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Friends: I have a new game out, as part of an Epimas bundle! It's a pseudo-renaissance crime-procedural one-shot game:

Loga et Dus: Tales of Law and Doubt in the City of Valor

The game is about an occupied crossroads city, occupied by foreign powers, and governed by a unique set of legal practitioners who must cooperate to solve major crimes. You try to juggle many cases, while also getting an opportunity to peer into the personal drives of your investigators.

The game has light-story based mechanics - derived from the freely available Lady Blackbird rules (meaning this game is itself Creative Commons, as well), I wrote this with the help of the very rad +Jeremy Morgan (and building upon the work of many others).

I'm really glad this game is making is <airhorn>WORLD PREMIERE</airhorn> as an Epimas package. If you're not familiar: Epimas is a yearly tradition of my friend +Epidiah Ravachol, gathering PDFs into holiday bundles (with the neat caveat: when you gift a bundle to a friend, you get copies of the games yourself so that you can play together). It's a great way to get some games, including mine!

Thanks for reading and sharing my projects. I'm genuinely glad I got to bring another project out this year to share with you all.

With Love,
If you're Epimas shopping on a budget this year, we offer the Stocking Stuffer Series. A pair of games for you and your assorted loved one for just $5. More Stocking Stuffers will be added as Epimas draws near, some featuring titles found in the other bundles and some featuring new titles. Stocking Stuffer X Includes: * The Last Days of Anglekite by Brendan Conway (Magpie Games) * Loga et Dus: Tales of Law and Doubt in the City...
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YouTube Doubler: Took longer then it needed to. I'm complete trash at any offence character. Next up I gotta get POTG's for Mercy, Junkrat, and Roadhog. VS. A haunted elevator attraction tries to spook its riders (Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon) with an original character, David Pumpkins (Tom Hanks). #SNLoweenGet more SNL: Episodes: SNL:

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This is a fascinating article. I feel like it presents a complicated path and while I see echoes of things I believe, I wouldn't know for sure what's the right path on something like this.
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Decent solution; wrong scale.

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NYC Friends: You apparently need to be registered by THIS FRIDAY to take part in next year's 2017 Mayoral Primary, which will be A WILD EXPERIENCE

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i heard joey salads is running

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Friends! I got in my Democratic political contributions in, and wanted to encourage you to do the same if you have the means - the next weekend is an ideal time to get those in to have an impact. (If you don't have the cash, PLEASE SHARE this post with friends! I believe in all this and am proud of helping in a small way.) Here are some links to candidates I'm targeting.

(I'm skipping over HRC for President. I'm down with Kaleesi, but you already know about her, and it is the DOWN TICKET races where you can make a substantial political impact.)

1. Competitive House! Here is a page listing all of them, and a little bit (distributed evenly) can go along way: House races usually have less money than Senate and Presidential ones.

Zephyr Teachout is on there for an NY House seat, and she's great. If you are inspired by the Warren/Sanders axes of the Dems, check her out. We want her in Congress.

2. Competetive Senate! Elizabeth Warren came through with this great list of Senate seats. (It's missing a few but it's fine.)

Jason Kander is in here, and he's getting some political buzz for this fire ad about gun control:

3. Other Races! I created a "grab bag" page for some other races that weren't on the lists above.

The page explains my choices, but it breaks down to (1) NY-centric races (both other Congress seats, but also crucial NY State Senate spots), and (2) grudges against specific GOP politicians, like Joe Arapaio.

The links above are all ActBlue pages, an organization I trust and once worked for. Something cool about it: once you enter your payment info, it is easy to make subsequent contributions. (Downside: if you drink too much during a debate, you might drunkely end up contributing more later? I hear it's a problem from a friend.)

Thank you for reading. If you have questions about why I picked what I did, feel free to drop me a message. (I'm not too interested in having a political debate in the comments, especially b/c I'm supposed to be on vacation.)

P.S. One caveat: if you donate to a bunch of campaigns, you will get a TON of follow-up emails. That is just how it is. Use a spam-focused emails, or just be quick on the subscribe button. My mail client is good at grouping together Promotional emails, so it doesn't really bug me.

Clinton is going to win, the critical Senate races are easy to find, but which are the House races we need to win? Here are all the seats held by Republicans that aren't safe republican. To retake the House, we need to win almost all of these races. If you want a Democratic House to go with a Democratic President and a Democratic Senate, please donate to these candidates.
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+Paulash Banerjee​ oh you
So I've been enjoying bullet journaling for over a month, and so far it's mainly taken the form of getting a grip of the various things I'm trying to do, with a little bit of life logging. It's so much better than anything digital.

However, I feel slightly that it's still mostly focused on tasks and task juggling, and rarely gets more reflective. What should I be doing so that my journaling takes on this reflective property or better reflects my day?
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Pre-block off pages for journalling or reflective thoughts. That way when you hit that dedicated page in your BuJo, it will remind you to make time to do it.
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What's a good web tool for quickly sharing your screen with someone else? My parameters:

- want to quickly look over at someone's screen (as if I was peering over to their monitor at work)
- text chat > vox chat

(A friend sometimes wants help from other friends when their code gets weird.)
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Totally screenhero. Use it all the time and even lets you control their computer with your own mouse cursor.

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same, for the same reason

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That Newt meltdown w/ Megyn Kelly? I knew it reminded me of something.

I could seriously reuse this soundtrack all season.
YouTube Doubler: Newt Gingrich faced off with Megyn Kelly tonight and completely lost it. Gingrich, who most frequently appears in Fox primetime with Sean Hannity, seemed to be very, very thrown by actually being challenged on Donald Trump being behind in the polls. Kelly very persistently pressed Gingrich on the fact that all the polls show Trump is behind. Gingrich pointed to certain states where Trump’s doing well and said the pollsters have ...

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Let me tell you an Overwatch story! I was playing in a QuickPlay match. Usually I pick up Support roles (and usually I'm the only one), but this time I let myself switch around to whatever characters I haven't played with lately. So I'm trying, but also letting myself play subpar as I try other styles.

It seems the team is losing, hard, and everything I try is getting countered AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. My Symmetra turrets explode before they hit the wall, my Bastion seems to go turret mode on top of a Junkrat trap, and Pharah, well, the less said the better. The other team is superior and earning their win.

We've got a minute to go, and I check the scoreboard, and OF COURSE: we are six randos (who aren't even communicating on chat), while the other team are a six-man premade group.

And suddenly... something clicks inside, and I think:


I switch to Mercy and am flying across the home stretch of the map, delivering clutch heals and an overtime res. I'm charging up our team's bastion who finally tags the other team into a murder spray, and our Winston is suddenly boxing out the other team like an MLG highlight real.

So i the last minute of the game, it feels like we're clicking in an actually balanced team composition, and steal the match.


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Pop-punk deep-dive question: somewhere within "From Here To Infirmary", there IS some kind of '00s scenester-noir murder mystery, right?? It can't be just me. There's too many songs that's like "lol i'm a killer lol" or "hm all these bodies around me" or "yea sorry".
In an interview in April of 2003, Matt explained the title of the album. Despite a later episode of The Simpsons using From Here to Infirmary for an Itchy & Scratchy segment
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Yeah, totally, though I always felt like it was kind of all an act? Like, they decided they needed to be more dark or something and started talking about murder a lot. Half the time that noir seems at odds with the music.

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Describe yourself as 3 Hamilton Characters: Aaron Burr, Eliza Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton
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Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.
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