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If you're looking for optimistic stories, I realized that Human Contact takes as its premise that a civilization was able escape to it's destructive tendencies to create a better, humane culture that could care for its people and explore the stars.

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i somehow found this song, maybe 8 years ago, and i'm so glad

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Could this be the Soul Edge / Soul Calibur RPG I've been waiting for?

/cc +J. Walton +Quinn Murphy
“The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win.”
—Miyamoto Musashi, ‘A Book of Five Rings’

The final seal has broken, and the power of the Blades has been unleashed upon the world!

After a successful Kickstarter last October, Blade Bind: A Storygame of Sword-Powered Tragedy is now available in PDF and POD from DriveThruRPG! Inspired by shōnen anime and fighting games, as well as RPGs such as Shinobigami and Eternal Contenders, it's a one-shot GMless storygame that uses a deck of regular playing cards to resolve epic duels using a system inspired by my real-life experience with historical European martial arts.

Players take on the roles of the Chosen, people with strong motivations who have forged pacts with ancient supernatural swords known as the Blades. With Blade in hand, none can stand before you… save another of the Chosen. When the Chosen are set at cross-purposes, they must fight to carve their own destiny. However, should a Chosen falter on the path, their Blade will not hesitate to seize control and turn them into a Bladebound — a slave to its own terrible vengeance.

The rulebook is available in PDF, softcover, and hardcover. Hardcopies include the PDF at no extra cost, which also comes with a separate character sheet, printer-friendly version, and print-and-play cards. You can also buy a separate deck of custom POD playing cards — while you can use a regular deck, the custom deck includes quickdraw setup prompts and numeric values for the face cards, plus thirteen Blade reference cards. The free Sword Practise PDF lets you test out the duelling rules.

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Companions’ Tale is a story and mapmaking game that +Laura Simpson has been working on for years. We've just launched the Kickstarter! With your help, we can make this real!

About the game: “The players take on the roles of Companions and tell the story of a hero. The hero is a cipher who is viewed through the opinionated lens of the Companions that the players control. Create the Hero’s journey and learn: Who is your hero?”

This game means so much to us, and I’m glad it’s finally here. Please check out the Kickstarter page, and share widely!

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Friends: I have a new game out, as part of an Epimas bundle! It's a pseudo-renaissance crime-procedural one-shot game:

Loga et Dus: Tales of Law and Doubt in the City of Valor

The game is about an occupied crossroads city, occupied by foreign powers, and governed by a unique set of legal practitioners who must cooperate to solve major crimes. You try to juggle many cases, while also getting an opportunity to peer into the personal drives of your investigators.

The game has light-story based mechanics - derived from the freely available Lady Blackbird rules (meaning this game is itself Creative Commons, as well), I wrote this with the help of the very rad +Jeremy Morgan (and building upon the work of many others).

I'm really glad this game is making is <airhorn>WORLD PREMIERE</airhorn> as an Epimas package. If you're not familiar: Epimas is a yearly tradition of my friend +Epidiah Ravachol, gathering PDFs into holiday bundles (with the neat caveat: when you gift a bundle to a friend, you get copies of the games yourself so that you can play together). It's a great way to get some games, including mine!

Thanks for reading and sharing my projects. I'm genuinely glad I got to bring another project out this year to share with you all.

With Love,

What's a good web tool for quickly sharing your screen with someone else? My parameters:

- want to quickly look over at someone's screen (as if I was peering over to their monitor at work)
- text chat > vox chat

(A friend sometimes wants help from other friends when their code gets weird.)

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i'm ready

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That Newt meltdown w/ Megyn Kelly? I knew it reminded me of something.

I could seriously reuse this soundtrack all season.

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This is a fascinating article. I feel like it presents a complicated path and while I see echoes of things I believe, I wouldn't know for sure what's the right path on something like this.
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