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Have #fun  and #nightmare  
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#Digitalisierung  und #Banken  - klappt das ??
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Banken versuchen mehr oder weniger erfolgreich die digitale Herausforderung zu meistern. Eine aktuelle Studie zeigt, dass die führenden Institute im digitalen Banking drei Eigenschaften aufweisen, um die besten Ergebnisse zu liefern.
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über uns - about us +aixvox GmbH - 
Die Kommunikations-Archtekten aus #Aachen  in #deutschland  / #germany  einem neuen Webdesign einer unsere Seiten. 

Freue mich auf ein #Feedback  
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Detlev Artelt

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Today in History: Co-founder of Twitter Sent First Tweet, 2006
On March 21, 2006 — just 9 years ago today — Jack Dorsey sent the first twitter post. By the end of May 2009 (just a little over 3 years later), 1 billion tweets had been sent. Today, it takes less than 2 days for 1 billion tweets to be sent. Twitter was initially called “” and then changed to “Twttr” for the protoype launch 9 years ago today. On July 15, 2006, when the service was launched to the public, the name was changed to “Twitter.”

For comparison purposes, here’s a list of a number of social sharing platforms and about when they each launched:
• First wiki installation, March 1995
• Blogging term invented, April 1999
• Wikipedia opened, January 2001
• WordPress first released, May 2003
• LinkedIn launched, May 2003
• Skype launched, August 2003
• Flickr launched, February 2004
• Facebook launched, February 2004
• YouTube launched, February 2005
• Twitter first tweet, March 21, 2006
• iphone announced, January 2007
• Tumblr launched, February 2007
• WhatsApp launched, February 2009
• Pinterest launched, May 2010
• iPad released, April 2010
• Instagram launched, October 2010
• Snapchat launched, July 2011
• Google+ launched to public, September 2011

YouTube videos:
•Inside the World of Twitter:
•Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and Chairman of Twitter, Excerpts from Interview with Charlie Rose (Length 07:04).
•Jack Dorsey 2006 Interview Sharing Lessons and Advice (Length 07:13).
•Jack Dorsey: The Future Has Already Arrived, speech and Q&A at Stanford Graduate School of Business (44:08).

Web sources:

Book sources:
Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal by Nick Bilton.

Image credits:
•Bottom Left: Jack Dorsey when he had original idea for what eventually became Twitter about year 2000.
•Bottom Center: Jack Dorsey with nose ring about 2006.
•Bottom Right: Jack Dorsey, 2015.
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Interesting! The first tweet was written by Jack Dorsey and read: 'just setting up my twttr'!
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Detlev Artelt

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Just a #joke
The most deceptive elevator
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Detlev Artelt

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Smartworking Office
Small Home Office in Your Backyard

I tried ordering one of these. Not cheap :)
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Detlev Artelt

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what a #cool #idea 
The most important of the important accessories.
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Easter time is soon. 
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Love spring, great picture
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Detlev Artelt

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Janos Kehl originally shared:
5 Tips zur besseren Lesbarkeit von Texten und Blogbeiträgen #couchnet #blog #tips

Angefangen hat alles eigentlich mit einem kurzen Besuch auf in dem es darum ging, wie ich gute Überschriften kreieren kann. Die üblichen Verdächtigen waren da zu lesen: Schreiben Sie Ihre Überschrift zuerst und ich denk mir…
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Angefangen hat alles eigentlich mit einem kurzen Besuch auf  dem es darum ging, wie ich gute Überschriften kreieren kann. Die üblichen Verdächtigen waren da zu lesen: Schreiben Sie Ihre Überschrift...
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Ein Plakat auf der #Cebit - Ob das wirklich klappt? Wäre sehr wünschenswert aber die letzten Jahre sprechen mehr Zweifel.

Was ist Deine Meinung?

+Gunnar Sohn +Roland Broch +Thomas Dehler #telekom #vodafon +Jochen Mai +Klaus Eck +Christoph Pause +Bernhard Steimel +Joachim Graf +Heike Simmet und meine lieben Gplusser #Germany
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Gu ido
Nicht wirklich.Es ist aber ein schöner Nebeneffekt,schnell im Net zu sein.👍
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Detlev Artelt

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CeBIT with different shoes 
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Detlev Artelt

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Learn here about the Instagram sharing App Repost
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I have been wanting to know that!
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CEO, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Moderator, Networker
Unified Communications & Collaboration, WebRTC, Smart Working, Speech Technology, Communications, Speech Biometrics, Text to Speech, Speech recognition
  • aixvox GmbH - consulting in communications and smart working
    CEO, 2003 - present
    Consulting in Communications
  • arcom Kommunikationstechnologie GmbH
    CEO, 1997 - 2003
    Distribution and System integration
    CEO, 1993 - 1997
    Speech Technology Consulting, Interactive Voice Responce, Database Technology
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Aachen - Hildesheim - Kelmis
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+49 241 4133 111
Habsburgerallee 13, 52064 Aachen
CEO, consultant, author, moderator, speaker, university lecturer, networker
Detlev Artelt is CEO of aixvox GmbH and author of the book series, Voice Compass.

A European pioneer in communication and speech automation, Detlev has been breaking new ground since 1993 and focuses on helping enterprises improve their business results by employing Unified Communications (UC) and Speech automation.

A keynote speaker and well-known Panel Moderator for many events, Detlev leads the UC Working Committee at the German eco institution for Internet business, is active in a number of other related communities and just started a local European chapter of The Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS).
Bragging rights
I'm a networker in the voice and communication market. My book series voice compass explains all the facts about speech automations and unified communications to management and enterprises with easy understandable words. Beneath that, I work as a consultant at aixvox GmbH, where we help companies with knowledge about all this new ways of communication
  • FH Aachen
    Computer Science, 1989 - 1997
  • Fachoberschule Hildesheim
    Electronics, 1988 - 1989
  • Blaupunkt Hildesheim
    Funkelektroniker, 1983 - 1987
  • Realschule Lamspringe
    Schule, 1983
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Das Team und besonders das "frische Design" der Fachzeitschrift Call Senter Scout machen immer wieder Spass und zeigen eindrucksvoll das es auch ANDERS geht.
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