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So what do you do when you run out of quarters and all of your clothes are in the wash? Ask +Jimmy John's to bring a roll of quarters when they bring your sandwich. I feel smart.

And JJ, you guys rock.
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+Laurie Varga Desperate times call for desperate measures. +Jay De I made sure to give the guy a good tip. :)
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Devan Perine

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Oh, this is so good.

I'm stuck between "I am runing away becas you think I farted when I dident" and this "buket of tears" one for the best one. 
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Devan Perine

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I am alive! I'm sorry I went off the grid for a while there..

I came down with a baddd sinus/flu/cold thing that put me in bed for about a whole week. Not. Fun. I'm finally back working and getting back to life again now, though still recovering from cabin fever a bit though. (yipes!) 

But as a parallel to the story, the weekend before I got sick, I was able to clean up my garden plot for this year and get it ready to plant! Pulled out all the dead stuff and getting it ready to grow new life. :)

(My gangster gnome did a great job watching over my plot in the meantime.) 

#throwbackthursday   #devansnotdead  
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Devan Perine

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Today's inspiration.  Hope everyone is having a great day!
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of course - if you're the chair...
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Devan Perine

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So I was doing my taxes last night and came across this.

Say whaaaaaa? 
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Devan Perine

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Anyone else hear about this? Not quite sure how I feel about it.

This whole thing about "smart homes" is interesting to me. And I think it'll be pretty interesting in 5-10 years when there's a more sophisticated-streamlined automation system for the home. But I think we'll look back at this button thing in 5 years and laugh at it because it was 'primitive' in the history of home-automation. 

What do you guys think about it?
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Eventually it will work like this:

- I get a box of Tide from Amazon, fitted with appropriate sensors
(which add almost no cost to the box).
- I use the Tide until it gets to about 10% full.
- I notice that UPS has left another box of Tide on my front porch.

Ironically, once it reaches this level of sophistication, it won't seem
impressive, it will just seem like "the way things work".
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Devan Perine

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Hmmm... I think Illinois should lay off the meds.

I guess kidney failure is a thing here. Yipes. And Tennessee should stop accidentally shooting themselves.
An analysis of mortality records uncovered the most distinctive cause of death in each state. In Texas, it's tuberculosis. In Maine, the flu. And in Nevada, it's "legal intervention."
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very different approach   join us with +Designhill  
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Devan Perine

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+Rob Gordon is a great guy and great at what he does. And this offer is insane -- I highly recommend if you need an extra pair of hands on a project!
Special Offer: $250 for 10 hours of Professional Services
Hi Entrepreneurs - I am looking for new clients so am repeating this offer I made earlier.  I actually hadn't planned to keep this offer open but it has worked so well in attracting awesome new clients that I am going to keep it on the table.  Plus, I am getting pretty good at this and am confident that with just 10 hours of work I can leave you in a better place and with a clearer sense of direction about your projects or business than when we started.   

It is sometimes a little bumpy getting through the "discovery" phase with a new client. No one wants to pay a ton of money for someone's learning curve, and no one wants to make long term commitments unless they are sure they can get the help they need.   I've found that a discounted rate and set number of hours like this this is a nice way to jump start a new client relationship in a way that reduces the hassle and cost  with a kind of "try before you buy" approach.    

It's really pretty simple - for only $250 I will to provide ten full hours of professional services working on your projects and working in your interest . This could be the beginning of a longer term arrangement, or it could be a one shot deal - if you are in an overload situation and just need a little booster shot, for example, I would be happy to help.   Here are just few of the things I could do for you: 

Project Management, Planning & Scheduling.   Almost everyone needs help getting their projects organized.   Most of my career has been as a Project or Product manager so I have the skills to get your projects under control and moving forward.  I can either "take charge" of your project, work collaboratively as part of a team or even just help organize your project and task data.   I've got lots off experience in helping projects get organized so lets see if we can get some of yours moving forward.

Business & Technical Writing & Documentation.   Almost everyone has unfinished writing projects.  I have worked with clients in most industries on their writing projects and can develop almost any kind of written material .   This can include blog and social media posts  - including long form articles, marketing materials like direct response emails and even proposals or internal documentation like policies and procedures.  I can work collaboratively to improve your existing material or develop new material from scratch.  My portfolio is available on request (it is private since it includes ghost written material).   If you have planned or stalled writing projects, let's get them going again.

Systems Development & Requirements Analysis.  Almost everyone needs improvements to their business systems. processes. and workflow.  I take a "systems approach" to almost all  client projects and have put together some sophisticated applications using open source technology - and also have lots of experience with automation projects.   Chances are you are not taking advantage of some of the great new cloud based applications or integrating them properly.  When was the last time you took a good "top down" look at your own system and procedures?   Another pair of eyes can help with that, and I have both the skills and knowledge to help you improve and streamline your systems.  

It is easy to get started with this.  We schedule an initial exploratory meeting by Skype, Google Hangout or phone to discuss your needs.   During this meeting we both decide if what I can offer is a good match for what you need and if so we identify a project of yours that could use some help and attention.   Naturally I also reserve the right to decline any offer but only because I want to be really sure I can provide you with good value.    

I love working with solopreneurs, startup founders and small business owners so please don't hesitate to contact me.  If I am not able to help, I will be happy to give you referrals - I know many other highly skilled professionals.   Feel free to contact me even if you just want to brainstorm a bit, or explore the kind of help you might need.    

Never a charge for initial consultation.  Let's talk soon!
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awesome deal!
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Devan Perine

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This is pretty freaking awesome.

Thanks to +Ian Bruckner for sharing this!
Google has opened the doors to Abbey Road Studios! Explore, discover and play inside the iconic British recording studio.
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Devan Perine

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Despite all the vitamins and zinc I've consumed the last 24 hours, I failed to stop catching the bug going around here. :-/ Boo. 

But this video made me feel a little bit better. ;)
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Devan Perine

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This is a fascinating read. 
Getting too little sleep can have serious health consequences, including depression, weight gain, and heart disease. It is torture. I know.
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+Laurie Varga Amen girl. 
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Devan Perine

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Bahaha great share from +Rob Gordon

I see three issues:

1. What if you are not that flexible?
2. This is not a good idea if you are wearing a skirt.
3. How does it actually take the picture? How do you press the button?

I'm totally over analyzing this and not just taking it for what it is. But still. Someone MADE these.
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