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Devani Anjali Alderson
Native Indian American ★ Chronic Googler & Hashtag Abuser
Native Indian American ★ Chronic Googler & Hashtag Abuser

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Every email is a chance for you to offer value to your tribe.

💥 💥

Are you communicating with your tribe through email? If not, you're missing an opportunity to spread your message in a more personal way.

Today emailing isn't about loading your subscribers with junk promotions and spam.

When someone gives you permission to email them, they are inviting you to continue the conversation and allowing you to provide more value.

Your obligation is to deliver on the value.

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This is important to keep in mind.


As artists it’s so easy to think: “Oh! This book is for EVERYONE!” or “This painting will resonate with all who see it!” or “This film will speak to all the injustices in the world.”

When you’re creating content for your marketing, being authentic is key, but also knowing how to talk to the tribe you want to reach.

The common phrase: “if you’re trying to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one,” is so true when it comes to building your community.

Authentic targeted messaging so you reach the people who need and want to hear and/or see what you’ve created!

Seth said it best: “Everyone is not your customer.”


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Do you ever look at all those photos on social media and blogs and wonder: "How can I take photos like that?"
🌟📷🌟 🌟📷🌟

Like a clean lens, I cannot emphasize good lighting enough.

Northern light is the best for pretty much every scenario, selfies, products, nature, and videos. So look for windows that are facing north or exposed if you’re outdoors.

If you don’t have north light inside, lighting kits work wonders and you can get them for pretty cheap too! Here’s the one I have and it was only $50 for three stands, 3 light bulbs, umbrellas, and cases to store them. It doesn’t come with a green screen so either you’d need an upgraded kit like this one or a separate purchase.

You don’t always have to have northern lighting, you can certainly move around and try different angles for unique effects. But when doing products shots, it’s best to have the images as clear and professional as possible.

For website listing, advertising, and Amazon or other sites to sell your products, use the best & brightest photos.

#photography, #marketing, #branding 

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Better get on that… 

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Tune in Fire Nation as Rich Rolls shares how he turned the AH-HA moments into success
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Here are 4 tips to increase your productivity and stay on track

Get distracted easily? It's crazy how "a couple minutes" on social media ends up turning into hours. Or an email response turns into a clean out inbox project.

It's so rewarding to end the day or week knowing you got all (or most) of your to-do list... DONE!


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+Trey Ratcliff STUNNING photography. 

#Photography   #NightSky   #Stars  
Join me in New Zealand for a free trip - all expenses paid! Just enter our fun photo contest at — anyone can win... all is paid for, including airfare.  You'll be joining me there on the South Island for one of our workshops at — I'll show you all the most amazing places that I've found over the years. 

Here's one of my favorite photos from New Zealand... the night skies there, especially combined with the landscapes, are mind-numbing.
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