoawesome

Not sure whether  I love the new chrome update (29.0.1547.76) or not.

Like the Google Doodle on every new tab, but don't like the smaller grid of favorites.

Like the new way to access other parts of Gmail with the Apps Icon on Google header, but don't like the same icon on chrome to access the chrome apps. ( The full vertical strip on the right was much better to go to the apps)

Have been using the Fleksy keyboard for some time now. But it still doesn't cut it as my default keyboard. For that it's still Swiftkey!! It would be better if fleksy can train itself to typing style of the user via gmail, facebook, twitter and sms because training a new keyboard for words and styles from scratch is painful and frustrating, specially if English is not your first language.

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A very good collection of poems..

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I have to know how people figure out such easter eggs!! 
Hangouts Easter Eggs

Some of you may already figured out the hidden Easter Eggs in the new Hangouts.  Here is the full list to have some fun with them. Keep in mind that those codes only work with Hangouts on Google+ and the Chrome Extension. 
Not in video calls or mobile.

#io13   #googleplusupdate   #hangouts   #eastereggs  

I am gonna be an awesome photographer.. #GoogleI/O #GDGHyderabad

Changing student life for the better.. #GooglePlayForEducation #GoogleI/O #GDGHyderabad

Sorry Spotify... I had a great time with you.. But I'll be leaving you when Google Play Music comes.. #GoogleI/O #GDGHyderabad

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Google I/O 2013 Extended... Waiting to find out What's Next.. #GDGHyderabad
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